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  • I am daniel barenboim and i would like

  • to welcome you to a new sequence of

  • Five Minutes on the Moonlight Sonata of Beethoven.

  • The Moonlight Sonata of Beethoven is

  • one of - probably - one of the most popular

  • pieces ever written. And it is amazing

  • that the title was not given by the

  • composer himself.

  • Whoever invented it, invented it for

  • eternity but it is not from Beethoven.

  • In fact it is one of the reasons why the

  • piece is in my view so often played in a

  • very artificial manner: dreamy, moonlight...

  • If the beginning is dreamy and reminds

  • someone of the moonlight why not?

  • But the minute you get this new voice

  • which is a marshal - slow but marshal

  • In fact it is not uninteresting to

  • compare this with the music that Mozart

  • wrote in Don Giovanni -in his opera Don Giovanni

  • where Don Giovanni stabs the

  • commendatory, he falls to the ground

  • wounded and then comes the music

  • It's exactly the same. I think - I'm not

  • sure but I think - somebody told me once

  • that in Beethoven's sketches there were a

  • few bars of Don Giovanni written and

  • then simply transposed semitone - means a

  • semitone higher and then you have the

  • beginning of the Moonlight Sonata. Instead of

  • you have

  • Maybe it has something to do

  • with death, who knows.

  • This is a kind of funeral march rhythm

  • This is why I prefer a rather steady and

  • marshall rhythm together with this soft accompaniment.

  • In any case right or wrong

  • it has become one of the most popular

  • pieces and was in my youth - every second concert.

  • Now as if people are a little

  • tired of it

  • it's not so often played.

  • The second movement of course has nothing to do with this.

  • The title Moonlight or what

  • I think is rather more a funeral music

  • has only to do with the first movement.

  • The second movement is a very...

  • very simple minuet or scherzo and the last movement is

  • very tempestuous

  • And the movement ends in total acceleration.

  • Thank you for watching these five

  • minutes on the Moonlight Sonata of

  • Beethoven and if you have any comments

  • I would be very happy to read them and

  • maybe reply to them in the later sequence

  • Thank you very much

I am daniel barenboim and i would like


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5 Minutes On... Beethoven - The Moonlight Sonata (C# minor) | Daniel Barenboim [subtitulado]

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