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  • There he is!

  • Miguel, stop!

  • Where have you been?

  • Ah!

  • I need to see Mamá Coco, please!

  • What are you doing with that?

  • Give it to me.

  • Miguel, stop.

  • Miguel.

  • Miguel.


  • Miguel! Miguel!

  • Mamá Coco, can you hear me?

  • It's Miguel.

  • I saw your papá.

  • Remember, Papá?

  • Please, if you forget him, he'll be gone ... forever.

  • Here.

  • This was his guitar, right?

  • He used to play it to you?

  • See, there he is.

  • Papá, remember?

  • Papá?


  • Mamá Coco, please, don't forget him.

  • What are you doing to that poor woman?

  • It's OK, Mamita.

  • What's gotten into you?

  • [CRYING]

  • I thought I lost you, Migue.

  • I'm sorry, Papá.

  • We're all together now.

  • That's what matters.

  • Not all of us.

  • It's OK, Mamita.

  • Miguel, you apologize to your Mamá Coco.

  • Mamá Coco?

  • Well?

  • Apologize.

  • Mamá Coco, your papá, he wanted you to have this.

  • [GASP] Mamá, wait.

  • (SINGING) Remember me.

  • Though I have to say good bye, remember me.

  • Don't let it make you cry.

  • For even if I'm--

  • Look!

  • (SINGING) Far away, I hold you in my heart.

  • I sing a secret song to you each night we are apart.

  • Remember me.

  • Though I have to travel far, remember me.

  • Each time you hear a sad guitar know that I'm with you

  • the only way that I can be.

  • Until you're in my arms again, remember me.

  • Elena, what's wrong, mija?

  • Nothing, Mamá.

  • Nothing at all.

  • My papá used to sing me that song.

  • He loved you, Mamá Coco.

  • Your papá, he loved you so much.

  • I kept his letters, poems he wrote me, and--

  • Papá was a musician.

  • When I was a little girl, he and Mamá would

  • sings such beautiful songs.



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Miguel Sings to Mamá Coco | Pixar Side by Side

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