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part 2 question one
describe the family business you should say
what is the business and who takes responsibility for it
what can you learn from it and explain what are the advantages and
or drawbacks of this family business okay all the talk to you about
my family business which is a car wash and my family owns a car wash
not far away from my house and you know basically my father's
in charge of the whole thing over there but my mother's an accountant so
he does get help from her quite often and
as you may imagine a car wash cars you know
variety of skills and people to work
you know together to actually make the business going
and fully operational without any faults
and definitly without pissing off and costumers
and you know the last thing you know when you're running a car wash is being slow
or damaging somebody's car so it's really important
did you do harm right people for it not necessarily just manages or accountants
and this is one of the many things that I learned from it that
no matter how good you are at your field of studies be
management or engineering whatever it is
you can't one business just on your own
you need to get help from others you need to work in a team
everybody else and teamwork and being patient
and dealing with you know multiple deadlines at the same time
on the same day it's among the greatest things that of
learned by being this family business as my father son
an there are some advantages and disadvantages of course more the
advantages are that
you make a lot of money and its of them less complicated than other businesses
to run
bit more of the disadvantage is that it can get really really messy I mean
you know sometimes you can order a lot of cleaning products from different
warehouses and sometimes they're late
and you know they'll force you to cancel your whole car wash
over the weekend and you know its
I can't really think of any disadvantages are that
it's a very simple and stress-free business as long as you put in some
effort and time management to it you'll be fine. [The End]


墨尔本 雅思 墨尔本无忧雅思培训学校 2013雅思10月口语话题 Family Business

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