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Why do I have an erection when I wake up in the morning
There's a natural rise and falls of testosterone which peaks in the early morning hours and related to the content of your dreams
This causes the erections you discover when you wake up
Why does it hurt so much get hit in the balls?
there are lots of sensory nerves in and around the genitalia , the muscles in this scrotum that serve to pull the testicles up into the pelvis for protection
are not big and thick like the muscles in your thighs back or arms , and this scrotum muscles were that big
the heat generated with slow or stop sperm production
is my penis supports the curve to the side ? it is actually very uncommon for a penis to be completely straight
Most penis will curve to either side , though when erect usually point north
there's only an issue if you experience pain during or after an erection
Are my man boobs too big?
During puberty and in early manhood, males can have large glance under their nipples
This is called gynecomastia and usually subside, you can also see enlargement with marijuana use and with certain medications
If you supporting the D-cup , you should probably get investigated
wearing tight jeans will disperse my sperm counts?
Probably not, wearing tight clothes would only reduce your sperm count if it were to raise the temperature around your genitalia
preventing sperms for maturing but ordinarily, men are not affected by this
and lets say they're wearing space heat potting underwear
What do you want to know about your body?


5 Things Men Should Know About Their Bodies

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