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So it is summer, and of course, of course you're heading up to the beach.
You splash around the waves from the ocean, when you realize…
you may have had forge made to drink
The boardwalk was so far away…
you feel get little bit sandy.
So, why not just go in the ocean, right?
Did your conscience taken at this point? And they keep you guilty?
Well, it shouldn't.
It's our mission to make you note, it's absolutely okay to go in the ocean,
and here's why:
First of, urine is mostly water.
The average humans' urine is more than ninety five percent water.
And also the difference between 1 to 2 grams per liter of sodium and chloride ions,
guess what is in sea water?
The ocean is about ninety six point five percent H2O,
and has a higher concentration of sodium and chloride than urine.
Urine and sea water also contains a small amount of Potassium.
So far, so good!
Second, urine is the main waste product in the urea.
As the body's breakdown proteins and foods,
urines are the left over compound that get rid of excess nitrogen's of our bodies.
The man urea is just a part of expression,
a drop in the ocean.
The volume of Atlantic ocean is of, three hundred fifty quintillion liters.
That's three hundred fifty and eighteen zeros!
That every person on earth, in the average amount of pee,
containing the average amount of urea, into the Atlantic,
will be just sixty parts per trillion of urea in the ocean.
That's nothing guys…
plus urine contains a lot of nitrogen.
Nitrogen combines of water to produce Ammonium,
which feeds ocean plant life.
So, no which we these guys, we're still good.
Finally, forgetting all the fancy math.
Every animal in the ocean, pees in the ocean.
The fin whales was out about nine hundred and seventy liters of urine a-day.
That's more than two hundred and fifty liters!
So they are not harming things, you certainly as well.
So, there you go. Don' be afraid to pee in the ocean.
And go back in worrying more important things,
like that shark ray behind you.
Oh, and we have to mention this:
Peeing in the ocean is totally fine.
But don't pee in protected areas, like reefs
or smaller bodies of water, especially swimming pools.
Check out ACS, one of our favorite series, the Breakthrough Science, to find our line.
Also, check out the C&EN blog post linking in the summer, to learn more about peeing in the ocean.
Courtesy of our friend Lauren Wolf,
C&EN Reporter and Admitted Ocean Pee-Er.
If you got a Chemistry question for us,
it doesn't matter how silly it is, I just talk about pee for two minutes,
leave it in the comments and, find us on Facebook and Twitter.
Be sure to check our other videos too!
Take a look in the science of ice cream or, how to get rid of your garlic breath.
We'll back next week for more awesome chemistry!


海でおしっこしても大丈夫なの? (Is it OK to Pee in the Ocean? - Reactions)

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