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  • US President Donald trump has arrived in Japan for a state visit trump is set to spend four days in the country to cement ties.


  • He'll meet with Japan's Prime Minister and business leaders and attend a dinner at the Imperial Palace where he'll be the first state guest of Japan's new emperor.


  • His visit comes against the backdrop of increasing tensions with china and north Korea for more.


  • Let's talk to correspondent Michael Penn in Tokyo, Michael Donald trump just gave his first speech in Japan addressing business leaders.


  • What was his main message to them?


  • Well, of course, he's emphasizing the toughness on trade issues, which has been something that for him uh, really going back to the 1980s, he, he first got this idea in his mind that Japan was using unfair trade practices against the United States, and And this is something that through the decades has never really diverged in his own thinking.


  • So you know, he feels that during his presidency, he wants to be the person who solves this issue as he sees it.


  • Uh, and to make a fair trade relationship between the United States and Japan Trump is scheduled to attend the G-20 summit in Osaka in only six weeks.


  • Why this visit now.


  • Well, this visit now is, is basically a social and symbolic visit.


  • It's not really one where uh, a great deal of substance is expected to be decided.


  • Uh, the main issue involved here is the, is the enthronement of the new emperor uh, that he needs to receive a state visitor and symbolically speaking to have the U.


  • S.


  • President be the one to come first is something that Japanese want.


  • And Prime Minister Abe is using this to very much flatter the ego of trump, which has been his strategy basically since trump was elected to keep telling him he's a great leader, he's important that Japan needs him.


  • And this is the way that the, the Abe administration seeks to achieve its own policy objectives.


  • Has been courting trump for quite some time.


  • Has he gotten anything out of it for his country?


  • Well, it's mainly an issue of damage control.


  • Uh, you know, trump and this trade issue is a is a primary example of this trump basically wants to make demands of Japan that that the Japanese don't want to give.


  • And so uh abe is trying as hard as he can to stay on trump's good side.


  • So that trump's demands don't become too onerous and to try to blunt their force.


  • So in a sense it's Japan feeding trump's ego in order to not feel the force of trump's demands on the Japanese nation.


  • Michael penn in Tokyo, thank you very much.


US President Donald trump has arrived in Japan for a state visit trump is set to spend four days in the country to cement ties.


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