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  • Welcome to Watch mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 20 World Cup songs for this list.

    ようこそWatch mojoへ!今日は、私たちが選ぶワールドカップの曲トップ20をカウントダウンしてみましょう。

  • We're looking at some of the best and most iconic songs affiliated with the World Cup.


  • Either from an international team or from FIFA directly Which song affiliated with the World Cup is your favorite Let us Know below number 20 To better together with the 2022 World Cup taking place in Qatar, the nation needed to go all out to try and make people forget about the many, many scandals and focus on the prestigious tournament instead.

    国際的なチームから、またはFIFAから直接、ワールドカップに関連するどの曲がお気に入りですか? 2022年ワールドカップがカタールで開催されることをより良くするために、国は、人々が多くの、多くのスキャンダルを忘れて、代わりに一流のトーナメントに集中しようとするために全力を尽くす必要がありました。

  • So they put together Hyah hyah better together meaning come on In Arabic on top of a music video featuring players from different sides supporting each other is all to illustrate the message of unity, especially with multinational musicians singing such as american Trinidad, Cardona Nigeria's Davidow and cutters Aisha.

    だから、彼らは一緒に置くHyah hyah良い一緒に意味するアラビア語でお互いをサポートする異なる側からの選手を搭載した音楽ビデオの上に団結のメッセージを説明するためにすべてであり、特にアメリカトリニダード、カードナナイジェリアのダビドーやカッターアイシャなどの多国籍ミュージシャンが歌っている。

  • To top it off, the flags of various nations are featured.


  • The video also highlights Cuttery culture with an uplifting melody that might be stuck in your head all day.


  • Number 19, Magic in the air.

    19番 マジックインエアー

  • It's not often that an official song makes not one but two appearances at separate world cups With a focus on Africa and most of the lyrics being in French.


  • It was performed by Morocco's Chalky and Ivory Coast's Magic system made originally for the 2014 tournament in Brazil.


  • The song was a massive success in French speaking countries.


  • It reached number one in France, Lebanon and Belgium.


  • Then in 2018 it became the soundtrack for the french national team at the Russian World Cup Every time they scored Magic in the air would blare out from the speakers.

    そして2018年、ロシアワールドカップでフランス代表のサウンドトラックになりました。 彼らが得点するたびに、Magic in the airがスピーカーから鳴り響くのです。

  • It evidently must have motivated them as France went on to win that tournament number 18, Love Generation.

    その結果、フランスはその大会の第18回「Love Generation」で優勝することができたのだから、明らかに彼らのモチベーションは上がったに違いない。

  • When Love Generation first came out in 2005, it was a hit throughout europe.

    2005年にLove Generationが発売されたとき、ヨーロッパ全土でヒットしたんです。

  • However, once FIFA got their hands on it and made it an official track for the 2006 World Cup in Germany that just made it even more popular.


  • Created by the regular duo of France's bob Sinclair with vocals by Jamaica's Gary Pine.


  • The tune reached number one in many places, including Australia, Germany, the US and more.


  • You couldn't really go to a club in the mid two thousands without this Banger making an appearance when it was re released in 2006, the music video was edited to feature the tournament's double act mascots Coolio and pill as a young boy travels the world on his bike Number 17 Moscow, the 2018 World Cup in Russia didn't really have too many song hits, but this one definitely stood out.

    2006年に再リリースされたとき、このバンガーが登場しなければ、2000年代半ばのクラブに行くことはできなかった。ミュージックビデオは、大会のマスコットであるクーリオとピルの二人芝居で、少年が自転車で世界を旅するように編集されている 17番モスクワ、2018年のロシアW杯では、あまり多くの曲のヒット曲がなかったが、この曲は間違いなく際立っていた。

  • Moscow was originally released back in 1979 by Germany's Genghis Khan with an english version released in 1980.


  • Honestly, that facial hair combo is just sublime to promote the 2018 event.


  • Genghis khan teamed up with numerous artists to rerelease the record in various languages with some new lyrics to make it football related for english and german J Khan took on the project.


  • For spain.


  • It was Jorge Jimenez and Marie for Medrano and for Russia it was alexander malini in with his daughter Tina.


  • Yeah, number 16 El Rock del mundial.

    そう、16番 El Rock del mundial。

  • We couldn't really put together a video of World Cup songs without including the O.


  • G.


  • All the way back in 1962 the tournament was set to be hosted in chile and to make this event stand out from the others.


  • An official tune was released by one of the nation's bands, Los Ramblers taking a rock and roll stance.


  • El Rock Del mundial sounds like something Elvis Presley would have put together.

    El Rock Del mundialは、まるでエルビス・プレスリーが組んだような音ですね。

  • It was a smash hit since a reported 80,000 copies were sold by the end of that year.


  • Number 15 7 Nation Army.

    ナンバー15 7ネイションアーミー

  • If there's an award for a song that wasn't made for sport but has been used in the most athletic events, Seven Nation Army would definitely be in the running released in 2003 by the white stripes.

    スポーツのために作られた曲ではないが、最も多くの運動会で使われた曲という賞があるとすれば、2003年にホワイトストライプスがリリースしたSeven Nation Armyは間違いなく候補に挙がるだろう。

  • The song became an unofficial anthem for Italy in the 2006 World Cup.


  • The fans would sing the rhythm especially when they celebrated after the country won that year's World Cup.


  • But then in 2018 it was given an authorized stamp by FIFA.


  • The organizers for the tournament blasted out that familiar bass riff and drum beat whenever the mascots and players came onto the pitch, exposing millions of football fans across the world to the legendary tune.


  • Number 14 greatest day rather than a FIFA sanction tune, this one is purely done for the England National team hoping to inspire the side to success.


  • Gary Lineker, the legendary forward, teamed up with Gary Barlow from the band.


  • Take that the duo got together former England footballers like martin, Keown, Michael Owen and Glenn Hoddle alongside musicians like Emma, Bunton, pixie, Lott and Katy B to help out, made under the charity sports relief, they covered take that song Greatest Day.

    マーティン、キーン、マイケル・オーウェン、グレン・ホドルといった元イングランド代表のサッカー選手と、エマ、バントン、ピクシー、ロット、ケイティBといったミュージシャンが協力して、スポーツリリーフというチャリティーのもと、テイク・ザットの曲「Greatest Day」をカバーしたのが、このデュオ。

  • The track even used auto tune for the non pro singers, which is amazing, but considering England finished bottom of Group D at the tournament, it wasn't exactly their greatest day.


  • In the end.


  • Number 13 football for the 1974 World Cup in Germany, FIFA turned to the legendary Polish artist who was kick starting her career at the time, Marie Laurent Devic considering the history between Germany and Poland, it seems fitting for the organizers to try and mend some fences with this collaboration releasing the song, Football Radovic even performed the catchy tune live at the opening ceremony in Munich the lyrics primarily in polish also contains some german spanish and english words to amplify the unity message that FIFA likes to promote number 12 boom.


  • Even some of the biggest musicians around can't ignore the allure of the World Cup for the event hosted in Japan and South Korea.


  • In 2002, Anastasia was called upon to release the track boom with a music video featuring people around the world being abducted and forced to be at her performance.


  • It is a bit weird But it also contains clips of the beautiful game to keep things on brand boom saw a lot of success in Europe's charts.


  • However, like a fine wine.


  • The tune got more love as it got older.


  • In 2014, MTV in Italy chose boom as their favourite World Cup anthem and we can't really blame them.


  • Number 11 Darom Ghetto, we will find a way since this song features the iconic Mexican guitarist Carlos Santana.

    11位 Darom Ghetto、この曲はメキシコを代表するギタリスト、カルロス・サンタナが参加しているので、何とかなるだろう。

  • You already know why this one is on our list.


  • Made alongside Haiti's Wyclef jean and featuring the late Swedish DJ Avicii and Brazil's Alexandra Pierre's Darom Ghetto.

    ハイチのWyclef jeanと共に制作し、スウェーデンの故AviciiとブラジルのAlexandra PierreのDarom Ghettoをフィーチャーしています。

  • We will Find a Way is a latin rock song that you'll be humming all the live long day and we love every moment from the upbeat tempo and lyrics to the guitar, solo from Santana.

    We will Find a Wayは、ライブでずっと口ずさんでしまうラテンロックで、アップビートなテンポや歌詞、サンタナのギター、ソロなど、すべての瞬間が好きです。

  • The song was an underdog hit for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.


  • The lyrics switch from english to Portuguese as the music video focuses on the Brazilian team and the fans.


  • It really got the atmosphere pumped up before a match number 10.


  • We are the Champions for a song called We are the Champions, which was released in 1977.

    1977年に発売された「We are the Champions」という曲のために、「We are the Champions」としました。

  • It's weird.


  • It took so long for it to be officially included at a World Cup, especially since it was put together by the Wonderful Queen upon its original release.


  • The anthem was an instant success and hit high in the music charts across the globe.


  • The tune all about celebrating.


  • Winning was brought into the FIFA family for the 1994 edition.


  • In the United States.


  • In 2011, a group of scientists at Goldsmiths University of London, England took a deep dive into the tune.


  • They concluded that We are the Champions is the catchiest pop song of all time and it's a fair conclusion to reach Number nine Hot Hot Hot.

    彼らは、We are the Championsは史上最もキャッチーなポップソングであり、Hot Hot Hotの9位に入るのは妥当な結論であると結論づけた。

  • Originally released in 1983, Hot Hot Hot by Montserrat.

    1983年に発売された、モンセラットの「Hot Hot Hot」。

  • Ian musician Arrow has popped up at various sporting events since like in cricket and of course football.


  • The repetition of the word ole definitely factored into the catchy number being used at the World Cup.


  • The song was added to FIFA's expansive library for the 1986 event in Mexico.


  • While arrows tune didn't make a massive splash on the charts, peaking at number 59 in the UK.


  • It soon gained a cult following for its calypso inspired upbeat melody.


  • Numerous artists covered it like buster poindexter and Don Omar, which saw new audiences experience the epic track number eight, the Time of our Lives Two classical music and football.

    バスター・ポインデクスターやドン・オマールなど数多くのアーティストがカバーし、8曲目の「The Time of our Lives Two classical music and football」で新しい観客が体験することになった。

  • Go Hand in hand.

    Go Hand in hand.

  • Just look at the popularity of the Champions League theme.


  • Well, FIFA evidently took note of this for the 2006 World Cup.


  • They got the biggest classical vocal group Il Divo to team up with american R and B.


  • Singer Toni Braxton for the time of our lives.


  • It was even sung At the opening ceremony in Munich.


  • The song struck a chord with many since it peaked in the top 20 charts in countries like Norway Belgium Switzerland and more.


  • The slow build as the tune picks up pace its dramatic melody and the use of multi language lyrics really appeal to fans number seven italiana.


  • If you were looking for a music video that highlighted the strange time when the eighties turned into the nineties, this would be the one for you with moving multicolor designs and cheesy C.


  • G.


  • I.


  • Footballs.


  • It is just delightful.


  • Originally released in 1989.


  • Estate Italiana was performed by italian duo Eduardo Bonauto and Gianna Nannini.

    Estate Italianaは、Eduardo BonautoとGianna Nanniniのイタリア人デュオが演奏しました。

  • The english version to be number one was performed by the Georgia Moroder project.


  • The songs were a big feature of Italian 90 several tv programs opened with a variant of UNIX italiana to get fans ready for the action.

    この曲はイタリア語90番の大きな特徴で、いくつかのテレビ番組がUNIX italianaの変形版で始まり、ファンをその気にさせた。

  • Number six World in Motion.

    第6位 ワールド・イン・モーション

  • When fans first heard john Barnes rapping, they lost their minds with excitement.


  • The then England and Liverpool star had a stellar audition for a possible job after his sporting career.


  • Released in 1990 by New Order World in Motion was made for the England national team for the 1990 World Cup in Italy.


  • The beloved tune even featured some of the other players lending their vocals alongside Barnes.


  • Fun fact, the song was going to be called E for England but the FAA nipped that in the bud since it sounded like a reference to an illegal substance, as you can imagine, the tune reached number one on the UK charts.

    面白いことに、この曲は「E for England」というタイトルになる予定だったが、違法薬物のことを指しているように聞こえるため、FAAがその芽を摘んだのだ。

  • If there's one thing, the English love its football songs, number five, we are one Ole Ola.


  • Having already released a World Cup song for 2010 in South Africa, Pitbull got involved again for the 2014 tournament in brazil, Teaming up with jennifer, Lopez and Brazil's Cloud the anthem We are one Ole Ola wasn't loved by the Home Nation On its release, even though many notable artists were involved in the writing of the song, including CIA Red One and many more drumming by the Brazilian group.

    すでに2010年南アフリカ大会のワールドカップソングをリリースしたピットブルは、ブラジルの2014年大会に再び参加し、ジェニファー、ロペス、ブラジルのクラウドと組んでアンセムWe are one Ole Olaは、そのリリース時に、CIAレッドワンやブラジル人グループによる多くのドラムなど多くの注目アーティストが曲作りに関わったにもかかわらず、母国から愛されることはありませんでした。

  • Olodum was later added into the song.


  • It reached number one in several nations like Belgium and Switzerland, the upbeat latin tune with a music video highlighting the iconic carnival culture in the south American country struck a chord with many World Cup fans.


  • # four, Carnival departure.

    # 第4位 カーニバル出発

  • As soon as the opening notes to Carnival Deep Aguilar played, you already know it's ingrained itself into football culture for all eternity and it only gets better from there, even though there are no lyrics, it doesn't stop fans from humming the melody at stadiums.


  • This song was made by England's Dario G for the 1998 World Cup in France.


  • Various instruments are included that are closely connected to those countries appearing at the tournament.


  • When making carnival to parry Dario G was actually inspired by another song that was popular with fans of the Netherlands fc Utrecht.


  • Since then, numerous football teams and sports across the world have adopted this iconic tune.


  • Number three wavin flag coca cola celebration mix to celebrate Africa hosting a World Cup.


  • For the first time, Musicians went to town to release absolute bangers, one of which was wavin flag by Somali Canadian artist K'naan.

    ミュージシャンが初めて街に出て、絶対的なバンガーをリリースしました。そのひとつが、ソマリア系カナダ人アーティストK'naanの「wavin flag」です。

  • Released originally in 2009, it became such a hit, especially when it was covered for a charity single after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.


  • With all that publicity, The coca cola company signed Canaan to release an updated version for the iconic tournament that included lyrics and a music video related to soccer and this anthem was a global success.


  • It hit number one on the charts in Austria Germany Scotland and more Canaan even played the celebratory tune at the opening ceremony in Johannesburg.


  • South Africa.


  • Number two waka waka.


  • This time for Africa, another person who's lent their talents to the World Cup a number of times is Colombia's Shakira.


  • Her biggest success came in the 2010 edition in South Africa waka waka.

    彼女の最大の成功は、2010年の南アフリカ大会でのwaka wakaです。

  • This time for Africa is the type of song that will worm its way into your head until you're humming it nonstop for weeks featuring the south African band freshly ground.

    This time for Africaは、南アフリカのバンドfreshly groundをフィーチャーした、何週間もノンストップで口ずさんでしまうほど頭に染み込んでくるタイプの曲です。

  • It took heavy inspiration from the Cameroonian songs.


  • Amina Amina Zankel by golden Sounds.

    Amina Amina Zankel by golden Sounds.

  • The inspirational FIFA anthem hit number one in many countries like France, italy Belgium and more.


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  • Number one, La copa de la vida a K A.

    1位 La copa de la vida a K A.

  • The Cup of Life.


  • Whether you know this tune as la copa de la vida or the Cup of Life, there's one thing we can all agree on this Ricky martin song is everything A World Cup song should be after.


  • All, many publications have ranked this song at the tippy top of football anthems Released in 1998.


  • This song was an official tune for that year's tournament in France.


  • The Samba and Latin pop tune is filled with football references that keep fans happy and get them dancing.


  • Plus it has an easy to remember chorus that the audience can chant along too.


  • So it's pretty perfect.


  • The cup of life hit number one on the charts in Australia, Costa Rica Spain and many more, showing just how beloved it is.


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Welcome to Watch mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 20 World Cup songs for this list.

ようこそWatch mojoへ!今日は、私たちが選ぶワールドカップの曲トップ20をカウントダウンしてみましょう。

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