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  • Welcome to watch mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 20 scariest moments in games for kids.


  • Mhm.


  • For this list will be looking at the most disturbing elements found in games that were typically geared towards youngsters or were rated E for everyone.


  • Did any of these moments permanently scar?


  • You share your experiences in the comments below # 20, Bog Meyer Luigi's Mansion.

    あなたの経験を下のコメントで共有しています # 20, Bog Meyer Luigi's Mansion.

  • The first entry in Luigi's spectacular adventures played things pretty lightly with most boss ghosts resembling people.


  • However, the one who doesn't is by far the game's creepiest bog meyer who is said to be the manifestation of the haunted mansions, Fear and despair lives up to his reputation.


  • You'll find the per cool in the graveyard where he'll spring from his grave as lightning strikes it.


  • He'll summon two colored copies of himself to inch closer towards you.


  • Each one arriving with another clash of lightning.


  • It's enough to make a kid a bit jumpy while he isn't that hard to defeat.


  • He did a good job of putting us in Luigi's trembling shoes.


  • Number 19 The clock tower.

    19位 時計台

  • Epic Mickey one would expect a game starring Disney's mascot to be pretty bright and cheerful, but that's not necessarily the case here.

    エピックミッキー ディズニーのマスコットキャラクターが登場するゲームといえば、明るく元気なイメージがありますが、このゲームでは必ずしもそうではありません。

  • Epic mickey hits the ground running with its first boss.

    Epic mickeyは、最初のボスでヒットしました。

  • The Clock Tower founding Gremlin Village and already unsettling place that perfectly sets the tone.


  • The Clock Tower will at first appear with the hat, happy sunshiny face quickly morphs into something from our childhood nightmares going pale and spreading a wide sadistic grin across its face will start the battle by sprouting arms and trying to smush poor mickey avoiding its attacks isn't too difficult as long as you don't keep looking at its terrifying face.


  • Number 18 Clunker Banjo Kazoo, E banjo kazoo is a saturday morning cartoon as a video game with silly humor and even sillier characters.


  • However, one character who is not the least bit silly is clinker, a massive whale like mechanical beast whose cavern you explore as the third world, swimming through a tight tunnel, you'd find this gigantic sharp teeth greeting you at the other end.


  • We were definitely taken aback when he came across him the first time, thankfully Clunker is very friendly and only wants to breathe some fresh air, but his appearance which is actually partially organic, is certainly disturbing.


  • It's even worse going inside him as there are plenty of deadly traps waiting for you.


  • Number 17 Sin iStar.

    17位 Sin iStar.

  • Sin iStar.


  • While this arcade game obviously released before the E.


  • S.


  • RB.


  • Existed games of the era were all fairly family friendly, which means there's likely a ton of kids that were creeped the hell out whenever it's villain appeared on screen, since Star is a space shoot em up where you collect crystals by shooting Planetoid while enemy ships fly around trying to see the crystals you collect become bombs for the boss, but the crystals your enemies collect are used to build him since Star's appearance as a demonic skull would have been enough.


  • But he also likes to wail and say things like beware I live and run coward as he barrels your way, needless to say it's it's pretty intense.


  • # 16 The Fountain Zack & Wiki Request for Barbaro Sis Treasure.

    # 16位 ザ・ファウンテン ザック&Wiki リクエスト バーバロ姉さんトレジャー。

  • Huh?


  • Capcom's delightful cel shaded adventure follows the young pirate Zac and his monkey companion Wiki as they search for Captain Barbaro's last Riches duo solves puzzles throughout varied locations, eventually making it to Barbaro Zone Castle turns out he likes things pretty spooky at the top of the Tower of Requiem.

    海賊のザックとサルのウィキが、キャプテンBarbaroの最後の富を探しながら、さまざまな場所でパズルを解き、最終的にはBarbaro Zone Castleにたどり着き、彼はレクイエムの塔の頂上にある不気味なものが好きなことが判明する、という楽しいセル画のアドベンチャー。

  • The finished puzzle will cause the giant bell to ring out the statue attached to the fountain underneath will then open its eyes, let out a chilling screech and cry purple liquid.


  • Good on zack for reaching into the strange fluid to collect the moonstone because if it were us, we'd be running the opposite direction.


  • Number 15, creepy hidden message sonic C.

    15位 不気味な隠しメッセージのソニックC

  • D.


  • Human faces on animal bodies will always give us the heebie jeebies in sonic cd.


  • It's possible to reach a sound test screen by entering a button combination on the title screen.


  • Then upon entering the numbers 46 12 and 25 you find quite the disturbing easter egg.

    そして、「46 12」と「25」の数字を入力すると、なんとも不穏なイースターエッグが現れます。

  • A screen full of sonics with human like faces, wagging their fingers like you did something wrong was accompanied by japanese text.


  • It loosely translates to fun is infinite with Sega enterprises with a sign off from a gin and Japanese midget means demon Maginnes.


  • Also the nickname of Masato Nishimura, a landscape designer and the voice of sonic in the game, but not knowing this, it seemed like a pretty evil thing to stumble upon.


  • Number 14 Level 14 Lemmings.

    Number 14 Level 14 Lemmings.

  • The premise of lemmings is simple enough, you're responsible for helping a certain percentage of these little critters reach the exit of various environments while some of the puzzles will certainly make you scratch your head.


  • The 14th level gives you pause for entirely different reasons.


  • I mean, just look at it, it's basically hell, there's blood dripping from the ceiling and a massive snake protruding from the eye of a horn skull and this was ported to pretty much every platform known to man.


  • We were the ones meant to be in charge of the helpless lemmings guiding them to safety, but as kids, how were we meant to do that while surrounded by so much distressing imagery, Number 13 Andros, Star Fox 64 in 1997 intend to release Star Fox 64 showcasing a group of badass anthropomorphic animals and a groundbreaking rumble feature at the end, Fox mccloud comes face to face with the man or monkey responsible for his father's death and draws appears as a giant face with floating hands trying to smack fox out of the sky or simply inhaling if you choose the easy route to his location, the second phase will have him turn robotic Okay, it's not so bad.


  • However, if you choose the harder route, you'll be confronted with the twisting image of a gigantic brain with wide eyes attached.


  • Why?


  • Because screw your peaceful sleep.


  • That's why.


  • So and bron you show your true form.


  • # 12 Ender Man Minecraft.

    # 12位 エンダーマン マインクラフト

  • Minecraft is a game that encourages creativity and imagination, letting you build and construct to your heart's content, but you better be careful to not get overwhelmed by its enemies, especially if you come across any Ender Man.


  • While the game simplistic graphics may make some scoff, there is still a disk horror you'll feel when you're met by one of these gangly shadowy figures.


  • If you make eye contact and look away, the Ender Man will shriek and give chase and it won't stop until you or it is dead, can even teleport.


  • It will, or when it's hit by a ranged attack, which seems pretty unfair to us.


  • Number 11 Mad Jack Donkey Kong 64 Jack In the box toys especially those that take on a clown appearance are a perfect example of something innocent becoming scary.

    11位 マッドジャック ドンキーコング64 ジャック・イン・ボックスのおもちゃ、特にピエロの外見をしたものは、無邪気なものが怖くなる典型的な例です。

  • In donkey kong, 64 players had to fight one of the worst possible outcomes of this Children's toy.


  • In Mad Jack, tiny kong had to face him at the end of the third world frantic factory and as soon as he popped his ugly face out of his box, our tiny fragile minds could hardly take it.


  • It's bad enough that he spends most of the fight hopping after you narrowly avoiding being flattened by his box with the most stressful moments of the game, but he also maniacally cackles as he pursues you.


  • Number 10, Vortex Queen Echo The Dolphin.

    10位 ボルテックス・クイーン・エコー・ザ・ドルフィン

  • It seems the makers of Ecco the dolphin looked at the Zeno morphs and said we should put that in a kid's game.


  • Right, well wrong.


  • It was horrifying.


  • At first glance, this Sega game seems serene and peaceful, like a game about a dolphin.


  • Should be.


  • In actuality Echo has to fight off an alien invasion that culminates with a fight against their leader of the Vortex Queen, the enormous green alien face sticking out of the shadows may make for a big target, but that doesn't make looking at it any easier for us staying in the corners of the arena is the best way to avoid taking damage.


  • We would have spent the whole fight there anyway.


  • Well, Number 90, Kirby's Dreamland three, you might be wondering how anything in the Kirby series could possibly be scary after all.


  • It's one of the cutest video game franchises around.


  • But there's a secret boss at the end of Dreamland three that made us want to switch off our super nintendos Zero is a big floating eyeball, which doesn't seem like that disturbing of a boss design at first.

    しかし、夢の国3のラストには、スーパーニンテンドースイッチを切りたくなるようなシークレットボスが登場します。 ゼロは大きな目玉が浮いていて、一見するとそれほど邪魔なボスデザインには見えませんね。

  • As the fight progresses, gashes will open on zero's body to shoot pools of blood at you after enough hits.


  • The pupil will tear out of his body and disturbingly violent fashion before Kirby causes it to pop.


  • How was this in a Kirby game # eight Haunted Piano.

    カービィのゲームでこれはどうだったのか #8 お化けピアノ。

  • Super Mario 64.


  • One of the most famous scenes in super Mario 64 still makes us jump.


  • No matter how many times we've replayed it, Big boo's haunt is unlike most other worlds in the game that are entered via painting.

    何度リプレイしても、Big booのハントは、ペイントで入るゲーム内の他の世界とは違いますね。

  • It's also unlike any other level as some truly bone chilling music featuring boo enemies throughout.


  • It's a pretty great transition into three D.


  • For the classic house is seen in older games.


  • Those also like to toy with you.


  • But the piano jump scares just plain mean, the piano will spring into action with viciously sharp teeth as soon as Mario gets near it, Our first encounter with it made us want to flee both in game and in real life.


  • Number seven, the S.


  • A.


  • X.


  • Metroid fusion out of all of Nintendo's franchises.


  • Metroid is one of the most likely to stress you out.


  • And Metroid fusion Sammy's has to contend with the S.


  • E.


  • X.


  • A parasite that mimics her appearance and relentlessly hunts her throughout.


  • While it mostly looks like Sam is saved for the unnerving blank white eyes.


  • The tension we felt during each encounter was downright terrifying.


  • Most of the time there's nothing you can do but run when you do get to fight against it.


  • It ends up mutating into a nightmare inducing monstrosity we've taken Sam is up against a variety of intimidating aliens over the years, but nothing has been quite as haunting as the S.


  • A.


  • X.


  • Number six, pretty much everything.

    6位 ほとんど全部

  • The legend of Zelda Majoras mask.

    ゼルダの伝説 マジョラスマスク

  • Truthfully there are too many unsettling elements in Majoras mask to pick just one.


  • The plot follows the mask, skull kid who plans to crash the moon into the land below in just three days, just look at that moon, it's frightening grin was immediately burned into our memories.


  • Then there's the nature in which link transforms by using masks screaming in agony every single time the story places a heavy focus on mature themes and its woeful characters will certainly pull on your heartstrings, it reaches peak creepiness in iconic canyon, A Land of the Dead with unnerving enemy is a song that spawns entirely petrifying statues of yourself and a cursed half mummy scientist with an emotional erect daughter.


  • Mhm.


  • Number five Monster och, Chase Spiderman, ask any kid who their favorite superhero is and chances are good that they'll say Spider man, even before he came to the big screen, this was true in the hero's self titled Playstation game, the climax saw him go up against a foe, even he didn't stand a chance against doc Ock taken over by the carnage Symbiote.

    第5位 モンスターオック、チェイス・スパイダーマン、子供に好きなスーパーヒーローは誰かと聞けば、スパイダーマンと答える可能性は高い、彼が大画面に登場する前から、これはヒーローのセルフタイトルのプレイステーションゲームで真実だった、クライマックスは彼が敵に立ち向かうのを見た、彼でさえ殺戮シンビオートに乗っ取られたドクターオックにチャンスはなかった。

  • The game created one of the most horrifying entities we had seen in a marvel game at that point.


  • All Spider can do is run and hope monster on doesn't catch him, which is exactly what we would do in that situation too.


  • We can still feel the tension of that moment years later and we aren't likely to ever forget its guttural Screeches either getting closer to the surface.


  • Number four, Lavender town Pokemon, red and blue Pokemon enraptured Children everywhere through a call of adventure and awesome sometimes adorable creatures with powerful abilities.

    4位 ラベンダーの町のポケモン、赤と青のポケモンは、冒険の呼び声と、時に強力な能力を持つ素晴らしい、愛らしい生き物として、世界中の子どもたちを夢中にさせたのです。

  • However, that sense of adventure ran into a brick wall when we reached lavender town.


  • The chilling nature of the town's music has been well documented though it never fails to send shivers down our spines.


  • Lavender town central area is a tower dedicated to dead Pokemon with grieving trainers seem throughout up until that point we thought Pokemon could only faint, but here where the citizens of lavender town telling us that no, they can in fact perish.


  • This dark corner of an otherwise lighthearted world.


  • Was certainly a rude awakening for kids # three.


  • Meanie Super Paper Mario.


  • Mm okay, something is seriously wrong with this little girl.


  • While the river twigs filled with the tears of sinners is definite grounds for consideration.


  • Mimi is a horror that simply will not go away as one of the main villains.


  • You encounter her several times throughout the game.


  • However, when you first meet her, she just appears as a little girl.


  • It's only after you annoy her enough that she shows you her true form.


  • Mimi twists her head around in circles, bones cracking until she transforms into a giant spider.


  • That is some next level.


  • Exorcist inspired terror right there at least the art style is cute, but Mimi belongs in the survival horror genre.


  • Number two guys, earthbound Earthbound follows nest on an adventure we would have loved to go on as kids, but it ends with something we would give anything to avoid.

    ナンバー2の男、アースバウンド アースバウンドは、私たちが子供の頃に行きたかった冒険に巣立ちますが、私たちが避けるために何でも与えるもので終わります。

  • The final boss guy guess is an evil alien who is the literal embodiment of evil and out to bring endless darkness to humanity.


  • We would have been able to deal with that just fine if he didn't so resemble pure evil, distorted red image of a face in pain has been irreversibly seared into the minds of many as if that wasn't bad enough.


  • His music, which is composed of unplayable instruments, strange murmurs and static, wormed its way into our brains to give us goose bumps whenever we hear it.


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  • If you're on your phone, make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications Number one, bottom of the well, the legend of Zelda ocarina of time.

    スマホの場合は、必ず設定から通知をオンにしてください 1番、井戸の底、ゼルダの伝説オカリナオブタイム。

  • We may have grown accustomed to the disturbing imagery throughout Majoras mask, but the bottom of the well came out of nowhere.


  • Here we were enjoying our magical quest and saving high role when Nintendo decided to throw a monkey wrench into our happiness beneath cocker rico Village is a legit torture chamber, complete with bloodstained racks, false walls and floors and some of the sea spookiest enemies the game has to offer those enemies pale in comparison though not literally to the dungeons.

  • Mini boss, the dead hand.


  • This grotesque figure loves the taste of flesh and will trap link with its arms to get a bite or two.


  • Never before had we wanted to, nope so quickly out of supposed E for everyone game.


  • Oh did you enjoy this video?


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Welcome to watch mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 20 scariest moments in games for kids.


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