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  • Welcome to watch mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 satisfying monsters, deaths.


  • Come on, come on, kill me!


  • I'm here for this list.


  • We'll be looking at evil creatures and villains whose demise gave us a sense of fulfillment.


  • If we miss the epic collapse of an iconic monster, make sure to let us know in the comments Number 10, taking down the stay puff marshmallow man.

    もし、象徴的なモンスターの壮大な崩壊を見逃した場合は、コメントでお知らせください。 10位 ステイパフマシュマロマン討伐

  • Ghostbusters, what do you mean choose?


  • We don't understand when something is strange in the neighborhood we know to call the Ghostbusters business is going well for the paranormal investigation as they capture and eliminate ghosts in new york city.


  • That is, until they face off against the god of destruction goes er can shape shift into any creature and when the creature asks the Ghostbusters to choose its form of destruction, Ray unwittingly chooses the stay puff marshmallow man, marshmallow man, it's funny for us, but not so humorous for the residents of the city.


  • Is there left to fight against the gigantic threat, thankfully, the Ghostbusters saved the day and the city has enough marshmallow residue to make s'mores for life.


  • Number nine Battle of the Carnivores, Jurassic World.

    9位 肉食獣の戦い、ジュラシック・ワールド

  • Not only do humans ignore the sins of Jurassic park, but they also doubled down on their mistakes by building Jurassic world to attract new visitors, scientists create the in dominus rex a more dangerous and unpredictable version of the T rex.


  • It should come as no surprise that this new predator wreaks havoc on the entire part destroying everything in its path.


  • It turns out that the only thing that can stop a giant carnivore is not one, not two, but three powerful dinosaurs.


  • Fortunately this trio puts an end to the in dominus rain and closes Jurassic world for good.


  • Mhm.


  • Great as gratifying as that ending might be.


  • We know humans still didn't learn their lesson and refrain from genetically mutating dinosaurs.


  • Number eight Dutch takes down the predator.


  • Predator a a military rescue team takes on a vicious alien from another planet in the depth of the jungle.


  • What could go wrong for starters everything?


  • The extraterrestrial known as the predator stocks hunts and removes each member of the group.


  • One by one and truly repulsive fashion will spare you.


  • The grisly details.


  • The last remaining hope is Dutch who learns how to camouflage his body and exploit the predators weaknesses.


  • Dutch finally goads the predator into a trap, mortally wounding it in the process and forcing the alien to self destruct like dutch.


  • We still don't know what the predator is, but we're happy.


  • It's gone.


  • Number seven Gremlin meet microwave.

    ナンバー7 グレムリン ミートマイクロウェーブ

  • Gremlins.


  • Gizmo is a pretty nice mogwai.


  • The rest not so much.


  • Hey, look at that cute little stripe on its head.


  • Thank you after Gizmo accidentally spawns a batch of offspring.


  • The new mogwai become aggressive, troublemaking and flat out ugly gremlins led by their leaders, stripe the gremlins injure and kill many people as they search for water to reproduce a gremlin even tries to take out matriarch Lynn.


  • But if there's one thing we know, it's to never underestimate the power of a mother using various kitchen appliances, Lynn fights a gremlin, trapping it in the microwave.


  • She cooks the gremlin like it's a tv dinner and it explodes.


  • We all owe lin a debt of gratitude for ridding the world of these horrific creatures.


  • Number six saved by the cochlear implant a quiet place.


  • Make sure to turn your volume down for this entry.


  • Just in case the death angels are in the area.


  • The Abbott family tragically loses one member of the family early on and one year later they lose another as lee sacrifices himself to save his Children.


  • When the three remaining members are cornered by a death angel, Reagan learns the sightless aliens cannot handle the high pitch frequency from her cochlear implant.


  • Reagan places her implant on a guitar amp and the sound sends the creature into chaos.


  • Evelyn seizes the opportunity and shoots the alien in the head, putting an end to its domination.


  • Okay, now you can turn your volume up again.


  • Number five Sarah crushes the terminator the terminator.

    5番 サラはターミネーター......ターミネーターを粉砕する。

  • I'll be back when the cybernetic android known as the terminator tries to assassinate you make sure to have a Kyle Reese nearby because he knows a thing or two about fighting machines come with me if you want to live, The terminator makes quick work of all those who stand in its path until the final showdown with Kyle and sarah.


  • Connor a pipe bomb which also kills Kyle and a hydraulic press allows Sarah to survive and defeat the robotic assassin in the battle of man or in this case woman versus machine, the woman wins.


  • But don't worry the terminator did say Otto be buck and it keeps its word but this time it helps erase the new T 1000 from existence in a pool of molten steel in the sequel T.


  • Two judgment Day number four kong and Godzilla versus Mecha Godzilla.


  • Godzilla versus kong.


  • A couple of movies following his victory versus the muto's Godzilla's next opponent is King kong ostensibly only one could survive and establish dominance as the planet's top combatant.


  • The heavyweight showdown culminates with an epic battle in Hong kong which leaves Godzilla seemingly victorious.


  • Here's the thing if greedy business people are good at one thing, it's becoming a monster themselves due to selfishness and an appetite for power.


  • In this case, the money grabbing tycoons create Mecha Godzilla, a human made weapon to exterminate Godzilla and kong.


  • However, these industrialists didn't plan for a truce between Godzilla and kong and the two gigantic beasts work together to defeat Mecha Godzilla.


  • We're happy these titans save humanity but maybe next time they can clean up their destruction.


  • Number 31 final shot jaws cue the terrifying music for this entry jaws does two things extremely well.

    31位 ファイナルショット jaws このエントリーのためにおどろおどろしい音楽が流れます jawsは2つのことを非常にうまくやっています。

  • Hunt and evade capture the bloodthirsty shark dominates the beachgoers of Amity Island spitting up and chewing out bodies in the process.


  • Chief martin brody matt, Hooper and quint are given the impossible task of stopping the shark before it inflicts more damage.


  • They soon learn that the creature is too powerful and they need a bigger boat.


  • You're gonna need a bigger boat with only brody left on the sinking ship.


  • He shoves the scuba tank in the shark's mouth and shoots it from the crow's nest, causing the great white to explode.


  • Smile you son of a just like brody, we're all letting out a huge sigh of relief that we can safely go to the beach again.


  • Number two Leia squeezes the life out of Jabba the hut.

    その2 レイアはジャバ・ザ・ハットの命を絞り出す。

  • Star Wars episode six Return of the Jedi.

    スター・ウォーズ エピソード6「ジェダイの帰還」。

  • What's big, lazy and as ugly as a slug.


  • If you guess Jabba the Hutt then you're correct on tattoo in both han solo and Princess Leia and Jabba slaves when luke, Skywalker comes to bargain for their release after luke kills a rank or Jabba sentences them to death by SAr lock.


  • However, the trio has no intention of going out quietly and they fight back.


  • Yeah, we knew Leia was awesome but she becomes a true hero when she uses her chains to squeeze the life out of Jabba and break free from his wrath.


  • Never mess with this princess before we continue, be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the Bell to get notified about our latest videos, you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them.


  • If you're on your phone, make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications, number one goodbye.


  • Alien queen aliens get away from her, you bitch!

    エイリアン・クイーン エイリアンから離れろ この野郎!

  • Throughout the entire mission on the X.


  • O.


  • Moon LV.


  • 4 26 the aliens manipulate and control the colonial marines.

    4 26 エイリアンはコロニアル海兵隊を操り、支配している。

  • In fact, the aliens eliminate all of the humans besides newt colonial hicks and the sole survivor of the first film.


  • Ellen Ripley.


  • Big big mistake by the aliens Ripley is a warrior at heart and she's able to destroy the alien queens hive along with her eggs.


  • The battle continues in space as the queen ambushes Ripley on the ship.


  • But in true Ripley fashion she fights back and sends the alien through the airlock into space Ripley define the odds and putting an end to the alien queens terror is why this iconic moment comes in at number one on our list.

    しかし、真のリプリーファッションで彼女は反撃し、エアロックから宇宙へエイリアンを送る。 リプリーは確率を定義し、エイリアンの女王の恐怖に終止符を打つこの象徴的な瞬間は、我々のリストのナンバーワンに来る理由である。

  • Did you enjoy this video?


Welcome to watch mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 satisfying monsters, deaths.


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