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  • The only thing you have to know about the iPhone 6 plus is that is a big iPhone. Really big iPhone.

  • After years of mocking samsung and other super name giant phones, Apple’s finally came to clear the demands of the normal screen.

  • And it turns out that the iPhone with a huge screen is pretty great!

  • The iPhone 6 plus is enormous.

  • Although it’s similar size of the Galaxy Note 3, it feels bigger than the Samsung when you hold it.

  • It’s taller and thinner and getting your hand all the way around isn't easy.

  • Between the size and the slippery-curve aluminum edges, I prefer using an Apple’s leather case.

  • This might be the first iPhone that is better in the case, actually.

  • I’m not a big fan of the weird antenna lines and protruding camera lens at the back at the phone, and the case hide all those things nicely.

  • Of course, the reason that this thing is so big is the 5.5 inch 1920 by 1080 retina HD display, which looks fantastic.It’s the highest pixel density screen Apple’s ever shipped on a phone.

  • And it’s definitely brighter and sharper than the previous retina displays.

  • It’s not as supersaturated as Samsung screens but it looks far more accurate, especially when you're taking photos.

  • Until apps updated to support of the bigger screen, you can definitely see some fuzziness since your phone just makes everything about it all gets bigger.

  • Even the menu bar gets bigger, which makes it feel like you're using a phone for old people.

  • Blown up apps looks fine for most part, but some get pretty fuzzy-looking. Gmail is particularly bad.

  • But I expect much software developers to update their apps really soon.

  • But you don't need these updated apps to appreciate the screen right away.

  • It’s just so big and gorgeous, and browsing webs and watching video on it is a joy.

  • Videos, in particular, is terrific. I watch the packer’s game for couple hours in the six-plus and never thought about switching to a TV.

  • It’s that good!

  • Of course watching video on any big screen phone is great.

  • So it’s up to Apple to figure out how to take better advantage of this new size.

  • It’s in between an iPhone and iPad. It’s starting slowly.

  • Apps are all updated for a bigger screen to take advantages of the new features that make the iPhone 6 plus almost like a smaller iPad.

  • There’s a new two column in landscape that shows you more information in various apps,

  • and a new landscape keyboard includes air keyboard and dedicated cut, copy, and paste buttons.

  • It’s all very useful, even the icon, mis-pasted button, is terrible.

  • Seriously, this is awful. Come on!

  • Once that all apps are taking advantage of the size properly, I can't see ever using my iPad mini again.

  • The iPhone 6 plus is almost as big, has an awesome screen, also my phone, which is a huge advantage.

  • And iPhone 6 plus battery seems to last forever.

  • If you're a frequent traveler, the 6 plus is no-brainer.

  • The six plus also has a killer new camera, which is now so good that I can't imagine using a point-shoot camera ever again.

  • It’s still 8 mega-pixels but Apple’s added what it calls focus-pixels for faster focusing.

  • It really works!This thing takes pictures fast. It can also take 240 frames per second slow-motion-video, which is awesome.

  • And the six plus has optical image stabilization, which makes it even better in low light than the iPhone 6.

  • It’s just an amazing little camera.

  • But apart from the huge screen and terrific camera grades, the iPhone 6 plus is still very much an iPhone.

  • iOS8 offers a wealth of new improvements of the basic experience of using iPhone, but there’s nothing drastically new here.

  • Apple Pay looks like you'll be the first successful mobile payment system ever, but it’s not ruling out for a month or so.

  • And new features like wifi calling and voice of LTE might finally bring voice calling into the modern era. 

  • But the carriers have to support first.
 So right now, the iPhone 6 plus’s really just an iPhone with the huge screen.

  • If there’s what you are looking for, you should get one. You won't regret it.

  • But eventually, the iPhone 6 plus is a potential to be much more.

  • After being on a road for a few days, I found myself using it for everything.

  • My laptop, my iPad remain safely tucked away in my back.

  • This is the future founds into future Samsung and others have been chasing for a while.

  • The iPhone 6 plus might be late to the game, but it’s off to a great start.

The only thing you have to know about the iPhone 6 plus is that is a big iPhone. Really big iPhone.


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