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  • Going to bed at a reasonable hour

  • contract what you used to believed is extremely cool

  • Naps are wonderful, beautiful, incredible things that nobody can keep away from

  • almost every book or movie you loved as a child had extremely questionable moral lessons

  • In order to see your friends, you actually have to make effort to see your friends

  • getting ask for an ID at bars is not fun and exciting, it's tedious

  • hangovers are real

  • networking is the most necessary and most evil of all necessary evils

  • all the qualities you used to find attractive another people were done

  • your parents are actually pretty cool

  • At some point, you have to be gradually admit that keeping track of your finances is probably a good idea

  • bars with ample seating and mid-level music are far superior to bars with PC and loud music

  • I don't know I just really related to the funniest video

  • What I am doing with my life is the daily question

  • not burning down your house every time you enter the kitchen is the necessary life skill

  • every way you ever worry your hair was wrong and embarrasing

  • you'd rather have a few really good friends than a bunch of kinda sort of friends

  • Oh my God! Time flies isn't just a keep saying

Going to bed at a reasonable hour


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20代で学ぶ15の衝撃的な事実 (15 Shocking Facts You Learn In Your Twenties)

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