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No - 139,788
The announcement of the Fife result made it a mathematical certainty.
The nay sayers had won the day. Scotland voted against independence by a small majority.
Amid relief and happiness for 'No' voters, those in charge of the 'Yes' campaign were
forced to accept defeat.
Scotland has by majority decided not, at this stage, to become an independent country.
I accept that verdict of the people, and I call on all of Scotland to follow suit.
It was a win for Alistair Darling's Better Together Campaign.
We have chosen unity over division, and positive change rather than needless separation.
But also a win for democracy. Turn out was high - very high - across the board.
The turnout is 87.9 percent.
Prime Minister David Cameron campaigned heavily to keep the United Kingdom together, but he
was pragmatic once the results were in. While delighted that Scotland voted no, he also
promised new powers for Scotland.
To all of those who did vote for independence, we hear you. We now have a chance, a great
opportunity, to change the way the British people are governed and change it for the better.
Alex Salmond's Scottish Nationalist Party has been promised a seat at the negotiation
table, as plans for more powers for Scotland are drawn up. That's the discussion now. As
David Cameron claimed, the Scottish independence debate has been "settled for a generation".


Scottish referendum recap: Scotland votes 'no' to independence

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