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  • it's not sad.


  • Welcome to watch Mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 rock, one hit wonders for this list will be looking at the most notable rock bands who achieved significant success with a single track in the United States.


  • We realized that some of these stars did release other music that's charted, but we're basing our picks on them.


  • Being primarily known for one hit, which of these one hit wonders, is your favorite, Let us Know in the comments Number 10, Harvey danger, flagpole sit up.

    主に一発屋として知られるこれらの一発屋、あなたのお気に入りはどれですか? コメントで教えてください 第10位 ハーヴィー危険、旗竿を立てる

  • Some one hit wonders are products of their musical climates, while others serve as a reaction to those climates, Harvey Danger speaks of a post grunge disaffection with a sarcastic sense of humor and biting wit with this song and they deliver that message with some killer grooves.

    一発屋はその音楽的風土の産物であり、その風土に対する反動である。Harvey Dangerはこの曲でポスト・グランジへの不満を皮肉なユーモアと痛烈なウィットで語り、そのメッセージをいくつかのキラー・グルーヴとともに届けた。

  • Flagpole Sitta rages with an energy that's infectious.


  • While frontman Shawn nelson is intelligent and magnetic, bringing to mind at times the delivery of Bad religion's Greg graf in Harvey Danger.

    フロントマンのShawn nelsonは知的で魅力的で、Bad religionのGreg grafがHarvey Dangerで見せたような話し方を思い起こさせるところがある。

  • Never again achieved a single with the same sort of buzz as flagpole Sitta, but perhaps it's for the best as Lightning was never going to strike twice with this sort of alternative rock magic.


  • Number nine.


  • The knack, My Sharona new wave music had a lot of memorable faces throughout the late 19 seventies into the 19 eighties and just as many hit singles to boot, the knack always felt like they had more fuel left in their creative tank though.


  • It makes it all the more surprising that they're primarily known only for their hit, My Sharona, but what a hit.


  • It was all guitar driven pop rock glory.


  • That was a little punk, a little radio friendly and fully ready for mass consumption.


  • The nac did earn some charting singles in the U.


  • S.


  • After my Sharona ruled the airwaves.


  • But only Good Girls don't made its presence known just outside the top 10.

    しかし、「Good Girls don't」だけはトップ10圏外に存在感を示している。

  • Number eight.


  • Your eye a heap.


  • Easy Living heavy progressive rock has always been more of an album format genre as opposed to one driven by charting hit singles.


  • England's Uriah heep buck.

    イングランドのUriah heepのバック。

  • This trend with a song that achieved surprising success back in 1972.


  • Easy Living was the band's only flirtation with mainstream success in the United States.


  • It's a hard driving rocker that sounds tailor made to shake stadiums and blow out boomboxes.


  • A small handful of the group's other singles limped onto low positions on the billboard hot 100 but none of them have had remotely the same amount of impact as Easy Living.

    このグループの他のシングルは、ビルボードホット100の下位に甘んじているが、Easy Livingほどのインパクトはないだろう。

  • But we don't think it matters much to your eye a heap since the riff lords haven't let it stop them from doing their thing on tour.


  • Number seven.


  • This teenage dirtbag teenage dirtbag is undoubtedly the best known song from the new york band wettest in America but the tracks chart success was actually more impressive in countries like Australia Belgium and Germany.

    このteenage dirtbag teenage dirtbagは、アメリカでは間違いなくニューヨークのバンドwettestの曲として知られているが、実はこの曲はオーストラリアやベルギー、ドイツといった国々でより素晴らしいチャート成功を収めた。

  • We just saw a teenage dirtbag.


  • Hit the number one and two slots in those countries.


  • While the song only managed to squeak in at 124 in the U.


  • S.


  • Still, this takes nothing away from the quirky vocal delivery and heartfelt lyrics about life as a lonely adolescent metal head in a small minded town Teenage Dirtbag gave the band a taste of success in the states and gave us a great song to Jam two witnesses.


  • Follow up single, a little respect didn't achieve the success of its predecessor, worldwide.

    続くシングル、a little respectは世界的に前作のような成功は収められなかった。

  • Number six King Harvest Dancing in the Moonlight, You may know the song, but do you know who sings it?

    6位 キングハーベスト 月明かりの下で踊る、この曲は知っていても、誰が歌っているのか知っていますか?

  • We get it on.


  • Dancing in the moonlight is something of a classic rock staple, a tune that can even be heard on supermarket muzak stations if you're shopping at a cool supermarket.


  • Still not many of the songs, casual fans are aware that King Harvest who recorded a cover of the song were actually a fairly soulful and energetic rock band in their own right, verified you can, Dancing in the moonlight hits right away with a memorable opening melody before diving headfirst into a soulful and funky bit of Excellence.

    この曲のカバーを録音したキングハーベストが、実はかなりソウルフルでエネルギッシュなロックバンドであることは、まだあまり知られていませんが、検証してみると、「Dancing in the moonlight」は、印象的なオープニングメロディですぐにヒットし、ソウルフルでファンキーなエクセレンスのビットへ真っ先に飛び込むのです。

  • King Harvest may not have had another song reached the heights of this one, but dancing in the moonlight remains an all time classic number five fountains of wayne Stacy's mom, we're not going to pretend at the video for Stacy's mom didn't garner fountains of wayne, tons of attention, thanks to a memorable appearance from supermodel Rachel Hunter That said the song is catchy as all get out so we totally can hear why it became a hit on its own musical merit, securing the number 21 spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

    このように、"憧れ "の存在である "憧れ "を実現するために、"憧れ "を実現するために、"憧れ "を実現するために、"憧れ "を実現するために、"憧れ "を実現するために、"憧れ "を実現するために.........!!!!!! その憧れとは.....!!!!!!!?

  • It was fountain of Wayne's first and last real hit.


  • Only the band's earlier single, radiation vibe, made a low appearance at number 71 on the billboard radio songs chart.

    バンドの先行シングル「radiation vibe」だけがビルボード・ラジオ・ソング・チャートで71位と低空飛行を続けた。

  • Still, you can do a lot worse than having Stacy's Mom is your calling card, right?


  • Number four ugly kid joe.

    4番 ブサイク・キッド・ジョー

  • Everything about you ugly kid joe is extremely good at mixing heavy riffs with funky bass and sardonic lyrics, nowhere is that more obvious than in their smash hit single.

    ヘビーなリフにファンキーなベース、そして辛辣な歌詞をミックスすることにかけては、Ugly Kid Joeのすべてが非常に優れており、それは彼らの大ヒットシングルほど明らかなものはない。

  • Everything about you, released in their debut ep, as ugly as they wanna be and subsequently heard in Wayne's World, It's a breakup song with a snarling sense of humor.

    デビューEPで発表された「Everything about you」は、「As ugly as they wanna be」、その後「ウェインズ・ワールド」でも聴かれた、いびつなユーモアのある別れの歌だ。

  • I hate you blending hard rock with pop.


  • The number is instantly recognizable and for good reason, Whitfield Crane might be one of the more underrated singers of his generation and ugly kid joe's musical credentials are never in doubt, especially when it comes to this rock song.


  • Everything you number three Ram Jam, Black Betty ram Jam like to rock ram Jam, like to roll ram jam also like to boogie and that's where Black Betty comes into the picture.


  • The song was the new york based bands only brush with chart success, but it made them something of an infamous example of 19 seventies arena rock access.


  • Black Betty is the sort of boogie tune that's memorable.


  • Easy to sing along to and airy enough to just exist for the good times.


  • You dig the lamb, you know that it's a great combination of traits to be sure and the lack of public interest in Ram Jam afterward gave credence to the idea that perhaps Black Betty was all the record buying faithful needed bam number two Thin Lizzy.


  • The boys are back in town called the story of rock's unsung heroes, the band whose influence continues to permeate hard rock and heavy metal despite not burning up the U.


  • S.


  • Charts during their initial run, we're talking about thin Lizzy.


  • Of course, their jailbreak album got the attention of american audiences mainly due to the all time Epic Jam, The Boys are back in town.


  • If you've heard it, you understand why?


  • As you can imagine, the band seemed poised to make it big in the states afterward, but it ultimately wasn't meant to be.


  • Don't feel too bad though.


  • Thin Lizzy had more success in areas like the UK and their native Ireland.


  • Before we unveil our topic here are a few honorable mentions that may not have been number one on the charts, but we're number one in our hearts E.


  • M.


  • F.


  • Unbelievable.


  • It's worth it for the.


  • Andrew dice clay sample alone.


  • Unbelievable, green jelly three little pigs, erotic punk rock with an infamous video.


  • Yeah.


  • L seven, pretend we're dead, powerful and influential grunge greatness, Question Mark and the Mysterion 96 Tears.

    L seven、死んだふり、パワフルで影響力のあるグランジの偉大さ、クエスチョンマークとミステリオン96ティアーズ。

  • A prime example of garage rock 96 years.


  • Blind melon.


  • No rain.


  • An epic alternative rock anthem.


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  • Number one living color cult of personality.


  • Sure.


  • This immensely talented group from new york city has seen other songs hit positions within the 1st 50 of the billboard Hot 100.


  • But even diehard fans of the band might be hard pressed to defend against the notion that cult of personality is living colors defining tune, it's electric right from the get go as vernon Reid lets loose with that iconic opening riff.


  • Then it's time for vocalist Corey glover to howl some fiery political lyrics with soul and passion to spare.


  • It's a mixture of funky vocals and spitfire guitar work and the result is a magic moment where inspiration and perspiration combined.


  • It's no wonder it achieved noteworthy chart success.


  • Did you enjoy this video?


it's not sad.


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