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  • and I hope you all go on to live Long prosperous and Happy Lives because I love you guys, Techno Blade out.


  • Welcome to watch Mojo and today we're looking at 10 Youtubers who died too soon.

    ようこそwatch Mojoへ!今日は早すぎる死を迎えた10人のYoutuberを紹介します。

  • You've got to fight 10 good days for bad days.


  • Even if it's one good day, 13 bad days.


  • That's still one good day for this list.


  • We're looking at the tragic deaths of beloved Youtubers that left us heartbroken.


  • Did you follow any of these Youtubers share your memories below Colin Wycoff, better known as Kitty oh seven oh six, Colin Wykoff was a talented animator.

    あなたはこれらのYoutuberをフォローしましたか?あなたの思い出を以下で共有してください。 キティ・オー・セブン・オー・シックスの名で知られるコリン・ワイコフは、才能あるアニメーターでした。

  • He regularly released funny spoofs of video games on Youtube.


  • Some of the most popular projects that caught the internet's attention involved left for dead and Team Fortress two.

    インターネット上で注目を集めたプロジェクトには、left for deadやTeam Fortress twoなどがあります。

  • Yes, let this be a lesson for you.


  • In 2012, Wykoff was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia of blood cancer after battling the disease for three years, Wycoff sadly passed away in 2015 at the age of 20 the community decided to make a tribute in his memory by remaking his 2012 hit team.


  • Fabulous to raise money for leukemia research.


  • The video team Fabulous two reanimated was released in 2020 on what would have been white cops.


  • 26th birthday Christina, Grimmie bursting onto the Youtube scene in 2009 as Zelda X.


  • Love 64 Christina, Grimmie released several covers of songs that captivated listeners.


  • In 2011, she finished second place in the my YouTube competition just behind Selena Gomez whose mom and stepdad became Grimmie's managers.

    2011年、彼女は「my YouTube」のコンテストで、セレーナ・ゴメスに次いで2位となった。

  • Her music career quickly began to take off as she released several albums and finished third in 2014 is the voice Breaking news Christina Grimmie, rising to fame on the Voice in 2016 after performing at a concert in Orlando florida, she met with fans outside however, 27 year old kevin James Loibl who had an unhealthy obsession with her fatally shot Grimmie before taking his own life.


  • Her family later set up the Christina Grimmie foundation in her memory to help those affected by violence and breast cancer.


  • She loved this town, she loved this date, she loves singing, she loved the Lord and she loved me and she was my baby sister, Dylan Hart put the lid back on to keep it lopsided and prevent it from being crushed completely.


  • This will make a nice alluring crinkle sound that dogs love if you needed help with a task around the house or simply a way to speed up a process.


  • The household hacker was the channel for you brew a really strong batch of black tea, talking three bags in an eight ounce glass.


  • You're going to use it to clean the glass or mirror in your bathroom created by Dylan Hart.


  • The channel showcased tips and tricks for various chores to make your life easier needed to wash your dog, but they're making it difficult.

    このチャンネルでは、生活を楽にするためのさまざまな家事のヒントが紹介されていました。 犬を洗う必要があるのに、それを難しくしているのです。

  • Well household hacker had you covered work up a nice lather as the dish soap will help kill any fleas in the vinegar will The channel even drew the attention of mythbusters with a satirical video that involved charging an iPod with electrolytes and an onion.

    まあ家庭のハッカーは、食器用洗剤は酢で任意のノミを殺すのに役立つように素敵な泡をカバー仕事を持っていたチャンネルも電解質とタマネギとiPodを充電関与風刺ビデオで神話バスターズの注目を集めました,グッチ 財布。

  • In 2020, news broke, that heart had died suddenly, Scott Kim Martin Hart's friend and producer on the channel tweeted, it was from medical complications.


  • He was 38 years old monty.


  • Um, in 2007 Monory comb showcased his amazing animating skills by releasing the viral video, Hey Lloyd, which had the characters from Metroid and halo battling it out.

    あの、2007年にMonory combは、メトロイドとハロのキャラクターがバトルするビデオ「Hey Lloyd」を公開し、その素晴らしいアニメーション技術を披露しました。

  • After releasing more content, working on video games and gaining an enthusiastic support base, um joined rooster teeth.

    さらにコンテンツを発表し、ビデオゲームに取り組み、熱狂的な支持を得た後、umはrooster teethに参加しました。

  • He worked on their red versus blue web series before creating ruby and voicing the character lie ren there's a lot of things we hope to create to make people happy in ways they wouldn't expect In 2015 homes suffered a severe allergic reaction undergoing a medical procedure and fell into a coma.

    ルビーとライレンの声を担当する前は、同社のウェブシリーズ「red versus blue」に携わっていた。2015年、医療行為中に重度のアレルギー反応を起こし、昏睡状態に陥った。

  • Distraught fans soon flocked to go fund me to donate to mom's medical expenses, unfortunately passed away shortly afterwards at the age of 33.

    取り乱したファンたちは、すぐにお母さんの医療費を寄付するためにgo fund meに殺到しましたが、残念ながらその後まもなく33歳で亡くなりました。

  • In the aftermath, one of mom's brothers neath took on the mantle of voicing liar in in ruby, but we tend to be masters of our own fate.


  • The only thing that stops us from doing the really cool things is time Caleb leblanc.


  • This today's video is going to be a little bit different, created to vlog about the day to day life of the US family, The Leblanc's, the brutally channel soon ingrained itself into the hearts of millions.


  • After starting in 2010, did you step in the big old puddle Parents, Katie and Billy focused the content on their Children.


  • Hailey Caleb & Jules, also known as Anne.

    Hailey Caleb & Jules、またの名をAnne。

  • This led to many fans seeing the Leblanc's as a virtual family that they too were a part of my name is Caleb and I'm making history, but in 2015, tragedy struck Caleb Passed away suddenly at the age of 13 it was discovered that he had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a disease where the heart becomes thickened.


  • Since this illness often has no symptoms.


  • Haley and Jules later had their hearts checked and are fine.


  • The brutally channel remained active until 2019 john bain, if you were looking for blunt opinions on video games, you probably watched the content produced by total biscuit.

    ブルータリーチャンネルは2019年まで活動していた ジョン・ベイン ゲームに対するぶっきらぼうな意見を求めていた人は、おそらくトータルビスケットが制作したコンテンツを見ていたはずだ。

  • It ended up being really fun.


  • You know, instead of just being a gimmicky again, it's very fan service.


  • E I'm pretty sure most of these characters breasts were not that large previously, but I'll look into it also known as the cynical brit and total halibut john baines work always sparked conversations between gamers in 2014 bein announced he had cancer While that went into remission.


  • Another inoperable cancer metastasized to his liver stage falls pretty bad.


  • That's when survival chances go in the toilet bein continued to fight valiantly, but in 2018, he fell into a hepatic coma and passed away Soon after Blizzard decided to release a commemorative bundle for Bein in Starcraft two with the profits going to his wife Jenna and son Orion 2000 twenties do maternal even added an easter egg of a top hat and a plaque stating sleigh cancer, you do the best you can, you don't give up on it.

    それは生存のチャンスがトイレに行くときです Beinは勇敢に戦い続けましたが、2018年に肝性昏睡に陥って亡くなりました すぐにブリザードはスタークラフト2でBeinの記念バンドルをリリースすることを決定しました 利益は彼の妻ジェナと息子オリオンに行く 2000 Twenties do maternalはさらにトップハットのイースターエッグを追加しました そしてスレ癌、あなたはできる限り行う、あなたはそれをあきらめない、と書かれたプレートです。

  • You know, it's because it's not just giving up on your life, it's giving up on everyone that's ever been touched by what you've done.


  • Grant Thompson since joining the platform in 2010 under the guise of Teak or T.

    2010年にTeak or Tの名でプラットフォームに参加して以来、Grant Thompson。

  • K.


  • O.


  • R.


  • Or the king of random Jonathan, Grant Thompson became a standout creator.


  • The channel quickly became a haven for science fan as the channel primarily showcased crazy experiments and explained.


  • The results were standing out in the middle of nowhere, what exactly would it take to make some good clay but tick or also dabbled with life hacks and vlogging.


  • As the channel grew larger, Thompson decided to step back from the camera to focus on production behind the scenes and spend time with his family.


  • So what I decided to do was devote my life to learning, I wanted to learn how to weld, I wanted to learn how to make circuit boards.


  • I wanted to learn how to be Tony stark in 2019 Thompson went paragliding in Utah and didn't return after a police search using GPS, they found Thompson's body.

    2019年にトニー・スタークになる方法を学びたかった トンプソンはユタ州にパラグライダーで行き、GPSを使った警察の捜索の後、トンプソンの遺体を発見して帰らぬ人となった。

  • He had perished after crashing the paraglider.


  • He was 38 years old.


  • The king of Random channel has continued with the blessing of Thompson's friends and family doing a fine job, make stuff, you're proud of Ed Gould.

    Random channelの王は、トンプソンの友人や家族の祝福を受けながら、立派な仕事を続け、ものを作り、あなたはエド・グールドを誇りに思っているのです。

  • Even before youtube was invented, Ed Gould was making waves in the animation scene.


  • Well, it's pretty swell.


  • This led to him creating the UK based comedy series, Ed's World.

    これをきっかけに、英国を拠点とするコメディシリーズ「Ed's World」を制作。

  • Teaming up with thomas, Ridgewell Matt Hargreaves and toward Larson.


  • They soon attracted a cult following.


  • In 2011, gold announced he had acute lymphoblastic leukemia for the second time from a bed while he goes to therapy sadly in 2012, he passed away at 23 years old from a related infection.


  • But Gould wanted Ed's World to continue.


  • First, Ridgewell took over with Ed's World legacy and then Hargreaves took on the responsibility with Ed's world Beyond the profits from the show were donated to the charity named Young Lives versus Cancer.

    まず、リッジウェルが「エドの世界」の遺産を引き継ぎ、次にハーグリーブスが「エドの世界」を担当しました。この番組の利益は「Young Lives versus Cancer」という慈善団体に寄付されました。

  • We the friends and family of Ed would like to take this moment to thank you for keeping him company and keeping him strong for all the months he spent in hospital.


  • Thank you Erica known for his energetic videos, especially involving Nintendo properties.


  • Desmond a mofa developed a group of devoted fans called the Joycon Boyz As time went on a mofa seemed to be struggling as his behavior was becoming erratic in june, 2019 through his old Tr one iceman channel, he uploaded a video called, I'm sorry I shouldn't have pushed so many people away now.

    Desmond a mofaはJoycon Boyzと呼ばれる熱心なファンのグループを作り上げた 時が経つにつれ、a mofaは行動が不安定になり、苦しんでいるように見えた 2019年6月、彼は昔のTr one icemanチャンネルを通じて、今、多くの人を突き放すべきじゃなかったというビデオをアップロードした。

  • I've got nobody.


  • Then he disappeared.


  • Friends, family and fans did their best to find a mofa alongside the authorities.


  • They eventually found his belongings on the Manhattan bridge and his body was later found.


  • He was 29.


  • Several fellow youtubers have raised money for charity in a mofa's memory while his fans have been creatively showing their appreciation for his work before we unveil our top pick here are some honorable mentions.


  • Corey La barrie ink masters, Daniel silva served time after causing libraries death in a car accident and go home calling out you guys and if you don't respond well, nothing happens.


  • But I just wanna let you guys know.


  • Tomorrow is my birthday.


  • Yes, I'm sorry to Corey, I'm sorry to Corey's friends and family and I'm really sorry to Corey's fans, li Otter fans were devastated when iconic gamer I see cat 25 passed away in 2020 Nuck is an attacker with a danish special forces.


  • She's a medium to speed to armor operator with an amazing character model that's nothing short of intimidating and spooky daniel Care.


  • The Cinder go co founder lost his life in 2015.


  • This is Just a big loss because Daniel was such an influence on what we did, he was such an inspiration for what I did.


  • Griffin Klaus, satirical comedian Dylan the hacker sadly died in 2019.


  • I'm lost on what to do or at least I was because earlier today I was, I was just thinking back and forth like what can I do now?


  • What can I do now Before we continue, be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos, you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them.

    今できること 続ける前に、ぜひチャンネル登録をして、ベルを鳴らして最新動画の通知を受け取ってください。時々、またはすべての動画について通知されるオプションがあります。

  • If you're on your phone, make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications.


  • Techno Blade, If people were talking about the streamers that highlighted Minecraft, the best many would mention Techno Blade, real name, Alex.


  • Techno Blade, where have you been all this time?


  • Well you see, I've been farming potatoes and sky block.


  • That wasn't a joke.


  • If he wasn't making jokes about his friendly rivalry with dream, he could be found building and destroying on a Minecraft server or in a tournament to the delight of his many fans.


  • One day in 2021, techno blade uploaded a video to explain his absence.


  • I looked at myself in the mirror and I noticed that my right shoulder was starting to swell like crazy.


  • He had sarcoma, a form of cancer in his arm.


  • Techno Blade underwent numerous treatments and surgeries to combat this, but in june 2022 a video on his channel titled So Long nerds was uploaded.

    テクノブレードは、この対策として数々の治療や手術を受けたが、2022年6月、自身のチャンネルで「So Long nerds」と題した動画をアップロードした。

  • I'm Techno blades Dad.


  • He wrote a message and he asked me to read it to all of you Within techno blades.


  • Father read from a script written by the Youtuber eight hours before his death, thanking fans for his happy life.


  • You don't have to do anything else.


  • You've done so much for so many people, millions of people and if you want to now you can rest, check out these other clips from watch Mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos.


and I hope you all go on to live Long prosperous and Happy Lives because I love you guys, Techno Blade out.


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