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For centuries, Apple has been creating the absolute best in personal electronics. And
today, we are doing more of that stuff. We are excited to announce the release of
a new version of your favorite plastic square. We call it the new iPhone. And we also call
it the iPhone Air, but more importantly, you call it the iPhone 6.
If your tiny head hasnt already imploded with this spontaneous release, well get ready,
because we're announcing two different iPhones today.
Incredible. Am I right? We've added so many new features to this new
iphone, but we only have time to discuss 4. Both new iPhones come in two different screen
sizes. The first comes in an all new 4.7 inch sapphire
display. This phone is not plagued by the same issues
that other phones of this size are riddled with because it was made by us.
The sapphire display is harder than anything your phone will come in contact with in your
pockets. Like keys or, other stuff. It wont even scratch in the event you it blocks
a potential stabbing. And for you in the wealthy 1 percentile, we
even added an option for a diamond display. The second iPhone is much larger display for
all you phablet lovers. Actually all we did was add a cell chip inside
an existing iPad mini. No one will know the difference, and we saved
a ton of money doing it. The iPhones are now waterproof for any of
your new wet experiences. Drop your iPhone in the toilet? No big deal,
just hose it off in the backyard. Your kid spill spaghetti on it? No problem,
just toss it in the dish washer. We have heard our users loud and clear. Finally
after they shut up and we were able to think straight, we added more customizability to
the iPhone. Users love how you can customize the Android
OS, but all that is just confusing crap. What about customizing the hardware.
So we're introducing customizable home buttons. You can choose from over 7 different emojis
to reflect current your mood. Choose wisely, cause your choice is permanent at the time
of purchase. One of our final innovations we've added to
the new iPhone is something you have all been waiting for.
NFC. Yes. Thats right. Not to be confused with Near Field Communications of which the
technology is years away, NFC stands for No Face Crumbs.
We found users using the iPhone camera as a portable mirror. We now made the screen
hyper reflective, so you can see yourself better than ever.
You can pre-order these new iPhones right now before their scheduled release in 6 months
time. What is great is that we have entirely new
aggressive price points for these new devices. The new iPhones start at just 399 with a 5
year contract. Once again Apple changes the game.
But theres one more thing. We have added new facial recognition software
to instantly recognize if you are a high profile celebrity and automatically share your private
phones from iCloud to your favorite social networks.
Nudes for everyone. You're welcome. Hey guys, hoped you liked that video, if you
did, give it a big like, and subscribe, because I make sketches weekly, there are some right
there, check them out! And don't forget to follow me on twitter for
my random musings, okay. High five.


Introducing the iPhone 6

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