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  • Hey guys, it's kim here.


  • Welcome back to my channel.


  • I have finally settled down in my Tokyo apartment.


  • So in today's video, I'm going to be showing you guys what I get up to on a relaxing day.


  • First thing I do after I wake up is brush my teeth and do my skincare.


  • Now I use different products depending on how my skin feels, it's winter in Tokyo.


  • So my skin has been dried and usual, so I'm using more moisture.


  • I'm the type of person that cannot function without my coffee in the morning, so I'm just going to pour myself a glass and relax with china.


  • So I usually spend a bit more time relaxing in the morning as it takes me a while to actually function.


  • But today I want to head out earlier, so I'm going to do my makeup straight away.


  • I try and limit myself to 15 minutes for makeup and then for my hair, I just literally brushed it out.


  • But that is going to be my look for the day time to change out of my pajamas and into something comfortable and before I head out, I am going to feed Hannah, she's a raw fed dog.


  • So I actually meal prep for her and prepare everything in advance.


  • Speak louder, soft, soft, it takes a long time to make her food, but it's worth it because there's so many benefits to raw feeding and Hannah is just so happy every single time she gets her meals Now I'm just going to pack my bag and we will be working at cafes today, it's been so cold in Tokyo.


  • So I'm just gonna put on a jacket and let's head out.


  • Ever since I have arrived in Tokyo, I've been trying out different cafes.


  • I've always wanted to try this one cafe 1886 at bosch.


  • I get distracted working from home so I prefer to go to quiet cafes.


  • I felt this cafe was very spacious, had cozy vibes, lots of people were sitting around working and best of all the food was really good.


  • So I ordered a pancake set and it came with fries, soup, pancakes and eggs.


  • Alright now it's time to work.


  • I'm using my M.


  • S.


  • I.


  • Laptop and it's made for creators.


  • It's light and perfect for people that are always undergo like me first I'm going to edit some photos for a client.


  • When I take photos, I always shoot Enroll and use lightroom to edit raw photos.


  • Have a lot more information as compared to Jpeg so when you edit you just have much more control and can do a lot more with the photos.


  • You guys know me, I hate carrying stuff around with me so the battery last a while I don't have to bring the charger which is great.


  • So after I'm going to organize work with my manager and of course editing videos which I can do at ease with this laptop.


  • I typically spend a couple of hours doing one video.


  • So I'm going to try and work on that after working for a few hours.


  • I'm going to take a break and games so I play a lot of tension impact, love this game, I have to log in every single day.


  • I'm just doing my dailies so of course I try to limit my time playing because I can do this for hours every single day.


  • I've been inside this cafe for a couple of hours now, so I'm going to head out, go for a walk and get some fresh air.


  • So we're gonna head to Miyashita Park which is in shambles.


  • I love the rooftop area, it's so calm and relaxing and if you go on a weekday it's pretty quiet.


  • So first I'm gonna stop by at Starbucks and grab a drink, it's pretty cold.


  • So just want something to warm me up and whilst at Starbucks I am just going to finish off some last minute tasks that I did not get done at the cafe now that I've done that I'm going to head to my favorite furniture store notary, I have a few things I need to pick up, so first up I need to buy some containers for our kitchen, we just moved and it's so cold in our apartment so I'm getting a warm blanket so I'm back home just going to drop off everything and I'm going to take him out for her daily walk, Hannah is young and still has a lot of energy, so I walk her for about an hour, she absolutely loves her walks and she also really loves playing so I just like to you know run up and down the grass with her once I've walked in now it's time to grocery shop, so I'm just going to head to the supermarket, I'm going to be making curry tonight so I just have to pick up a few ingredients for that and yes, I am holding a shopping bag that we brought over from Australia.


  • Alright, so we have all of our ingredients, I am just going to pay and let's head home and make some dinner when I cook, I usually make simple meals that only require one pot so I don't have to clean much because I absolutely cannot stand cleaning The curry needs about 20-30 minutes to simmer so whilst that happens I'm just going to clean up the dishes, I'm also going to feed her dinner, going to give her a supplement for her joints and then a pumpkin treat.


  • Speak Hannah has a raw chicken wing for every meal, it helps clean her teeth, so her breath is always really nice.


  • I have to hold the wing just in case she accidentally chokes or brings the wing somewhere else around the apartment so it gets contaminated.


  • Never ever featured dog cooked bones as it's very dangerous.


  • So the curry has finished simmering, I'm just going to add in the curry stock and dinner is now served.


  • I love cheese and I think everything tastes better with cheese, but as soon as I brought out the cheese bag, you know, hurt her.


  • So I'm just going to give her a little bit, we share our cheese.


  • Now.


  • I'm gonna turn on my cat Tatsu and enjoy my dinner.


  • So I usually watch some netflix whilst I eat and I'm just watching the next episode of Spy Family.


  • Hannah is absolutely exhausted for today.


  • So I'm just going to give her some cuddles.


  • But basically after this I am just going to relax and then head off to bed.


  • So thank you so much guys for watching.


  • I hope you enjoyed my video and I will see you guys in the next one.


  • Bye guys.


Hey guys, it's kim here.


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Day In My Life in TOKYO, JAPAN|買い物、カフェ、仕事。 (Day In My Life in TOKYO, JAPAN | Grocery Shopping, Cafes & Working)

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