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  • The United States stands for an idea

  • whose time is now.

  • Ronald Reagan will win tonight.

  • What a schmuck.

  • I think I wanna be an artist when I grow up.

  • You can be an artist if you wanna be.

  • Nothing's gonna stop you.

  • You're going to college.

  • He'll have dinner with kings if he plays his cards right.

  • I really like your stickers.

  • My stepbrother give 'em to me.

  • He's in the Air Force.

  • That's so cool.

  • How dare you!

  • A menace, the two of you.

  • You're not to associate with him again.

  • What do you mean? Why?

  • I think you know what I mean.

  • My parents are sending me to my brother's school.

  • That's heavy.

  • In this institution, you can be anything you wanna be.

  • It won't be because of a handout.

  • It'll be because you earned your way there.

  • Something's bugging you. What is it?

  • Sometimes kids say bad words about the black kids.

  • Who's that?

  • Somebody from my old school.

  • Did they ever come to your house?

  • What'd you do when that happens?

  • Obviously nothing, of course.

  • You think that's smart?

  • My mother, you know when we came over here,

  • we didn't have much.

  • Why'd she come here?

  • Because they wanted to kill her. That's why.

  • They were soldiers.

  • And sometimes they'd go out looking for Jews.

  • They hated us then, and they still hate us.

  • So we got in the boat and we came over here to America.

  • The land of dreams.

  • He just wanted to be like you.

  • I want you to be a whole lot better than me.

  • Life is unfair.

  • Be thankful when you get a leg up.

  • You make the most of your break and do not look back.

  • All my hopes are with you and your brother.

  • You're my whole life.

  • Next time those schmucks say anything bad

  • about those kids, you're gonna say something.

  • You're gonna be a mench, okay?

  • Firm handshake. Okay, gimme a hug.

The United States stands for an idea


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