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  • well hello and good morning from the sierras of  cordoba here in argentina it is autumn here in the  


  • southern hemisphere so i've been enjoying these  beautiful colors that we are surrounded by they  


  • just peaked like a week ago and yeah it's just  really nice really beautiful and super peaceful  

    。本当に素敵です。 田舎はとても 平和

  • here in the countryside and autumn here in the  sierras means that we have really cool mornings  


  • then really hot afternoons and it cools down once  again in the evenings because of the altitude  


  • so i thought it would be really nice to just show  you what an autumn day in the sierras is like  


  • i've planned a nice little menu we're gonna  prepare a hearty autumn stew and just enjoy  


  • nature enjoy the colors and we'll see what the  day brings but you're invited to come along


  • so

  • okay so this is the part of the video wheretell you i'm not really an amazing cook but i  


  • figured i would share my recipe in case you want  to try recreating this so basically this is a  


  • sweet potato potato and carrot stew because  that's what i was able to find at the market  


  • so i started off by chopping some onions some  leftover salami that we had in the fridge  


  • put a little bit of extra virgin olive  oil fried that up caramelized the onions  


  • then i added in all my vegetables potato sweet  potato carrots i put in some tomato paste  


  • and then i took those canor cubes you know  how you can get them with like beef chicken  


  • vegetable flavor i took a veggie and  tomato one diluted that in warm water  


  • added that in because we needed more more  liquid more volume and i've just tried it  


  • now it needs a little bit of salt and i'm  also going to be adding a spoonful of sugar  


  • because i find the sugar kind of cuts that i don't  know acidity the tomato sauce can have so that is  


  • the plan so far i'm gonna let this cook for about  half an hour or until my vegetables are soft and  

    、スプーン一杯の砂糖も追加します。これまでの計画 です 。これを30分ほど、または野菜が柔らかくなるまで調理します。

  • then we will serve up this wonderful autumn stew  and i also found a rosemary bush here in the yard  

    その後、この素晴らしい秋のシチューを提供します。また 、私たちがいる家 の庭でローズマリーの茂みを見つけました

  • of the house we're renting you can see it right  there so i just grabbed like three little shoots  

    。 借りるとすぐそこに見えるので、私はちょうどのようにつかみました3つの小さなシュート

  • i guess you could say and i'm just going to add  them in a hole to add a bit of flavor to our stew  


  • all right it is lunch time hi cheers cheers  thank you for this wonderful stew this is  

    つもり です

  • 100 your creation effort i've been i've  been writing a blog post all day so  


  • i haven't done anything to help well sam does the  dishes so i do the cooking he does the cleanup  


  • i appreciate the warm plate of food in front of  me yeah and it's just a quiet sunday the sun came  


  • out so we've got blue skies oh there goes kitty  running on crosstalk oh meowsies that's actually  


  • where mr or the fox hangs out yeah wonder if they  intersect here at some interact interact intersect  


  • it's a very skittish cat i have to say oh yeah  it's more skittish than the fox believe it or  


  • not yes yes the fox is willing to get a little  bit closer um and the funny thing about the fox  


  • and i've noticed this about the other foxes on  the property is that they will run away from you  


  • but you have to get close and they only golittle bit they kind of only run away a little  


  • bit and then they're at their comfort level away  from you and they're not afraid but for instance  


  • this cat just like just bolts and takes right off  well i'm curious for you to try the the stew and  


  • tell me what you think you don't need to exactly  serious that's really good yeah that's great  


  • it's funny like whenever we have a cloudy overcast  day like low-hanging clouds i would say it's  

    素晴らしい です

  • really really cold and it feels like the middle  of autumn but today the sun came out and it feels  


  • like a summer's day so i've got this hearty dish  for us and meanwhile that's not even that cold out  


  • yeah the funny thing is you  have to prepare for both right  


  • being up in the high altitude too means that  the the you do get that extreme of temperatures  


  • we've got the t got thenow let's go find the shade  


  • or in your case the sun take the shade  thank you which way shall we go today um  

    。または、あなたの場合、太陽が日陰 に なります。今日はどちらに行くかありがとうございます。

  • we've got a lot of options why don't we go  down to the big tree let's go to the tree


  • it's funny it's maybe the one of the funnier ones


  • tea please ty would you like your toy i'd love it  here you choose here you go enjoy your time thanks  


  • that's the worst accent of no particular country  of all time sorry guys i just uh just had a shower  


  • my hair is drying in real time yeah but um your  hair is getting long yeah it's a busy day for  


  • me i i banged out a 2 000 word blog post and um  just took a shower so i'm letting my brain kind  


  • of relax you know when you're writing when you're  writing all day it sort of uh sort of takes up  


  • a lot of your mental space so i'm really really  excited just to chill right now i love that mate  


  • cheers to relaxing cheers to the perpetual sounds  of nature we hear out here yes cheers to all the  


  • sunlight we've been getting too so this is a nice  little routine we have going on we tried to go  


  • out in the afternoons and either like have a cup  of tea outside or enjoy a little 15-minute snooze  

    。 15分間のスヌーズを楽しんだり

  • or just like lay down on the grass or go for like  a sunset walk oh yeah we've been doing lots of  


  • those yeah both we might do all three today we'll  go hiking today for sure that's part of the plan  


  • we still have we still have some sunlight hours  yeah it just turned out to be such a nice day like  

    は私たちがまだ持っている 計画の一部であることを確認します今日

  • today honestly feels like summer this is not what  i was expecting it was not the plan it doesn't  

    のよう に正直に夏のように感じますこれは私が期待していたものではありませんそれは

  • feel very automated temperature-wise we we kind of  we kind of uh catapulted ourselves away from the  

    あまり自動化された温度を感じ ない計画ではありませんでし

  • you know the end of a canadian winter too so  even though it's not like mid-20s or anything  


  • just feels very relatively warm at the moment  so yeah it's just wonderful what do you think


  • no better place to take a nap i'm  seeing all kinds of birds there's  


  • little green green parrots that are coming  back yeah another one i couldn't identify  

    います。 小さな緑のオウムがいます。戻ってきたええ、私は

  • they're very vocal you can hear them right now up  there somewhere in that tree is that better than  


  • netflix it's like this is like actually i should  say this is like our own little personals not geo  

    netflix よりも優れています

  • and we have appears to be condors soaring above us  oh my gosh well the gopro can't capture it they're  


  • like little black dots but for now the parrots  keep us company they're our best friend no the  


  • foxes are best fox is the best one yeah it's  ahead of the cat i like cats more but that cat  

    キツネは最高 ではありません 猫私は猫がもっと好きですが、その猫

  • just doesn't get close enough so the fox is the  best friend so basically our plan is to walk down  


  • a new street every day wait a minute i love it  yeah this is a the funny thing is probably the  


  • the most convenient or easy route from our place  and this is actually the first time we've tried  

    私たちの場所から の 最も便利で簡単なルートであり、これは実際に私たちが

  • going down here literally no idea what we're gonna  find just a dirt road let's see where it leads

    ここに降り てみたのは初めて です文字通り私たちが何を見つけるのか分かりませ

  • this is a very cool plant  here look at those feathers


  • there you go with the pigeons they  are frightened away by our presence


  • so the two animals that are always in the back of  my mind whenever i'm kind of walking down a very  


  • rural lonely dirt road are the wild boars and the  pumas now the pumas don't tend to wander into town  


  • but they are in the area they do live in this part  of the province but they're more they dwell more  


  • in the mountains i would say yes so be quiterare sighting to see one the thing is about the  


  • puma i grew up in a i grew up in a part of canada  where they had the pumas we call them cougars  


  • is that they're they're so stealth that  the chances of you actually seeing them  


  • are they'll they'll see you before you'll see  them most of the time they're usually camouflaging  

    、彼らが通常カモフラージュ または開い

  • or open trees or you know they're they're  extremely strategic in the way they approach  

    ているほとんどの場合、あなたが彼らを見る前にあなたを見るでしょう。 木やあなたは彼らが

  • well i guess potential prey really yeah so i have  a funny story actually yeah on one of the earlier  


  • trips not the first trip where i brought you here  maybe the second one when my parents also came  


  • but like you my mom and i had gone walking down  a very lonely back road it was a dirt road and  


  • people had warned us be careful for the pumas and  then we went pretty far and then we're like oh we  


  • should turn around and go back so we start walking  back and i hear something that's following us and  

    振り返って戻る必要があるので、歩き始めて、次のような音が聞こえ ます 私たちと

  • i turn around and i see this furry like beige  creature and i'm like oh no a puma has followed  


  • us but it took me like a second for my brain to  clue in like no this is a dog this is just a beige  


  • dog that kind of looks like a color that  reminds me of when we took togo to nova scotia  

    の犬 です そのような色は、私たちがケープブレトン島のノバスコシアに行ったときを思い出させる色のように見えます、

  • on cape breton island and he was we let him loose  because we thought we were the only people in the  

    そして彼は私たちが このウォーキングトレイルに

  • on this walking trail and i think the kind of  kind of went around the corner and some people  

    いる唯一の人々だと思ったので彼を 解き放ちました 角を曲がったところに行って、

  • thought he was a bear black bear it's quite  bushy oh this is a nice nice area i've never  

    彼はクマのツキノワグマだと思った人もいました。かなりふさふさして います。

  • been here before this is actually this looks  like it could lead a fair ways down so yeah  

    これは私が今までここに来た ことがない素敵なエリアです

  • it's crazy because i grew up in this village  and like i walked up and down the main road and  


  • visited a few neighbors down some side streets but  there's like some lovely like look at these views  


  • you're gonna see the sierras in a few moments  interesting brick home over here yeah so yeah  


  • this is nice it's obviously new development since  you since you were a young one here a young little  


  • yeah this is so nice i'm excited to explore  new roads and get to know this town and  


  • what it's become over the past two decades we're  filming uh a little clip for a week in the life  


  • because we're just hanging out here on the porch  as the wine as the wine goes down we've got sunset  


  • the wine is going down by the way but sam just  said something that's so true this is better than  

    、人生 は日没 になります。ところで、ワインは下がっています

  • netflix because right in front of us we've gotfox visiting who needs to be watching television  

    。 私 たちの前にキツネが訪ねて

  • when you've got like wildlife wildlife not go to  give it some gourmet cheese so whoever made she  


  • loved it yeah i mean probably not the best thing  to feed it obviously but it is absolutely lovely  

    、テレビを見ている必要があります。 でも絶対に素敵

  • but it was our first meeting with the fox the  first meeting of welcome yeah and it was just  


  • sitting around and hanging out on the grass like  yeah if it feels like i think it feels okay around  


  • here like we're not does it feel threatened it's  just sitting down i think it is used to tourists  

    です。ただ座っているだけで脅かされていると感じますか コテージに滞在している urists

  • staying in the cottage and most likely feeding  it because he came like a dog and he just lay  


  • down and he was staring at us here on the porch  and it's like oh you want something buddy it was  

    ます 。

  • kind of cute yeah and now he's he's he's doing it  now he's just curling up with his steel he's like  


  • i'm just gonna rest here this is where i live  actually i saw this fox when i woke up this  


  • morning i think it was the same fox but we've got  these big glass windows and he was just like dude  


  • we've got some residents we've  got some cats coming through  


  • we've got some wildlife for sure we've seen


  • so yes wine chocolate that is how by the way  this is a great flavor first time to try it  


  • this is yours thank you trees swings three dreams  shall we say it's milk chocolate white chocolate  


  • and dark chocolate combined three layers of  chocolate it's really nice stuff yeah and the  


  • fox is still hanging out boxes that's great we're  chilling we're chilling the fox is chilling every  


  • creature every creature in the property is  chilling including us also i just scooped  

    の生き物 を冷やすことです。 プロパティは私たちを含めて寒いですまた

  • out two little flies from my for my wine but  we're still going here still going strong


  • you


well hello and good morning from the sierras of  cordoba here in argentina it is autumn here in the  



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