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  • Here's a video of things that are  comforting, for you to watch when  

  • you need it. This video will also be made intopodcast episode for The Lana Blakely Podcast.  

  • Stores and restaurants that are open  24 hours a day. There's something  

  • about knowing there's always a place  to go to where someone else will be

  • Hearing the footsteps of your pet The footprints of various animals in the snow 

  • The warmth of garments that have  just been picked out of the dryer 

  • Milk being poured into coffee When two strangers find each other in a  

  • crowded place, such as a party, and end up having  a long conversation as if they were totally alone 

  • Rolling down the window while  riding in the backseat of a car 

  • Watering your plants and watching  the soil go from dry to wet 

  • Feeling the warmth of the sun against your back Dog ears. Just dog ears

  • Finding a song you haven't heard before  and it's as if it was just made for you,  

  • for that very moment Seeing a single flower growing  

  • in a random placemakes you believe that even  seemingly odd or even impossible things do happen 

  • Imagining that the moon IS actually following  your car; that it's keeping an eye on you  

  • to make sure you're safe The word 'butternut squash

  • Feeling the warmth of holding  a cup of hot beverage spread to  

  • the rest of your body on a cold day To think that there was a time when  

  • you couldn't even walk or say a single wordLook how far you've come. I'm proud of you

  • Socks. They're like a little hug for your feet. Did you know that there's a bee species  

  • that sleep curled up in flowers? They say when dogs dream, they likely dream  

  • about dog things like chasing squirrels, running  after rabbits, and playing fetch with you.  

  • The YouTube channelPain hoursRed dwarfs, stars with less than 0.4  

  • solar masses, burn so slowly that they  might live to 100 billion years old,  

  • much longer than the current age of the universe.  I find that both terrifying and comforting.  

  • You've been a good friend. You've done your best.  

  • There was nothing more you could've done. Stop beating yourself up.  

  • Beauty fades. There's something  oddly comforting about that.  

  • In fact, nothing is really permanent. No feeling  of shame, grief or guilt will remain as intense  

  • as it does when it's recently occured. See, Sarah Lynn, we're not doomed.  

  • In the great grand scheme of things, we're just  tiny specks that will one day be forgotten.  

  • So, it doesn't matter what we did in  the past, or how we will be remembered.  

  • That's from BoJack Horseman. The fact that the flame of a single  

  • candle can light thousands of other candles. Although the world is full of suffering, it is  

  • also full of the overcoming of it. - Helen Keller Falling asleep in the car, feeling safe 

  • Falling asleep on the couch and  waking up with a blanket on  

  • The fact that someone invented garlic bread Realizing that somewhere, there are at least a  

  • few other kids who were born at the same hospital  as you, around the same time. You may never meet  

  • them, yet you'll always share that special moment  with them. You entered life apart, but together 

  • The first bite of a crispy fry Being hugged by someone who makes you feel small 

  • Whiskers on kittens Being outside on a warm summer night 

  • Those mini raindrop races down the car  window and rooting for that one special  

  • raindrop as they all travel down the window. The fact that so many of you can relate to that.  

  • We seem to think such experiences  are personal and specific to us,  

  • but we share much more than we think A fully charged phone  

  • As I read this list to you, it may sound like I'm  someone who's got it all figured out. No one does.  

  • I've failed at so many things.. Oh, you too? The cute little sneeze noises dogs make  

  • to let you know they're just playin Being fascinated by how easily entertained  

  • kids are. The other day, I saw a kid jump up and  down from the very same rock at least 40 times.  

  • Speaking of children, we live onfloating rock, and sometimes I pretend  

  • like it's moving a bit too fast and I lose  my balance. Being childish is comforting.  

  • No one thinks as badly of you  as you think of yourself.  

  • You ever wonder why do birds sing so early? Some  say early mornings are too dark to search for  

  • food, and too dark to be spotted by predatorsThat makes it the perfect time to sing.  

  • If, after a long day, no matter how tough or  tiring, you can sleep in your own bed tonight,  

  • things may be better than you think. The Swedish wordRowhich means tranquility,  

  • peace, rest, quietness. The fact that there are  

  • entire boutiques dedicated to tea Being able to express emotions, to cry,  

  • is comforting. Shed a tear if you feel  like it. We all do sometimes. It's okay.  

  • And finally, You. Your presence  is comforting to someone.

Here's a video of things that are  comforting, for you to watch when  


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a video to watch when you need comfort

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