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  • Scene 2

  • After Meg and Ted take their seats, another waiter approaches their table.

  • Waiter: May I take your order now?

  • Ted: It’s our first time here.

  • Can you recommend some dishes to us?

  • Waiter: Our steak and fried salmon are quite popular.

  • Meg: I’d like the fried salmon, please.

  • Waiter: And for you, sir?

  • Ted: I’ll have the steak.

  • Waiter: How would you like your steak?

  • Ted: Medium, please. And I also want a baked potato.

  • Waiter: Certainly. Would you like something to drink?

  • Ted: Just water, thanks.

  • Waiter: Thank you. I’ll be back soon with your food.

  • A few minutes later, the food arrives.

  • Waiter: Here’s the fried salmon for the lady

  • and the steak for the gentleman.

  • I hope youll enjoy the food!

  • Meg: My fried salmon smells good! (cuts a piece of it and eats it)

  • MmmIt tastes great!

  • Ted: I can’t wait to try my steak … (cuts a piece of it and eats it)

  • Great! I like it!

  • After finishing the meal, Ted gestures to the waiter.

  • Waiter: Would you like to have coffee or tea?

  • Ted: Two coffees, please. And what do you have for dessert?

  • Waiter: We have cake, pudding, and ice cream.

  • Meg: I’d like the pudding, please.

  • Ted: Ice cream for me, please.

  • Waiter: Thank you.

Scene 2


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