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  • Hey Psych2Goers, welcome back to our channel.


  • Do you have a hard time in the dating world?


  • Maybe you feel you don't have the good looks to attract others romantically.


  • But people don't just look for a captivating face when searching for a potential partner.

  • When looking for a great partner, they want someone with a great personality, someone they connect with.


  • It's wise to remember appearance isn't everything.


  • But maybe you are searching for some tips on how to be attractive, tips that have nothing to do with looks at all.


  • Then you're in the right place.

  • Here are some tips on how to be attractive without simply having good looks.


  • Number one, be a leader

    その1 片思いの相手との勉強会でリーダーになる!リードすることで相手に好印象を与えることができるかもしれませんね。

  • In a study group with your crush, taking the lead might be a way to impress them.

  • In a 2014 study, researchers explored whether feelings towards other people influence the perception of others' attractiveness.


  • Having their subjects in groups, they found subordinates rated their group leader as significantly more attractive than leaders outside their group.

  • So how can you show your crush that you're a leader?


  • Guide the next group project, throw out some ideas, teach others.

  • There are many ways you can prove that you're a capable and apparently attractive group leader.


  • Number two, show you're available.


  • This is one of the main signs to gain someone's romantic interest.

  • Show that you're open to dating them.

  • Author Nicholas Booth writes in his book, How to Make Someone Fall in Love With You in 90 Minutes or Less, notes that psychologist Dr. Monica Moore found that it's not always the good-looking who get approached the most.


  • The ones who signal their availability and confidence through basic flirting techniques, like eye contact and smiles.


  • Just signaling your interest in someone gets you halfway there, whether you're a man or a woman.

  • Number three, own a pet.


  • If you've been thinking about adopting a pet, now is the time, my friend.


  • In 2008, two French social psychologists decided to conduct an experiment.


  • They had a dashing young Frenchman named Antoine approached 240 random chosen women to ask for their phone number in hopes of a date.


  • Half of the women were approached by just Antoine.


  • The other half, Antoine approached them with an adorably great dog named Gwendu by his side.


  • A small 10% of women gave Antoine their number when he was alone, but Antoine's odds went up to 30% when Gwendu was his wingman.


  • This is likely due to the idea that owning a pet shows that you can handle responsibility, you're caring, committed and dogs are just really cute.


  • Need further proof a pet will make you more approachable?


  • In a research study led by University of Nevada Las Vegas, anthropologist Peter Gray found that 36% of men and 35% of women were more attracted to someone who owned a pet.


  • If you adopt a rescue animal, your odds only grow.


  • 49% of men and 64% of women were more attracted to someone who adopted a pet.


  • Also, if you don't like pets, then it doesn't look too good for you.


  • 54% of men and 75% of women said they wouldn't consider dating someone who didn't like pets at all.


  • Come on, not even a pet chinchilla? They're so fluffy.


  • Number four, play a ausical instrument.

    # その4、楽器を演奏する。

  • A 2014 research study found that those who could compose and play complex music were seen as more attractive by women.


  • According to the lead researcher at the University College Dublin, the ability to create complex music could be indicative of advanced cognitive abilities.


  • They go on to say that consequently, women may acquire genetic benefits for offspring by selecting musicians able to create more complex music as sexual partners.


  • Time to get to practicing.

  • Number five, show confidence and open body language.


  • You ever heard confidence is key?


  • Well, it may just be helpful in finding a romantic partner.

  • Displaying a bit of confidence is often seen as attractive. Why?


  • Well, everyone wants to be confident, so seeing someone who is is admirable.


  • One way you can appear more confident is to display open body language, keep your chest and torso more open and try not to cross your arms as much.


  • Closed body language can give off the impression that you aren't available or simply don't want to talk.


  • And remember, availability is key.


  • Number six, don't just use small talk.


  • Research from Harvard found that deep conversations and meaningfully talking about yourself can help activate the very same regions of your brain (that) delicious food or sex activates.

  • The study states that over a 45-minute period, subject pairs carried out self-disclosure and relationship-building tasks that gradually escalated in intensity.

    おいしい食事やセックスで活性化 45分間に渡って、被験者ペアが自己開示や関係構築のタスクを実施し、徐々に強度を上げていく研究結果が出ているそうです。

  • Study one found greater post-interaction closeness with these tasks versus comparable small talk tasks.


  • So it might be a great idea to get into those deep engaging discussions on your next date, as opposed to the weather.


  • And number seven, hang around a group of friends.


  • Research shows that people tend to find others more attractive when they're in groups rather than on their own.

  • This is called the cheerleader effect and has been proven through tests by psychologists to be consistent.


  • Researchers Edward Vall and Drew Walker of the University of California San Diego conducted five experiments where subjects would rate people based on photographs of them.


  • They found that subjects rated people more attractive when they were pictured in a group of the same gender, compared to an individual photograph of someone pictured alone.


  • As the study suggests, individual faces will seem more attractive when presented in a group because they will appear more similar to the average group face, which is more attractive than group members' individual faces.

  • So if you see a cute individual at a bar or a dinner party, it might be worth it to go get them to notice you first while you're chatting with your group of friends


  • And it never hurts to bring a lot of wingmen, especially if it's your French dog, Gwendu.

  • So which tips will you use to appear more attractive to others?


  • Is there someone you're hoping to impress?


  • Has your pet helped you get a date before?


  • Share with us in the comments down below.


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Hey Psych2Goers, welcome back to our channel.


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