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  • Welcome to watch Mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 smartest decisions in squid game for this list, we're looking at the most clever cunning and cutthroat choices that kept characters in the series breathing for at least a little while longer.


  • If you haven't seen these violent games yet, Beware of major spoilers ahead, which smart decision impressed you the most Let us know in the comments Number 10 standing behind players.


  • The twisted games begin with the most intense session of red light, green light ever put on screen.


  • Players learn pretty quickly that if a creepy robot lady sees you moving when you're not supposed to you will be violently eliminated fortunately sang woo and realize that they can't be seen if they stand behind another person.


  • This strategy allows both of them to move up in the game with these also uses this tip to get ahead to without this simple yet reliable strategy.


  • A few of our favorite players may not have made it past the first game, number nine forming alliances early.


  • Although the majority of players came into the competition.


  • Solo Teamwork became vital as the series continued, A few people were smart enough to seek refuge in numbers as soon as they could.


  • The savvy gangster duk soo formed an evil alliance of rough characters that were mostly loyal and were willing to do practically anything to stay alive.


  • However, you knew how to maintain the strongest team instead of going for pure muscle, he formed an alliance that had the perfect blend of brains experience and resourcefulness to work together for multiple challenges.


  • Gillian's sharp team building skills cannot be underestimated number eight.


  • Player 17 both hides and uses his glass making knowledge.


  • During the fifth challenge, the participants had to make it across Bridge that contained tempered or easily breakable glass.


  • Since the panels looked identical, it seemed impossible to tell where it was safe to step.


  • But player 17 had a huge advantage since he had decades of glassmaking experience.


  • He could tell the glass apart.


  • Player 17 was so good that he could even distinguish where it was okay to leap to based on sound alone and to top it all off, he was wise enough to hide his knowledge as long as he could to eliminate the competition.


  • If player 17 had just been a little more confident in his expertise and not hesitated at the end, he might have survived number seven voting to end the game.


  • Once it became clear that wearing a green jumpsuit could lead to an early demise, many people understandably started panicking.


  • Unfortunately Sang Woo was able to put many of his fellow players at ease by reminding them they have an easy way out.


  • His accurate memory of the rules leads to the contestants holding a very close vote that seemingly brings the games to an end.


  • Although many players decided to play again, the democratic solution was still a smart move.


  • There were a few people that were okay with walking away from the gruesome competition and taking their chances in the real world.


  • While those lucky few might not have easy lives, at least they can live to tell this tragic tale.


  • Number six, fighting dirty among all the games that kids play back then it was the most physical and violent.


  • So any kind of violence is allowed.


  • Sure there are no restrictions.


  • Former friends, Julian and Sang Woo are forced into one last faceoff in the finale.


  • After picking the right shape in a coin toss, one chooses to play offense in a high stakes squid game.


  • Since he has to get past his ruthless and extremely desperate friend, he makes a vital preparation goes to tie his shoes while secretly grabbing dirt to throw at Sang Woo's face right away.


  • This strategy allows the offensive player to save his strength for the much more important fight.


  • Later on, during the climactic clash, a corner garden lets himself get injured and bites and punches his way out of a tight spot.


  • While it wasn't the cleanest way to win, his tactics eventually led to a somber victory.


  • Number five Juno constantly changes masks.

    ナンバー5 ジュノは常にマスクを変えている。

  • I will meet them.


  • Detective huang Juno had to continuously improvise clever ways to stay ahead of the shadowy figures behind the games.


  • His most brilliant decisions revolved around how he kept his identity a secret after his cover is nearly blown, Juno trades in his circular mask for one with a square symbol.


  • Instead, his new covering grants him additional privileges and slightly more freedom to move around but you know also keeps and utilizes the circular mask to blend in with certain workers and uncover more dark secrets.


  • Although the constant switching isn't a foolproof plan, it does keep the detective from meeting certain death.


  • Several times, Juno's opponents were never truly sure what mask he'd sneak around in.


  • Next number four, heating up the honeycomb needle.


  • One of the most suspenseful tasks came when people had to get a shape out of a honeycomb without cracking it.


  • We have to give a lot of credit to gun for making the unconventional yet brainy choice to lick the sweet treat to make the challenge easier.


  • However, Minnow came up with an even more brilliant strategy after smuggling a lighter into the competition, she secretly used it to heat up her needle.


  • Once she was done using the hot item to complete the tense task in a safe manner, she's savvy enough to hand her lighter to do so.


  • Not only did minnows lighter get her through a game, it also helped her form a temporary alliance with the most intimidating player.


  • # three, Betraying Ali.

    # 第3位「アリを裏切る」。

  • If the front man handed out awards for nicest person, Ali probably would have gotten a gold medal.


  • Unfortunately his nice personality led to his downfall when he played marbles against his constant ally sang Woo.


  • When Ali was on the verge of winning a deadly game of marbles.


  • His friend slash opponent convinced him to stop playing, insisted there was an extremely complex and guaranteed way that they can both get out of this deadly challenge alive.


  • While most players probably would have declined, Ali is gullible enough to believe in his friends plan who is able to steal all the marbles and leave the nice man with nothing but rocks.


  • It's a plan that was every bit as cruel as it was clever.


  • Help Number two, pretending to be asleep, decides not to return to the games empty handed since she knew the organizers rendered the competitors unconscious with gas on the car ride there she wisely covered her face.


  • This move allows you to pretend to be knocked out and smoke a knife into this competition.


  • She later goes on to use the sharp tool to sneak into event and get vital intel about the second game in advance.


  • Although she doesn't figure out everything.


  • She gives the information to Sang Woo and follows his lead and if all that wasn't enough, she also uses the knife to defend herself during a chaotic fight.


  • Smart move to avoid sleep made her a cut above the rest of her opponents.


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  • Number one, taking three steps to victory.

    その1 勝利への3つのステップを踏むこと。

  • Since Gideon and Sang Woo's tug of war alliance wasn't full of the physically strongest players in the game.


  • They needed an intelligent strategy to overcome their tough opponents.


  • Team member.


  • Oh Il Nam is full of helpful hints that his allies used to excellent effect.


  • Unfortunately, his old tricks aren't enough to secure the victory when the team is close to falling to their doom.


  • Sangu makes the bonkers suggestion that they should all move closer to the edge.


  • This risky move throws their opponents off balance and allows the team to make an epic comeback genius tug of war strategy gave us the best and most brilliant game ending in the series.


  • Do you agree with our picks?


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Welcome to watch Mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 smartest decisions in squid game for this list, we're looking at the most clever cunning and cutthroat choices that kept characters in the series breathing for at least a little while longer.


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