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  • The number one source of carbon emissions in the United States is coming from transportation.


  • Globally, it's number two.


  • And the majority of that comes from our personal use, our cars and trucks.


  • How do we consume less energy while meeting the needs that people have of transportation?


  • The majority of car trips in the world today are less than five miles.


  • It's a simple question: Can we get more people to drive less and bike more and scooter more to where they go?


  • The average trip on an e-bike or e-scooter produces less than seven percent carbon emissions of an equivalent car trip.

    e-bike や e-scooter を使った平均的な旅行では、同等の自動車旅行の7%未満の二酸化炭素しか排出されません。

  • Micro-mobility is dramatically more green than alternatives, and we're working every single day to reduce our own carbon emissions even further.


  • So what sometimes happens is that a company would say, "What is the dirtiest part of our business?"

    そこで時々起こるのが、ある企業が 「我々のビジネスで最も汚い部分は何でしょうか?」と言うことです。

  • "Let's just outsource it."


  • "And if we outsource it, we've solved our problems."


  • But that doesn't actually solve your problem because somebody else is polluting and emitting.


  • If we're going to live up to our own ideals then we need to do the core of what folks have always done: reduce, reuse and recycle.


  • The early days of micro-mobility, we took a consumer scooter or a consumer e-bike and we put it into a commercial space.


  • And what that meant was that our average scooter lasted a month.


  • Imagine that, every month we need to buy an entire fleet for the world.


  • And that was not green.


  • And it created an enormous amount of shipping cost, manufacturing cost, upstream and ultimately it created problems in terms of end of life of our scooters and e-bikes.

    そして、膨大な輸送コスト、製造コスト、上流工程でのコストが発生し、最終的にはスクーターや E-BIKE の寿命が尽きるという問題が発生しました。

  • And so we found manufacturing partners that can build scooters and e-bikes that last four years, five years, rather than a month.

    そこで、1カ月ではなく、4年、5年と使えるスクーターや E-BIKE を製造できるパートナーを探したのです。

  • We also then said, ok, it's not just how long it lasts, it also depends on how many of the parts we can reuse.


  • And so we started to say, let's redesign our entire e-bikes and e-scooters so that if a scooter does break, we can take it apart and reuse many parts of that scooter.

    そこで、スクーターが壊れても、分解して多くの部品を再利用できるように、E-Bike や E-Scooter 全体の設計を見直そうということになったのです。

  • We started to use a swappable battery technology.


  • Not only does it increase the life, it also reduces the number of trips we have to take back and forth to actually support our fleet.


  • We're constantly working to reduce the amount of waste that we actually send to landfill.


  • As our batteries get to the end of life, they may not have sufficient charge to power an e-bike, but that battery can still power many, many things.

    バッテリーが寿命を迎えると、e-bike を動かすのに十分な充電量が得られないかもしれません。しかし、そのバッテリーはまだ多くのものを動かすことができます。

  • We started partnering with a portable speaker maker, and we take that battery that today doesn't have enough juice to power somebody on a scooter and we turn it into the battery for the portable speaker,


  • and it extends and it recycles into that life.


  • A lot of these things wouldn't be part of our direct carbon emissions, but we care about it because the thing that we have to count is the true end-to-end life cycle of our products.


  • When I look across all these things, it's not one thing, it's not two things, it's 100 little actions we do.


  • And it starts with understanding and measuring our own environmental impact and challenging ourselves to do better.


  • We have to work at building a future of transportation that is shared, affordable, but most importantly, carbon-free.


The number one source of carbon emissions in the United States is coming from transportation.


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