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  • by the light not the dark but the light of the silvery moon, not the sun but the moon hug and kiss.


  • Welcome to watch Mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 rejected actors that became successful.

    ようこそ、watch Mojoへ!今日は、私たちが選んだ「成功した不合格俳優トップ10」をカウントダウンしてみましょう。

  • I've been in this game a long time.


  • I'm not in it for a record.


  • I'll tell you that for this list will be looking at notable stars who were denied opportunities before achieving prominence in the film and TV industry.


  • Are you surprised by any of these rejections?


  • Let us know in the comments number 10 Scarlett Johansson as an aspiring child actress and 11 year old Johansson auditioned for the role of Judy in Jumanji.


  • She lost out on the part to Kirsten Dunst but didn't let the early rejection stop her.


  • I mean you act like I don't even live in that house anymore.


  • A few years later, Johansson went on to land a starring role in the horse whisperer, a film that gained her wider popularity with an impressive performance under her belt.


  • She scored plenty of other opportunities in acclaimed films like Girl with a pearl earring.


  • That's just one of the many roles that garnered Johansson acclaim before achieving icon status as Black Widow.


  • Are you kidding?


  • I'm working.


  • I'm in the middle of an interrogation.


  • This moron is giving me everything as the emcee use badass superhero.


  • She proved her range as an actress worthy of the Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations she's garnered.


  • I made a name for myself.


  • I have a very specific skill set.


  • Number nine brad pitt it's no secret that brad Pitt has always had the good looks.

    9位 ブラッド・ピット ブラッド・ピットが常に美貌を誇っていることは周知の事実である。

  • Casting directors often look for back in the nineties, his attractiveness was evident in a flirty Thelma and Louise role and I just kind of walked on in and I'd say late, ladies gentlemen, let's see who wins the prize for keeping their cool Simon says everybody down on the floor.


  • But Pitt was not yet known for what else he had to offer.


  • His handsome charm and a lackluster audition weren't enough to snag him the lead role in a backdraft part of how commissioners wrecking this department but kept at it and showed the world that he was much more than a pretty face in films like seven starring alongside an impressive cast and earning positive reception.


  • The film was a turning point for the actor who was in the bar because I envy your normal life.


  • It seems that envy is my sin, What's in the box?


  • He rose to global fame in the 2000s, filling many notable movie roles and raking in a laundry list of awards and nominations.


  • # eight Henry Cavil Cavil initially gained recognition with a leading role in the Tudors, but he had yet to score his breakout gig in film will never happen again.

    # 8位 ヘンリー・カビル カビルは当初、『チューダーズ』の主役で知名度を上げたが、映画でブレイクすることは二度とないだろう。

  • He was lined up to start in superman fly by but was devastatingly replaced.


  • Cavil also lost out on the part of Edward in twilight due to his age, but his big moment would come in 2011 when the producer of Man of Steel chose cavil as the perfect fit too play superman.


  • Since then, cavil has become a famous face of the DC extended universe who continues to enjoy success in a variety of film and tv genres.


  • He might not have been the heartthrob vampire, but we're sure he was satisfied as the legendary superhero.


  • Instead I am what they say I am number seven Winona Ryder 1994 was a busy year for Ryder explain to a doctor that the laws of physics can be suspended.


  • What goes up may not come down though she had a respectable resume of movie roles, she was rejected for a main part in the Hudsucker proxy.


  • She was admittedly bummed over the lost opportunity but just months later she was cast as jo March in the critically acclaimed Little Women.


  • So who are you staring at you actually?


  • What what game were you playing?


  • I don't know, but I think I want things only went up from there as the actress received an Academy Award nomination for her portrayal of joe and earned plenty of other prominent lead roles in films continue to be a star in the industry with a tv presence as well, making appearances in renowned series like Stranger Things, She is now a name known around the world and routinely showcases her versatility.


  • I know, I know just just watch number six jennifer Aniston at a young age.


  • Aniston knew that she wanted to be an actress okay because this is where I want to be OK no more.


  • I don't want to mess this up again.


  • Her pursuit began in the eighties when she appeared in failed tv series.


  • She lost out on the part of Mia in pulp fiction and struggled to land her big break.


  • Feeling defeated.


  • She asked Warren Littlefield of NBC if her dreams would become reality.


  • They certainly did when Aniston was cast as Rachel in the hugely successful friends.


  • Oh God, Monica, Hi thank God, I just wonder you're building and you weren't there.


  • And then this guy with a big hammer said that you might be here and you are you are the role gained the actress worldwide popularity and Emmy and Golden Globe Awards with a known name and proven talent.


  • She starred in films like We're the Millers and cake her role in.

    We're the Millers』などの映画に主演し、『Cake her role in.

  • The latter was deemed an award worthy performance that showcased their ability to be much more than a sitcoms.


  • Funny leading lady, how's it going?


  • I'm doing really well.


  • Number five Chadwick Boseman after delivering a convincing breakout performance as Jackie Robinson in 42 Bozeman had made a respectable name for himself.


  • He then set his sights on a role in the M.


  • C.


  • You auditioning for Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy.


  • Well sometimes that's the way it works as an actor you go in knowing you're not gonna get it, but you're meeting and the people that you know they might be like it's not this, but we'll put him in this other thing.


  • The actor was rejected in favor of Dave Batista but marvel kept bozeman in mind for a future role.


  • He was later offered the titular part in Black panther, a blockbuster hit that would skyrocket him to ultimate fame.


  • Only reason I don't kill you where you stand is because I know who you are, what do you want though.

    お前を殺さないのは お前の正体を知っているからだ 何がしたいんだ?

  • His life was devastatingly cut short.


  • Bozeman was an adored marvel favorite who would reprise the Charla in a few films often cited as inspirational, game changing and revolutionary Bozeman undoubtedly left his mark in the industry as an incredible actor and person.


  • Number four Lucille ball with a dream to be a star in the entertainment industry.


  • A young Lucille ball enrolled in a dramatic arts school.


  • We will not be dancing together smarty, we will have dates, we will, Oh we will, we will.


  • She experienced rejection and criticism early on as her instructors told her that she didn't have what it takes, but ball didn't let those opinions stop her.


  • She scored her first credited role in chatterbox and appeared in a variety of shows though, none earned her the stardom she sought.


  • Now are you going to dessert Me in my hour need despite being referred to as a Hollywood B Lister, she achieved icon status thanks to her appraisal of the lead in, I love lucy a sitcom.


  • She co created demonstrating creativity through her production, comedic and acting talents.


  • She received an abundance of Accolades and induction into the Television Hall of Fame.


  • Well, thank you very much.


  • Number three Sidney Poitier, a teenage poitier arrived in new york with $3 and a dream.

    3位 シドニー・ポワチエ 10代のポワチエは3ドルと夢を持ってNYにやってきた。

  • His first audition was a crushing failure as the director told the aspiring actor to instead get a job as a dishwasher.


  • But the rejection served as motivation.


  • Later nailed an audition that earned him his breakout role in Blackboard Jungle.


  • Sure Chief, that's what I've been doing all the time.


  • He followed it up with a stellar performance in the defiant ones for which he was nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award.


  • The first black actor to achieve such an you married to me all right joker and here's the ring, but I ain't going south on no honeymoon now.


  • He continued to start in many other films while racking an impressive set of accolades.


  • Having passed in early 2022 left a legacy as a massively successful Trailblazer who opened doors for other black actors in the industry.


  • I don't believe you're stealing your own diamonds at least of all night in your Pajamas.


  • Why the heck don't you tell us what's going on?


  • Number two, Meryl Streep.

    2位 メリル・ストリープ

  • Who are you?


  • My name is Andy Sachs.


  • I recently graduated from Northwestern University and what are you doing here By the time she was in her twenties, Streep had a resume of stage appearances and decided to pursue big screen opportunities.

    ノースウェスタン大学を最近卒業したんだけど、ここで何してるの? 20代になる頃には、ストリープは舞台出演の経歴を持ち、大作映画への出演を目指すことにしたのです。

  • She auditioned for the lead role in King kong but fell to get a call back as if that wasn't defeating enough for the film's producer called the actress ugly despite the cruel rejection.


  • Streep wasn't deterred and landed her first feature role in Julia.


  • Did do you know about the Mcphee boy?


  • The little one he was killed in spain?


  • Imagine having your brother die a communist from there.


  • She went on to become a prominent actress in highly successful films including the devil wears Prada Mamma Mia and more recently, little women, whether a powerful diva, captivating singer, wealthy aunt or any other character she takes on Streep can do it all Her endless accolades.

    彼女は強力な歌姫、魅惑的な歌手、裕福な叔母または彼女が取る他の文字かどうか、ストリープはそれをすべて行うことができ、プラダ マンマミーアと最近では、小さな女性を身に着けている悪魔を含む非常に成功した映画の著名女優になりました彼女の無限の称賛を。

  • Speak for themselves.


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  • Number one Harrison Ford Before Ford was the legendary actor he is today, he was an aspiring hopeful met with harsh rejection.

    1位 ハリソン・フォード フォードが今のように伝説的な俳優になる前、彼は厳しい拒絶に遭いながら、希望に満ちた存在だった。

  • His very first role was a bellhop in Dead Heat on a merry go round in which he barely had any lines as a newbie in the industry who was essentially unknown Ford was told that he didn't have movie star quality.


  • He was denied big roles in the graduate and midnight Cowboy but eventually scored the ultimate opportunity as han Solo in Star Wars.


  • You've never heard of the millennium falcon.


  • Apart from this iconic character, Ford nabbed the recognizable role of indiana jones and served as a lead across genres.


  • He has enjoyed massive fame and success over the course of six decades and undoubtedly proved naysayers wrong.


  • Why did it have to be snakes?


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by the light not the dark but the light of the silvery moon, not the sun but the moon hug and kiss.


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落選した俳優の中から成功した俳優トップ10 (Top 10 REJECTED Actors That Became Successful)

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