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  • Hi, this is Tom Greenwood from

  • In this clip we are going to look at outdoor portrait photography. We are going to look

  • at some common mistakes particularly relating to light and background.

  • So were in the park. It’s the middle of the day. It's hot and above all it’s very

  • very sunny. And we're looking at the best possible spot to shoot some portraits.

  • So weve chosen to position our subject out in the open. Weve got a nice tree in

  • the background but straight away we confront a quite obvious problem. It’s too sunny.

  • Our subject is squinting at the camera. Even if she can manage to keep her eyes open we

  • are going to get some nasty dark shadows around her eyes. So clearly facing into the sun on

  • a bright sunny day like this is really not going to work.

  • So instead we are going to head into some shade. Were heading into the really deep

  • shade. And in this instance our subject has no problem keeping her eyes open. But it’s

  • really a bit too dark. We've had to raise the ISO from 100 to 400. This isn't a disaster

  • but it does mean a bit more noise in the image. The pictures aren't too bad but the light

  • is a little bit flat and on a bright sunny day like today, surely we can find a spot

  • where the light is a bit more dynamic.

  • Now we are still in the shade but we're on the edge of the shade which means we still

  • have lots of light. Here we face a different issue: the background is much brighter than

  • our subject. That means that while she looks great, the background is really burnt out.

  • So again we are looking for a spot in the shade but on the edge of the shade so there's

  • lots of bright indirect natural light. And here weve got lots of shady trees which

  • make a much better background. So all looking good except, uh-oh, someone is on the phone

  • in the background. Now it’s very easy when shooting portraits to concentrate on the subject

  • and not notice what's going on behind the subject.

  • Finally weve found a spot where the subject is bathed in that beautiful indirect sunlight.

  • She’s not squinting weve got an attractive background that doesn't distract from the

  • portrait subject.

  • So I hope this clip was useful in understanding the basics of light and background when shooting

  • outdoor portraits.

  • So thanks for watching and please feel free to leave a comment or take a look at some

  • of the other clips series.

Hi, this is Tom Greenwood from


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屋外ポートレートの光と背景 - DLSR撮影の基本的なヒント (Light and background in outdoor portraits - basic DLSR photography tips)

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