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  • Hello Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your  heteronym lesson of the week. Heteronyms  

    今週の異名同音のレッスンは、Tarle SpeechのJenniferが担当します。異名同音異義語

  • are words that are spelled the same but they have  different meanings and different pronunciations.  


  • We have a word today. There is our wordAnd we have two definitions of course. We  

    今日、私たちには言葉がある。私たちの言葉があります そしてもちろん2つの定義があります私たちは

  • have combine which is a threshing machine  and combine which means to put together.


  • So let's start with the sounds that are the  same in each word. We have that K and that M.  


  • So let's start with combine. To say this wordyou're going to start with that k sound. Tip of  


  • the tongue is low, back of the tongue is pulled  high up, air Puffs out of the mouth. Keep your  


  • tongue in the same spot and just open your  mouth more - oh - for that oh vowel. cah cah


  • Then close the mouth completely. Lips together  air moves out of the nose for the m. com com com

    次に、口を完全に閉じます。唇を合わせると、空気が鼻からm. com com

  • Next we're going to move to that b - b. Your  lips are closed and they open. Air Puffs out.  

    次は、そのb - bに移ります。唇は閉じていて、開きますね。空気がふくらむ。

  • Voice box is on and moving.


  • Then we're going to move to the long i. To  do that, open wide. Tip of the tongue is  


  • low. Back of the tongue is pulled high up. Move  to smiling lips as the tongue flattens out - I.

    を低くしています。舌の裏側は高く引き上げる。舌が平らになるように、微笑む唇に移動する - I.

  • Keep going with that tongue. Touch the tongue to  the back of the top front teeth, specifically,  


  • to where the teeth meet the skin on the roof  of the mouth for the n - nnnnn. Air moves out  

    を、歯と口蓋の皮膚の境目にある「n - nnnn」にします。空気が出ていく

  • of your nose. bin com bin 


  • combine combine combine

    コンバイン コンバイン コンバイン

  • Yes, I am stressing syllable number one here. Our  rule pertains. Syllable number one is typically  


  • stressed in nouns and syllable number two in  verbs when they are heteronyms. A stressed  


  • syllable is louder, longer, and higher; and the  unstressed syllable is shorter, softer, and lower.


  • Next for combine, since syllable  number one is unstressed,  


  • we're going to have that short uh soundthe schwa sound in there. cum cum cum

    短い "uh "の音、シュワの音を入れるんだ。

  • So the difference here is you're not opening  your mouth wide for that oh. It's just relaxed  


  • and open, tongue is relaxed in the middle  of the mouth for that short uh. cum cum

    と開き、舌は口の真ん中でリラックスして、その短いuh.cum cumのために。

  • And then we're gonna end again in bin.


  • But this time the bin is  stressed. combine combine combine

    しかし、今回はビンにストレスがかかっています。 コンバイン コンバイン コンバイン

  • So we have combine combine 


  • combine combine


  • And now for a sentence: I'm having a really hard time  


  • thinking about how to use combine and combine  in a sentence. So why don't you give it a try  


  • and give me a sentence with those words. And  if you found this helpful please leave us  


  • a comment give us a share and a like and if  you need help check us out at Tarle speech.

    コメント、シェア、いいね!をお願いします。また、何かお困りのことがありましたら、Tarle speechにお問い合わせください。

  • Thanks everyone have an amazing weekend!


Hello Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your  heteronym lesson of the week. Heteronyms  

今週の異名同音のレッスンは、Tarle SpeechのJenniferが担当します。異名同音異義語

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