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The Jen-Hsun Huang Engineering Center at Stanford, with its splendid library honoring Fred Terman,
this wonderful terrace amphitheater, and the gathering spaces
that simply didn't exist before where students can meet,
build prototypes, study in teams.
We take seriously the idea that many of the great problems
that engineers can contribute to in this century are interdisciplinary problems.
These are problems associated with human health, they are problems associated with environmental
engineering, they're problems associated with energy.
And if you look at how Stanford is addressing those problems,
part of the way in which we do that is through facilities.
If you build places that people want to be, and build places
where people will want to work together in very different
ways than they have in the past, you can create partnerships that will do amazing things to
tackle the big problems that this world faces.
This new Jen-Hsun Huang Engineering Center will foster many incredible collaborations.
I'm confident of it. Thank you, Jen-Hsun and Laura, for this wonderful
Today is really about those creating the future. Just as I talked about the importance of Stanford
the institution, and the results and the products of its students,
this is about placing yet another bet of creating our future.
This is about placing yet another bet for inventing something
that would move the world further. And so I want to thank you for inviting me
and pulling me into your gravitational field.
It is a great honor to be connected with Stanford. I want to thank both of you.
Thank you.


Huang Engineering Center Dedicated

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Lynn Chou 2014 年 9 月 23 日 に公開
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