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  • How To... with Everyday English for everyday situation. がお届けする、日常的なシチュエーションで使える英語。

  • Hello, welcome to How To... with I'm Jackie Dalton.

    こんにちは、 がお届けするハウツーへようこそ、わたしはジャッキー・ダルトンです。

  • In this program, we'll look at how to express anger and annoyance about something.


  • Of course there are all sorts of very strong words in English used to show annoyance (some of which you probably already know),


  • but we'll be focusing on those expressions which aren't quite so offensive, so you don't find yourself upsetting people.


  • Let's hear our first one.


  • I'm at a party drinking a glass of wine.


  • But then, oh no! I dropped my glass.


  • Oh no!

    Oh no!「やばい!」

  • A simple reaction you can use in all kinds of situations when something bad has happened.


  • Oh no!

    Oh no!

  • Oh no!

    Oh no!

  • You could also say 'Oh dear!'. This means the same thing.

    Oh dear!とも言います。これも同じ意味です。

  • Oh dear!

    Oh dear!

  • Let's hear those words in sentences with other expressions.


  • Oh dear! He missed his plane.


  • Oh no! I can't believe I've just done that.


  • Oh dear! I don't believe he's forgotten again.


  • In those last sentences, we heard another expression worth knowing: 'I can't believe' or 'I don't believe'.

    この最後の文章で、私たちはもう一つ知っておく価値のある表現を聞きましたね。I can't believe または I don't believe です。

  • Again, a popular phrase when something bad has just happened.


  • Oh no! I can't believe I've just done that.


  • Oh dear! I don't believe he's forgotten again.


  • Oh, I can't believe it!


  • I can't. I can't believe that this is happening again.


  • Oh, I can't believe I've just done that.


  • So those were our first three expressions: 'Oh no!' 'Oh dear!' and 'I can't believe it!'

    それが最初の3つの表現でした。 Oh no! Oh dear! そして I can't believe it!

  • Here's one you might use if something's gone wrong and it's happened to you before.


  • Why does this always happen to me?

    Why does this always happen to me?「どうしていつもこうなんだろう?」

  • 'Why does this always happen?' Here are some more examples.

    'Why does this always happen?' ここでは、さらにいくつかの例をご紹介します。

  • I've lost my keys. Why does this always happen to me?


  • They missed the train. Why does that always happen?


  • You're listening to How To... with

    現在お聞きいただいてるのは がお届けするハウツーです。

  • Listen to this clip of an angry boss. What expression does he start with to show he's annoyed?


  • I mean for goodness sake, he said he'd do it and now he hasn't done it, so... that's just typical.


  • 'For goodness sake!' Something to say when you're annoyed.

    'For goodness sake!' イラッとした時に言うべき表現です。

  • He said he can't help us! - Oh for goodness sake!

    助けてくれないって!- いい加減にしてくれ!

  • A variation on this is 'for heaven's sake!'

    そのバリエーションが for heaven's sake!

  • Oh, for heaven's sake! Why is she so unreliable?


  • One more handy and not too offensive expression is 'bother!'

    もう一つ、便利であまり不快感のない表現として 'bother!'「面倒くさい!」があります。

  • Isn't he coming to the party?


  • Oh, bother. I forgot to invite him.


  • A word you might hear in similar context, but which some people might find a bit offensive is 'damn!'

    同じような文脈で耳にすることがあっても、人によってはちょっと不快に感じる言葉が 'damn!' です。

  • Oh damn, they've canceled the flight.

    畜生、フライトがキャンセルされた 。

  • Damn! I've forgotten my car keys.


  • Again, this is only for informal situations and some people might be a bit offended by the word, so do be careful how you use it.


  • Now. Let's do a summary of the expressions we've looked at. Listen closely and try to remember as many as you can.

    では 今まで見てきた表現のまとめをしてみましょう。よく聞いて、できるだけたくさん覚えてください。

  • Oh dear!

    Oh dear!「やれやれ」

  • Oh no!

    Oh no!「やばい」

  • I can't believe it!

    I can't believe it!「信じられない」

  • Why does this always happen?

    Why does this always happen?「どうしてこうなるの?」

  • For goodness sake!

    For goodness sake!「いい加減にして!」

  • For heaven's sake.

    For heaven's sake.「いい加減にしろ」

  • Bother!


  • (and with caution) Damn!


  • Now go on to practice the phrases we've looked at with the exercise on the website.


How To... with Everyday English for everyday situation. がお届けする、日常的なシチュエーションで使える英語。

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