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  • believe me.


  • If I started murdering people, There'd be none of you left.


  • Welcome to watch Mojo.

    ようこそwatch Mojoへ。

  • And today we're taking a look at 10 disturbing interviews with killers.


  • We are all evil in some form or another for this list.


  • We're looking at instances where accused murderers chilled our bones with statements or body language during interviews.


  • Did any of these moments freak you out?


  • Let us know in the comments number 10 john Wayne Gacy the netflix documentary that john Wayne Gacy tapes did a lot to point out the notorious serial killers, sociopathic tendencies when it came to shifting blame for his accused crimes.


  • That this wasn't the first time evidence to that end has come out.


  • However, as documented by this piece from CBS news to Chicago back in 1992.


  • I don't believe in hitting hitting Children.


  • I don't believe in in spoiling a child either.


  • My my values are such that if you give enough love to the Children of murdering 33 kids and you say you didn't believe in hitting interviewer walter.


  • Jacobson doesn't need to do much talking in his encounter with gacy as it quickly becomes clear that the former pogo the clown is trying his best to present alibi after alibi for his innocence is not one that I killed.


  • So I don't know nothing about him.


  • Gacy himself is composed for the most part, although there is a moment where he demonstrates his infamous rope trick with a shoelace that echoes the methodology of his horrible crimes and you just turn this and I said because it's an attorney.


  • I said that's the only time I ever learned precisely the kind of not found on the ropes.


  • Number nine Ted Bundy time can change many things about a person, including how they behave while being interviewed.

    9位 テッド・バンディの時間は、インタビュー中の振る舞いなど、その人の様々なことを変えてしまう。

  • The Ted Bundy featured in a 1977 jailhouse interview from KUTV news appears more in line with the suave yet cold blooded reputation Bundy had among other notorious serial killers.


  • You feel that everything will turn out a lot that you are.


  • Do you still feel that more than ever.


  • He smiles a lot during the peace and displays body language that appears relaxed and almost happy.


  • I'm not guilty.


  • Does that, does that include the time I stole a comic book when I was five years old, Bundy keeps eye contact with his interview throughout most of their conversation and it's easy to become lulled into a false sense of security, which was exactly ted's intention.


  • If someone's crazy enough and not enough, do something like that, I can't stop him.


  • There's nothing I can do.


  • Fast forward to the night before his execution and we see a fearful and pensive Ted Bundy, a man seeking to shift blame for his crimes during his interview with christian conservative evangelist James Dobson, There are forces that loosen in this country, particularly again, this kind violent pornography.


  • Number eight Richard Ramirez, The night stalker Richard Ramirez maybe one of the most frightening serial killers of all time.

    ナンバー8 リチャード・ラミレス ナイトストーカー リチャード・ラミレス 史上最も恐ろしい連続殺人犯の一人だろう。

  • Not only due to the brutality of his crimes, but also the projected aura of what many perceive to be pure evil.


  • Yes, I am evil, Not 100%, but I am evil.


  • It's easy to see why during some of Ramirez's more notable interviews over the years, including one conducted with author Mike Watkiss, serial killers do on a small scale what governments do in the large one.


  • They are a product of the times and these are bloodthirsty times.


  • Ramirez is somewhat tense responses to Watkiss questioning imply a coiled rage and anger that's also exemplified by the night stalkers breathing as he seems to become annoyed with Watkiss.


  • I'll tell you what I gave up on love and happiness a long time ago.


  • Why I don't care to explain that.


  • Let the let the quote stand for itself.


  • Ramirez is comparatively more relaxed during a piece with Inside Edition, although that interview also hammers home the night stalker's obsession with satanism evil and the occult, I believe in the, in the evil in human nature, this is a wicked wicked world and in a wicked world, Wicked people are born.

    ラミレスはInside Editionのインタビューでは比較的リラックスしているが、そのインタビューでも夜のストーカーの悪魔崇拝とオカルトへの執着が強調されている。

  • Number seven, Edmund Kemper, there's something truly bone chilling about the matter of fact way in which the co ed killer.

    7位 エドマンド・ケンパー 共犯者の淡々とした話し方に、本当にゾッとさせられます。

  • Edmund Kemper describes his past in the 1981 documentary.


  • The killing of America, everything went towards killing him and I didn't, But I'm saying, Wow, it's uncanny, it was almost like it was meant to be that way and I said, Wow, this gotta stop Kemper's impressive intellect and well spoken nature belies the brutality of a man who committed his first murder at the age of 15 and it had been in a city, I would have been a mass murderer at age 15.

    アメリカを殺すこと、すべてが彼を殺すことに向かい、私はそうしなかった、しかし、私は言った、うわー、不気味だ、それはほとんどそのようになるように意図されているようだった、私は言った、うわー、これは止めなければならない ケンパーは印象的な知性とよく話す性格が、15歳で最初の殺人を犯した男の残忍性を裏切る、それが都市であれば、私は15歳で大量殺人犯になっていただろう。

  • I would have killed until they gunned me down.


  • I wouldn't have been able to reason my way out of it.


  • The killer even makes a self referential joke to his modus operandi of picking up Hitchhikers by putting on a pair of glasses and asking the camera whether they would get into a car with him.


  • Now, would you get in the car with this man?


  • Kemper's mental state comes across as perpetually active, like a bubbling pot of water about to boil over while the documentaries exploitative narration pushes the creep factor of this one.


  • Over the top.


  • I am an american and I killed americans.


  • I am a human being and I killed human beings.


  • I did it in my society, number six, Jeffrey Dahmer's, there's no barely repressed rage within the demeanor of Jeffrey Dahmer as he discusses his history with interviewer stone phillips and I acted on my fantasies and that's where everything went wrong.

    私は自分の社会でそれを行ったのです 6番 ジェフリー・ダーマー インタビュアーのストーン・フィリップスに自分の歴史を語るジェフリー・ダーマーの態度にはかろうじて抑圧された怒りはありません 私は自分の空想のままに行動し、そこですべてがうまくいかなかったのです。

  • Nor are there any wild headline grabbing theatrics instead.


  • Dahmer's quiet and soft spoken recounting of his horrible crimes lends the piece that much more power.


  • The only motive that there ever was, was to completely control a person, a person that I found physically attractive.


  • There's the power of shock as he discusses the failed attempts at creating living zombies with the remains of his victims.


  • Killing wasn't the objective.


  • I just wanted to have the person under my complete control.


  • There's also the power of how Dahmer's moments of shocking violence are undercut by the killers, regret for the decisions he made and the futility of what seemed to be a date with infamy and destiny.


  • Once it happened the first time, it just seemed like it had control of my life.


  • From there on in number five.


  • Gary ridgway.


  • Gary ridgway A.

    ゲイリー・リッジウェイ A.

  • K.


  • A.


  • The Green River killer was one of the most prolific of all american serial murderers would be my finger over my driver's license to hide my name, ridgway was also perhaps one of the most unrepentant, a sentiment that's placed front and center during any of his interviews, A picture of my son.


  • No, I was a normal person.


  • Take for example, one he did with FBI psychopathy profiler, mary Ellen O'toole, where he very calmly describes how he would gain the trust of his victims.


  • The only thing that would be better than that would be to have your son in the car with you.


  • That would be a incredible Reuss that happened once O'toole manages to get ridgway talking in depth about his past, his upbringing and the dozens of victims attributed to the Green River killer's rampage No four Charles Manson.


  • There has been a wealth of interview footage of Charles Manson released over the years, much of which can be used as evidence for the man's often unhinged persona.


  • Do you feel blame?


  • Are you mad?


  • Do you feel like?


  • And there's a lot of that here from this 1987 interview with today correspondent Heidi Shulman, I wouldn't do anything that I felt guilty about.


  • You don't feel guilty at all.


  • There's no need to feel guilty.


  • I haven't done anything I'm ashamed of.


  • However, there's also this intent to shatter the myth of Manson as a leader and this is aided by the visual of Manson's scattershot presence during the interview.


  • Maybe I should have killed four or 500 people than I would have felt better.


  • Then when I felt like I really offered society something.


  • Although the occasionally violent outbursts by Manson have been well documented in this piece, it's the more soft spoken soundbites that reveal more about the man's own admitted failures and shortcomings my awareness and my consciousness is not the same as somebody that goes to school and as a mom and dad see not having parents have left me in another dimension.


  • So to say number three, this tool, this interview with oddest tool is the stuff of nightmares.


  • There are a lot of reasons for this too, not the least of which is tools, explosive bursts of laughter and absolutely chilling smile.


  • Six are fire or I like those.


  • Additionally, there's the explicit nature of how tool describes his past crimes and how he and former associate and fellow killer, Henry lee Lucas seemed to easily disassociate the value of human life.


  • The grainy and blown out a v quality of this interview footage only seems to add to the feeling of grime and filth left over by tools, gleeful accounts and delivery just like that, drinking a cup of talk smoky safe.

    このインタビュー映像の粒状性と吹き出しa vの品質は、ちょうどそのようなトークスモーキーセーフのカップを飲んで、ツール、嬉々としてアカウントと配信によって残された汚れと汚れの感覚を追加するように見えるだけ。

  • Number two is a Segawa unlike the majority of our other entries, he says, Sagawa isn't technically a serial killer.

    2番は瀬川 他のエントリーの大半と違って、佐川は厳密には連続殺人犯ではないそうです。

  • However, this interview footage from Vice is too disturbing not to make our list.


  • Iowa's history and dark deeds are detailed in the documentary.


  • While himself describes the premeditated shooting and devouring of his classmate felt while he was living and studying in France.


  • Saga was obsessions are also detailed in the piece as well as the legal loopholes that allowed the killer to escape prison time for his actions.


  • Saga was quiet and fragile demeanor undercuts his words all spoken in equally hushed and inoffensive tones.


  • It is a frankly horrifying and unbelievable story.


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  • Number one Aileen Wuornos this interview with Aileen Wuornos on the eve of her execution is disturbing for a number of reasons, I'm okay, I'm okay.

    1位 Aileen Wuornos この処刑前夜のAileen Wuornosのインタビューは、様々な理由で不穏な空気を漂わせています。

  • God is going to be, there is christ going to be there all the angels and everything for starters, there are the crimes for which he was convicted but there are also the stories Eileen tells about her treatment in prison.


  • They had, they had the intercom on in the room and they kept lying that it wasn't on and they were using sonic pressure on my head since 1997.


  • Her accusations of sonic torment and food tampering, speak to her paranoia and mental state during this time and then one day I didn't wash my food off and I was sick for three weeks, almost died, A state that gradually reaches a fever pitch during the interview, thanks a lot, I lost my life because of it.


  • I couldn't even get a fair trial face as she directly addresses.


believe me.


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