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  • There's a lot that can destroy your relationships.


  • Lack of trust

  • Wow, that is a very interesting choice of wardrobe for a first date.

  • Lying

  • -Hey, babe, does this outfit make me look...? -fat?

  • No, hey, not at all.


  • I mean, yes, people gained weight in the pandemic, but you look so thin, so skinny, you do not look fat at all.


  • -I don't think that... -I was gonna say professional, does this outfit make me look professional?


  • Even incompatible sleeping positions.

  • I like sleeping on the right side of the bed.


  • Oh, I like sleeping with my ax.


  • But the one thing that is a guaranteed way to destroy your relationships is a lack of communication.


  • Specifically, not being able to have hard conversations.

  • When you can't have an honest heart-to-heart with someone, you end up building resentment.

  • And the small things that could have been talked out, build up one by one until they tear your relationship apart.

  • I'm a very direct person.


  • Sometimes I am too direct.


  • Because I lost my sister in my youth, I have a chronic fear of not saying my feelings just in case the other person dies.


  • It's like no stone left unsaid, right?


  • And sometimes that can skew into the extreme.


  • So one of the things that I've been learning is to really examine,


  • do I need to bring this up?

  • Can I give this person the benefit of the doubt and just let this go?


  • Or will I end up holding on to it and building resentment?

  • Which if I think it will, then I will have that hard conversation.

  • But in my experience as a human being on this planet for 33 years, most people don't have this problem.

  • Most people have a very hard time sitting someone down and having that hard talk.


  • And look, I get it.

  • I used to be painfully shy, a people pleaser. I had zero boundaries.

  • And I would worry that speaking my truth would to rejection or abandonment,

  • and I would carry the seeds of resentment until, finally, I would just leave the person and they would be blindsided.

  • There's this one girl in high school, let's call her Jen because her name was Jen.

    高校に一人の女の子がいて、名前はジェンだからジェンと呼ぼう ハイジェン、本当にごめんなさい ジェンはクールな女の子で、人気があって、お金持ちで、私たちの学校のレジーナ・ジョージみたいな感じでした ジェンは、白人の女の子で主人公みたいで、ある時バーンズ&ノーブルズに行った時、私を相棒のように扱って、彼女はランダムに私に飛びかかってきました あら、わかったから、ちょっと黙っててあっちへ行ってちょうだい。

  • Hi, Jen. I'm really sorry.

  • Jen was a cool girl, she was popular, she was rich, she was kind of like our schools Regina George.

  • And Jen, you know, she was like a white girl, main character and she kind of treated me like her sidekick.

  • One time, we went to Barnes & Noble and then she just randomly sprung on me.

  • Oh my God, okay, I need you to shut up and go away for a second.

  • My ex is dating this new girl.


  • I invited her here.


  • I'm gonna make her log onto her facebook on my computer, which will save her password so that I can read all of their messages. Go!

  • Jen was a diabolical genius.

  • But she frequently did stuff that really bothered me,

  • whether it was talking over me or literally sidelining me when we were supposed to be hanging out or just kind of being really selfish.

  • And instead of talking to Jen and letting her know that her behavior was really upsetting to me,

  • I took every hit, I carried every resentment until finally I just hated Jen.

  • I tried to slow ghost her, but she did not get the message, so I started acting out.


  • I'd be randomly mean hoping that she'd just leave me alone, but it didn't work because she just found it hilarious.


  • So, I was so afraid of having a conversation with Jen that one day I concocted a plan,


  • at Jen's next sleepover, I was going to steal her most prized possession, a bunch of her clothes.

  • And I was going to make sure that I would steal enough of her clothes that it was noticeable and then she would finally hate me too, and stop being my friend.

  • This was my plan, right?

  • The alternative was to maybe just have a convo with her and then break up with her,


  • but that was so terrifying to me that I decided let me just steal a bunch of Jen's wardrobe.

  • So, that is what I did.


  • Afterwards, I, like, literally made trips to and from my car, just throwing her clothes in there.

  • And afterwards, I got home, Jen called and she said,

  • Hey, babe, so I'm missing like a ton of my clothes, and I know it was you because I just did my laundry and you're like the only person that I saw,

  • but I get it and I forgive you because I would totally steal my clothes, too.

  • So just return them and we're all good. Okay?


  • I cannot believe it.


  • This act of kindness from Jen made me hate her so much more.


  • I was like, the devil will not let go.


  • These claws are bone deep.


  • So what did I do?


  • Was I finally forced to have that hard conversation?


  • Did I finally tell Jen about my grievances?


  • No, I decided I would only give Jen back half of her clothes and at that point that she would have no choice.


  • Oh my God, best... ex bestie, I cannot believe you.


  • I offered you forgiveness.


  • I offered you grace and you only return half of my shit?


  • Not even the good shit because of my Billabong sweater!


  • So you better give it all back or else my daddy is filing a police report against your daddy.

    全部返さないとパパが君のパパを 警察に訴えるよ

  • I literally cheered after this phone call because I had finally done it.


  • I had pissed Jen off enough for her to end our friendship.


  • And fast forward to 15 years,

  • all I can say is what the fuck was that, right?


  • Like, I can't believe I was so afraid of just telling this girl that her behavior was hurting me that I committed a crime,


  • like, it is insane to me how desperate I was to evade any real talk.

  • And also incredibly unfair of me because Jen is clearly capable of kindness.


  • Clearly, she was willing to forgive me for stealing her Billabong sweater.


  • And I always wonder, like, if I had just expressed myself in those moments when Jen said or did something and given her the chance to adjust her behavior,


  • how would our friendship have gone?

  • I did see Jen one last time after that and she said,


  • You know, all you had to do was just asked to borrow my clothes.

  • I mean, Megan does it all the time.


  • She asked to borrow a piece.


  • And then I never see it again to the point where I know now that when she's "borrowing" clothes, she just intends to keep them,

  • you really didn't need to do all of that.


  • You could have just stolen it one piece at a time, you know.


  • At the end, a very diabolical genius.

  • So, when you're tempted to carry the clothes, a metaphor for your resentments.


  • Think about this story because it's one thing if you tell someone about how their behavior has affected you and then they don't change.


  • But having a hard conversation just reframe it.


  • It's a way of saying to someone I love you, I care about you, I want to keep you in,


  • and to do that this relationship or this behavior needs to change.

  • Having a hard conversation is showing the other person respect,


  • it's showing them that you value them, and it's showing that you're willing to be honest and work on it.

  • So don't wait, like, if you have things you know that are gonna build up and you know that this is going to solidify into resentment,


  • give that person the chance to validate your feelings, make space for you and adjust accordingly.

  • And at 33, I can tell you this.


  • All of my friendships that have made it through the wringer have this in common.


  • Anytime a hard conversation comes up, it usually goes like this.

  • Hey, so, I know you didn't mean anything bad by it,


  • but yesterday, at dinner, when you told me to be quiet in front of everyone, it made me feel like sad and small and I didn't really like it.


  • Oh my God, babe, I'm so sorry.


  • That makes total sense and you're absolutely right.


  • I don't... I don't even know why I did that.


  • I think I was trying to be mindful of everyone else in the restaurant,


  • but also, like, you're my friend, so why would I give a shit about any of them?

  • I am so sorry. That makes total sense and your feelings are valid.


  • I won't do it again.


  • Thank you.


  • Now, be quiet.


  • You dumb bitch.

  • I am. I'm a dumb bitch. I know. I love you.

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There's a lot that can destroy your relationships.


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