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  • When you hear stories of pets saving people from house fires, it's a dog that's the hero.


  • But this time it was the family parrot.


  • Welcome to watch Mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 animals who saved people's lives.

    ようこそwatch Mojoへ!今日は、人の命を救った動物トップ10をカウントダウンします。

  • But God sent us.


  • It was a miracle that Lulu saved my life for this list will be looking at animals, whether wild or domestic that rescued humans, which animal rescuer story touched you the most let us know in the comments number 10, a chihuahua saves a baby from a rattlesnake toddlers take about half a nanosecond to get into trouble.


  • If you blink too slowly, they can suddenly be on the roof of the house or in this case in the crosshairs of a rattlesnake attack.


  • Well on a visit to his grandparents house in colorado, one year old Booker West was innocently playing in the backyard supervised by adults.


  • Of course.


  • However, a rattlesnake presumably concealed by the grass had slithered its way up and attempted to lunge at the toddler sensing the danger.


  • Pet chihuahua Zoe jumped between the child and the snake taking the brunt of the attack.


  • The dog was treated for a rattlesnake bite and lived to see another day and most likely a lot of treats.


  • Number nine, a parrot saves a family from a house fire famous not for the pretty ring around per lease neck or fancy words he uses, but famous for saving his owner's life.

    9位 オウムが住宅火災から家族を救う リースの首の周りのきれいなリングや彼が使う派手な言葉ではなく、彼の飼い主の命を救ったことで有名です。

  • Apparently parents can do more than repeat your profanities and strut around like they own the place in fort Lauderdale in 2014 a couple was soundly sleeping at 3:45 a.m. When they were both awakened by the cries of Pearly.


  • The indian ring necked parrot Pearly was furiously flapping his wings and squawking, clearly distressed Burt sounded as if it wasn't fear for his life.


  • It was a really desperate scream.


  • I thought it was tangled up in a cage and injured.


  • It turned out a fire had broken out in the couple's laundry room and it was quickly spreading.


  • The parrot warning preceded the fire detector.


  • Sounding birds are notoriously sensitive to smoke and in this case this affliction likely saved a couple's lives.


  • And it's funny, the parrot's owner says the rest of the family really didn't like the bird.


  • All that Number eight horse saves a woman from an attack.


  • There are many dangers that come with life on a farm, Though they may seem less likely to kill someone, cows kill approximately 20 people per year in the us alone.


  • When she got me down, she broke all my ribs on this side of my body.


  • In 2014 on a farm near Castle Douglas Scotland.


  • Fiona Boyd was transferring a calf to another barn with the mother cow following the cow felt that her child was threatened and attacked Boyd coming dangerously close to crushing her under her £1300.

    Fiona Boydは子牛を母牛と一緒に別の牛舎に移していたのですが、牛は自分の子供が脅かされていると感じてBoydに襲いかかり、彼女の1300ポンドの下敷きになるという危険な状態になりました。

  • Boyd's horse Kerry gold rushed over and started to kick the cow with her hind legs until it backed off.


  • Boyd was mildly injured, but came out relatively unscathed thanks to her equine friend.


  • Good Number seven dolphins save a woman from sharks.


  • Dolphins got more lovable.


  • With this 1972 incident after South African woman, even Vladislav Ich, survived a shipwreck off the coast of Mozambique.


  • She was forced to swim 25 miles to shore.


  • The waters were teeming with sharks and Vladislav.


  • It had cut her foot and was bleeding.


  • She claims that two dolphins came to her rescue and protected her from shark attacks until she reached safety atop a buoy.


  • When people are in trouble, dolphins are supposed to ward off sharks.


  • They repel with high speed blows.


  • The dolphins even helped her stay afloat when she felt weak.


  • Stories also tell of them saving people from drowning, bringing them to the surface as though aware of the danger.


  • They're in number six.


  • A dog rescues its family from carbon monoxide poisoning.


  • Dogs are beloved loyal companions and have proven so time and time again.


  • Dad says we shouldn't make him fetch the sunday paper.


  • Good good donkey.


  • In 2008, Arkansas woman Stacey Pitts was awakened by her one year old terrier Mix Miley, She tried to go back to sleep, but the little mutt was persistent and pits eventually woke up to realize she felt horribly nauseous and had a headache.


  • Her fiance awoke to find he was suffering the same symptoms and then went away.


  • His six year old daughter with some difficulty.


  • The trio called an ambulance and it was determined that the home had a carbon monoxide leak.


  • Miley was credited with saving the lives of her family and was awarded the National Hero Dog Award Number five.


  • A pig saves a woman having a heart attack.


  • In the late nineties, Joanne Holtzman was alone with her pets, an american Eskimo dog named bear and a pot bellied pig named lulu.


  • And most people have a dog or a cat that's under their feet but have 100 and £50 pot bellied pig.


  • All men suffered a heart attack and could not call for help.


  • Bear barked and panic, but lulu seemed to know what to do.


  • The pig raced out of the doggy door which was too small for her and scraped her belly as she passed.


  • She then ran out into the road and played dead and she noticed that she plays dead piggy where we lived.


  • The mailman feeds her, the school kids feed her like she's starving to death and she knows it works.


  • Lulu went back to check on Altman twice each time worsening her belly wounds.


  • After a while a motorist pulled over to check on the pig and lulu led him to Altman.


  • Altman survived after emergency heart surgery.


  • The heart surgeon told me 15 minutes more and I would have had no quality of life or I'd have died, but lulu came to the rescue number four, a pride of lions saves a kidnapped girl.


  • In 2005, A 12 year old Ethiopian girl was kidnapped and missing for a week.


  • The kidnappers had taken her in an attempt to make her marry one of them and she was badly beaten.


  • When law enforcement finally found her, she was surrounded by three lions.


  • It was presumed that they had stood guard for the young girl for at least half a day.


  • When the officers arrived, the giant cats seem to no help had come and made their way back into the forest.


  • Animals can sense danger, but this is really unusual as lions have been known to hunt and attack humans have given the chance.


  • One.


  • Wildlife experts speculated that the lions may have heard the girl crying which can resemble a lion cubs mewling Number three humpback whale saves a scientist from a shark.

    野生動物の専門家は、ライオンの子供の鳴き声に似た女の子の泣き声をライオンが聞いたのではないかと推測している 3頭のザトウクジラが科学者をサメから救う

  • It was like he had just seen the ghost.


  • So I knew something was up though.


  • It has been debated whether this seafaring mammal was aware of his rescue actions.


  • Marine biologist Nan Hauser credits a humpback whale with saving her life and or limbs.


  • At one point, he lifted me right up out of the water literally out of the water.


  • That was just I wasn't up there for too long before I was right back down underwater again as she was conducting underwater research near the cook Islands Houser was suddenly nudged by a £50,000 whale.


  • She went with the flow as the animal gently pushed her upwards toward the surface and attempted to shield her under its pectoral fin, he was trying to be gentle, but when he's trying to talk me under a spectral fin like this, it really hurt and I didn't want to go under his pectoral fin because I had a snorkel mask on.


  • She was definitely concerned as the whale could crush her to death should it nudge a little too hard.


  • Once Houser was aboard her boat, she noticed a 15-foot tiger shark lurking nearby.


  • Number two A gorilla saves a young boy on august 16th of 1996 a three year old boy at the Brookfield Zoo in Illinois, fell into the gorilla enclosure.

    その2 ゴリラが少年を救う 1996年8月16日、イリノイ州のブルックフィールド動物園で、3歳の少年がゴリラの囲いに落ちました。

  • A female gorilla named Binti ju approached the boy and picked him up in her arms.


  • The guys came in and started hosing the gorillas down, you know, keep trying to keep him away.


  • But there was one gorilla particularly that was kind of protecting over the little, she appeared to protect him by turning her shoulders to the other animals in the area while cradling him gently, bendy first cradled the boy who suffered bruises and abrasions and then took him to a surface door where zoo personnel could get to him.


  • The child was taken to the hospital and made a full recovery.


  • Experts speculated that the boy's unconscious state kept the situation calm differing from the 2016 Cincinnati Zoo incident which had a much sattar ending zoo under fire for shooting and killing an endangered gorilla instead of tranquilizing him after the animal dragged a child around, it's a closure.


  • The child had fallen into that enclosure.


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  • Number one, an elephant saves a girl from a tsunami in 2004.


  • A tsunami tour through the beaches and towns of Southern Thailand, killing thousands.


  • An eight year old british girl, Amber Owen was vacationing with her mother and stepfather at the Sheridan on the beach in Phuket.


  • There were elephants that would give the Children rides and Amber visited them daily bonding in particular with one named ning non.


  • She happened to be riding that elephant in particular on the morning of the tsunami and as the massive wave approached the animals sensed it.


  • You believe that he knew something?


  • Yeah, definitely.


  • I don't know how, but just the way he's pulling away to get off the beach with Amber on his back knowing knowing raced away from the shore, the tsunami reached land and the elephant pushed his way to a wall where Amber was able to climb to safety so that the elephant took you to somewhere that you could be safe, Which is the incredible part of the story.


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When you hear stories of pets saving people from house fires, it's a dog that's the hero.


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人の命を救った動物トップ10 (Top 10 Animals Who Saved People's Lives)

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