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  • I love Halloween.


  • It's spooky night.


  • My favorite Halloween candy is butterfingers, crunch bars with the chocolate and the crispy rice sneakers, anything chocolate.


  • Other candy is like, I guess a starburst read, sorry, other candy is garbage sour patch kids anything sour warheads actually because our patches aren't sour anymore.


  • Peanut butter cups, they used to be sour, used to be able to dip to the bottom of the thing and there'd be a pound of sugar on my finger and now you go in and they don't do that anymore.


  • It's like grow up, I'm not trying to live long, I'm trying to live great while I can yo lo not your long.


  • My best Halloween costume was, I just wore a suit and a briefcase and I said I was a lawyer.


  • My parents dressed me up as Lazarus for a church Halloween thing and they literally just wrapped a bunch of toilet paper around me, which which which four times four times in a row, 57 halloweens in a row, which my best friend Katie mack and I would um we go into our closets where our mother's closets and we always somehow ended up looking like hookers which seemed like a good idea until halfway into the party Starting to fall apart.


  • I ended up being kind of half naked in my church, 95% of my Halloween days were spent looking like a hooker trick or treat, they'd say, what are you would be like?


I love Halloween.


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