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  • Hey guys it's Ash here with watch mojo and these are the top 10 overpowered dragon ball moments.


  • But this list, we're going over the moments from the dragon Ball franchise when characters display overwhelming power and quickly defeat their opponents.


  • If there's an O.


  • P.


  • D.


  • Be seen that needs to be on our list ASAP let us know in the comments and if there's another dragon ball list you want to see, go to my twitter Ash Jabo and let me know number 10 Virginia to one punches Frost.


  • Dragon ball Super freezer is one of dragon balls, most heinous villains.


  • However, his universe six equivalent Frost appears to be more benevolent at least at first during the Tournament of destroyers.


  • Frost is gradually revealed to be using underhanded tactics like poison that nearly get him disqualified.


  • Huh?


  • Okay.


  • However vegeta is never one to back down from a challenge.


  • He decides to fight Frost anyway the to charge at each other and the proud Zion only needs a single punch to knock Frost into the dome and out the ring.


  • You make me sick.


  • Yeah and according to vegeta, he was holding back on a flex.


  • Number nine freezer blows up Planet vegeta, Dragon ball Z Bar Dog, the father of Goku.

    ナンバーナインフリーザーが惑星ベジータを爆破、ドラゴンボールZ バー犬、悟空の父。

  • We already touched on how awful freezer is.


  • Right well let's go into more detail during this Tv special whose father Bardach Linz that freezer intends to destroy the planet vegeta and maybe the prince and king of the same name, Bardach confronts freezer above his world and after tearing through a ton of the Tyrants Minions goes for the final blow.


  • Alas, with just one finger fraser creates a supernova that slowly grows and swallows box attack as well as the entirety of planet vegeta.


  • Plenty of characters in the franchise can destroy a planet, but freezer doing so with just one digit is a hell of a feat.


  • Number eight cell, no cells Krill in Dragonball Z cell achieving his perfection is a big moment unfortunately for krill in it absorbed his bay android 18 in order to make it happen, infuriated crillon attacks with all his power with no effect.


  • Perfect cell doesn't budge an inch as krill in and then trunks pummel him all over.


  • Even a destructive disk to the neck doesn't do more than make cell limber up a bit.


  • He then proceeds to kick krill in lightly, which nearly kills him.


  • Isn't just overpowered, he's perfect.


  • Number seven future trunks makes cold cuts Dragonball Z, a mysterious super sane from the future turning up is a pretty crazy event in and of itself, but what trunks does immediately upon arrival blows every minds arriving just in time to confront freezer and his father.

    ナンバー7未来のトランクスはコールドカットする ドラゴンボールZ、未来から回って神秘的な超正気は、それ自体がかなりクレイジーなイベントですが、到着時にトランクスがすぐに行うことは、フリーザーと彼の父に直面するちょうど時間に到着してすべての心を吹いています。

  • King Cold trunks promises to kill them both extremely quickly at that trunks catches one of freezers huge death balls and follows that up by cutting the villain in half and then tiny pieces.


  • He makes even shorter work of King Cold, two of the strongest antagonists in the franchise to their points and trunks makes them look like chumps, Number six, top torches, freezer.


  • Dragon ball Super freezer just can't catch a break.


  • Not that he should mind you.


  • During the Tournament of Power, Top engages in a beam struggle with android 17 appearing behind him, freezer torments the self proclaimed warrior of justice.


  • He soon comes to regret it though, as Top abandons his ideals and transforms into a god of destruction.


  • Although freezer is initially overconfidence, the power of destruction soon knocks the golden out of him only to conclude by nearly crushing his head.


  • Shortz help abandons his justice, but he still dispenses it.


  • Number five virus, destroys a Masu dragon ball Super.


  • The future trunks saga follows the machinations of Zama Sue, a supreme kai apprentice bent on the genocide of all mortals in future trunks is already ravaged timeline.


  • He nearly succeeds.


  • I have an invincible and the offensive power of Goku to eliminate all mortals in the present, Goku and company confront Zama Sue just as he's about to kill his mentor, Go ASU to steal his time ring before you can do so intervenes and the group exposes a masseuse plans.


  • The green chi is ready to fight Goku but vera steps in and with a mere touch and a word, he disintegrates the fallen god into nothingness gods of destruction.


  • Sure, live up to their name.


  • Number four Ultra instinct finally handles your in dragon ball.

    第4位 ウルトラインスティンクト、ついにドラゴンボールであなたを扱う。

  • Super urine is an unstoppable wall of a foe the universe 11 Fighter shrugs off nearly everything thrown at him during the Tournament of Power and takes down many other competitors with ease.


  • That is until he finds Goku for the last time.


  • Although Goku also struggles at first, he eventually masters Ultra instinct, oh this white hot form lets him dodge more of Duran's attacks and finally learn some solid hits.


  • He proceeds to then put the hurt on urine and send him crashing into the arena.


  • Sure Goku loses this form soon afterwards, but while it lasts, it's beyond satisfying.


  • Number three vegetate clowns on Super Buu, Dragonball Z bou maybe a candy obsessed pink man child, but he's also one of the most terrifying villains in Dragon Ball Z.


  • After absorbing several of the Z fighters, Super Buu seems unstoppable.


  • That is until vegeta and Goku fused into one being dubbed vegetate.


  • Oh the view saying makes Super buu look downright weak, tearing him to shreds repeatedly with his regeneration barely able to keep up even booze, attempt to invade virgin toes, body is unsuccessful while boo appears to catch vegetate o off guard by turning him into a candy and eating him.


  • Even that was all according to plan number two weeks knocks out virus.


  • Dragon Ball Z.


  • Battle of God's ways may act like viruses attendance, but the angel is actually as teacher and is even stronger than the God of destruction.


  • A few moments illustrate that as well as this one after their first meeting with Goku and company.


  • the duo returns to his home and offers the feline God some sushi tragically beers designs to start with the Wasabi, all of it.


  • It sends him bouncing into nearby planets and presumably destroying them to prevent any more destruction is knocked us out with a single job to the back of the neck, that's enough in dragon ball, the gods are nothing compared to the angels.


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  • Number one, Goji to effortlessly drops brolly, Dragon ball super brolly in order to put a stop to the legendary super Saiyan Brawley vegeta and Goku fused once again, this time to go cheetah, veggie toe may have been all swagger, but go cheetah is all business, although Brawley get some early hits in, even breaking reality with one of his punches, go cheetah is in zero danger throughout this whole battle and once he turns super Saiyan blue brolly doesn't even lay a finger on him.


  • If Brawley hadn't been wished away that final Kamehameha would have led him to a premature but legendary end.


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Hey guys it's Ash here with watch mojo and these are the top 10 overpowered dragon ball moments.


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