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  • been very blessed and lucky to have this like continuous career as an actor, Welcome to watch mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the power rangers cast.


  • Where are they now?


  • And um, you know, when I do these conventions, it's not about money.


  • I don't get paid parents fees.


  • I just, if you want to get something you can, if you don't, you don't have to, I want to make sure everyone leaves happy.


  • We'll be looking at what happened after the main cast members from the mighty morphin iteration of the team moved on from the show.


  • Which ranger was your favorite?


  • Let us know in the comments below number 10.


  • Austin ST john if various polls are to be taken seriously, then Austin ST john is the most popular power ranger of all time.

    いろいろな世論調査を真に受けると、Austin ST johnは歴代のパワーレンジャーの中で最も人気がある。

  • He played the original red ranger, Jason lee scott, Jason bolden, powerful.


  • Unfortunately, ST john left the show early in its run owing to a failed unionization attempt.


  • Following his departure, ST john began working as a paramedic and eventually flew overseas to provide health care to the military, but he still continued to act in 2019, he produced and starred in a movie called a walk with Gray Prodigal son has returned to his mom respect and although ST john didn't leave the show on the best of terms, he returned to the franchise multiple times, fans have seen him do everything from becoming the gold zero ranger to dining, read again for 2021 episode of Power rangers Beast?

    彼の出発後、STジョンは救急隊員として働き始め、最終的には軍隊に医療を提供するために海外に飛びましたが、彼はまだ2019年に行動し続け、彼はグレーとの散歩と呼ばれる映画で生産し、主演しました 放蕩息子は彼の母親の尊敬に戻り、STジョンは条件の最高のショーを残していないが、彼はフランチャイズに複数回戻って、ファンは彼が金ゼロレンジャーになってからすべてを行う見てきました 食事、パワーレンジャービーストの2021エピソードに再び読みますか。

  • More furs.


  • It's morphin time, he's a Power number 9 20 Trang After fleeing her home country of Vietnam 20 Trang settled in California and began acting.

    20 Trang 母国ベトナムから逃れてカリフォルニアに移住し、女優業を開始。

  • I guess what they say is true.


  • You really don't know what you can do until you're forced to do it.


  • I hope I can get that confident the next time She successfully beat out 500 actresses for the role of the Yellow Ranger and remained on the show for about 80 episodes.

    次回はそこまで自信を持てるようになりたいですね。 彼女は500人の女優を抑えてイエローレンジャー役に成功し、約80話も出演し続けたのです。

  • However, she eventually left power rangers with Austin ST.


  • John over pay disputes.


  • Unfortunately train was taken from us in september of 2001 at the age of 27 due to a car crash, fans will never forget what she brought to the role or her contributions to the series.


  • I wonder what the people in the future in the 2017 Power rangers film, the actress playing Trini Kwan wears a shirt that reads 1973 to honor trans birth year number eight walter Emanuel jones serving as the original Black ranger walter.


  • Emanuel jones was the third power ranger to leave the show over contract disputes, Luckily it provided the young performer with some good opportunities that he took full advantage of Jones has enjoyed a successful career that saw him appear in movies like cloudy with a chance of meatballs too and pop star.


  • Never stop, never stopping the voice on toys to when the toys started come out.


  • I did, I did, I did voices on the show.


  • I did some of the bad guys in 20 20.

    20 20で悪者もやりましたよ。

  • He appeared in an episode of the B.


  • E.


  • T.


  • Comedy boomerang.


  • He also regularly pops up as himself in various shows and documentaries, viewers can see jones be himself in inside the black actors studio and the toys that made us in the ladder.

    また、彼は様々な番組やドキュメンタリーに本人役で出演しており、視聴者は「inside the black actors studio」や「the toys that made us in the ladder」でジョーンズの姿を見ることができます。

  • Jones looked back on his time as an iconic power ranger.


  • Number seven Amy Jo Johnson while Amy Jo Johnson is fondly remembered as the original pink ranger.

    ナンバー7 エイミー・ジョー・ジョンソン エイミー・ジョー・ジョンソンは、元祖ピンクレンジャーとして親しまれている。

  • Her time with the franchise wasn't as fun as it appears.


  • There is somebody out there that can take my place.


  • Somebody who would make an amazing power ranger.


  • Not only did she have to participate in dangerous stunts, but the rapid resulting fame made it hard for her to sleep.


  • Certain nights Johnson stepped away from the franchise for a while after her role in 1997 Turbo, a power Rangers movie.


  • From that point on, she got main roles on shows like Felicity and Flash Point.


  • She also returned to the franchise in the 2017 Power rangers film as a Nameless Citizen of Angel Grove.


  • Since then johnson has shifted her focus to directing.


  • Works like her critically acclaimed film, Tammy's Always dying and the superman and Lois episode tried and true number six David Yost.

    彼女の絶賛された映画『Tammy's Always dying』やスーパーマンやロイスのエピソードを試したナンバー6のデヴィッド・ヨストなどの作品があります。

  • Shortly after moving to California.


  • David Yost landed the coveted role of the blue ranger Clark's not Big enough for the Both of Us.


  • That's right which was Billy, I'm Billy, can't you tell no, no, he's the fake, I'm the real one.


  • Don't listen to him.


  • He'll try anything to trick you.


  • He stayed on consistently past mighty morphin power rangers and into power rangers.


  • Eo, but his time on power rangers was far from more phenomenal.

    江藤 でも、パワーレンジャーでの時間は、もっと驚異的とは程遠いものでした。

  • I'm right here, sorry, I'm late.


  • What happened?


  • Where have you been?


  • Eustice said that he left around the time of turbo, a power rangers movie due to long time discrimination throughout his time on the show.


  • He claimed staff members relentlessly harassed him for being gay.


  • Fortunately Yost found success after he left after acting into the two thousands, mainly retired from the screen sometime around 2010 and pursued various business and social justice projects.


  • Despite Yost tough history behind the scenes.


  • He appears regularly at fan conventions and is interested in a future Power rangers project the fans, Every show for God knows how many years have been asking me and everybody else, what are you guys doing a reunion?


  • What are you doing a reunion?


  • So now, you know, the show's rights are in the hands of Hasbro and hopefully Hasbro will listen to uh, the fans number five, Jason David frank.


  • Many fans will remember.


  • Jason David frank's legendary first role in the show as the evil green ranger.


  • Thanks to the other heroes.


  • He eventually went over to the good side and became the team's leader as the white ranger frank remained with the power rangers consistently for three different teams.


  • After leaving the franchise after turbo, he came back for both the Forever red special and a full season commitment on power rangers.


  • Dino Thunder frank didn't stop reprising the role there.


  • He returned for Super ninja steel, the video game Power rangers battle for the grid, a cameo in the 2017 live action reboot and more power ranger Legacy is in good hands.

    彼はスーパーニンジャスチール、ビデオゲームPower rangers battle for the gridで復帰し、2017年の実写版リブートでカメオ出演するなど、Power ranger Legacyは充実している。

  • It's safe to say the franchise is a major part of frank's life and career.


  • Number four steve Cardona's following Austin ST john's departure from the show, steve Cardinals was brought in as the red ranger replacement Rocky de Santos, Rocky with your strength and knowledge, you will command the power of the red Dragon.

    ナンバー4 スティーヴ・カルドナズ オースティンSTジョンの脱退に続き、スティーヴ・カルドナズがレッドレンジャーの代役として投入された ロッキー・デ・サントス、ロッキー お前の力と知識で、レッドドラゴンの力を指揮する。

  • Thunderzord.


  • Cardinals appeared in the first two movies as well as Mighty morphin, Power rangers, Power rangers Eo and three episodes of Power rangers turbo.


  • I wish there was more I could do to help but my back sort of still store since retiring from the franchise, Cardinals has mainly focused on martial arts.


  • The Black Belt is a Champion Fighter that has opened numerous studios and schools.


  • Cardinals took a break from teaching in 2018 to return to the Power rangers franchise for his super ninja steel cameo please she doesn't stand a chance not with the super ninja steel rangers on her tail.


  • A year before that, he appeared with a bunch of former rangers in the order short film number three.


  • Karen Ashley after Karen Ashley was brought in, she played the second yellow ranger, Ayesha Campbell for 70 episodes of Mighty morphin Power rangers.

    カレン・アシュレイが投入された後、「Mighty morphin Power rangers」の70エピソードに渡り、2代目イエローレンジャーのアイーシャ・キャンベルを演じた。

  • She also appeared in the first movie of the same name.


  • Although Ashley didn't stay around long for zio, she had no problem getting guest appearances on other popular shows.


  • Beginning in 2011, Ashley produced and co hosted a radio show called Uncensored Radio.

    2011年からは、ラジオ番組「Uncensored Radio」を制作し、共同司会を務めています。

  • She later starred in a web series called Class dismissed in 2016.

    その後、2016年に『Class dismissed』というウェブシリーズに主演。

  • All right and next hi, what's your name?


  • Brandy Collins Collins.


  • Oh, oh that's right.


  • You changed your name after the felony charges charges that were dropped.


  • Thank you very much.


  • She also made a brief return to the role of Aisha for power rangers, Hyper force and since she executive produced the order film, she helped reunite many of her former castmates.

    また、『パワーレンジャー ハイパーフォース』のアイシャ役で一時的に復帰し、同作品の製作総指揮を務めたことから、多くの元キャストたちの再会に貢献しました。

  • We decided why not cast some of our former co stars and our friends of power rangers and we actually got about 15 power rangers to sign on to do the film.


  • Number two johnny young bosch bosch was informed of the power rangers audition by his martial arts instructor entirely.


  • Too much noise.


  • Well that's better today.


  • He's probably very glad that he got the heads up bosch starred as black ranger.


  • Adam Park like Jason David frank, he remained in the franchise between mighty morphin power rangers and power rangers turbo.

    アダム パーク ジェイソン デビッド フランクのように、彼はマイティ モルフィン パワー レンジャーとパワー レンジャー ターボ間のフランチャイズに残った。

  • Okay, this one's ready.


  • Cool.


  • I just have to plant one more tide marker and I'll be done.


  • Thanks for helping me out.


  • And um Adam, he also starred in the first two movies and made franchise cameos like he did in the Operation Overdrive season in the years since he stepped away from turbo, bosch has become a very accomplished voice actor.


  • He has lent his voice to hundreds of video games, animated movies and popular anime franchises like Trigon and one piece.


  • It's been awhile, hasn't it?


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  • Catherine Sutherland following Amy jo johnson's departure.

    Amy jo johnsonの退社に伴い、Catherine Sutherlandが退社。

  • Catherine.


  • Sutherland was brought in to embody the second Pink ranger Catherine.


  • I agree with Kimberly, your selfless bravery under extraordinary circumstances gives me every confidence that you will be a fine addition to our team.


  • She was another three team ranger recruit that ended her career with power rangers turbo.


  • She has sporadically returned to the franchise over the years.


  • It was great seeing her pop up in Power rangers, Wild Force and ninja steel Sutherland also reunited with her co star, Karen Ashley in the aforementioned web series class dismissed which debuted in 2015, I can take him down the hall if you like, I'm sorry, who are you in RIO recent years, Sutherland has guest starred on many prominent podcasts, including both Life of Mayhem and the Happy Hour podcast in 2021.

    パワーレンジャー、ワイルドフォース、ニンジャスチールで彼女がポップアップするのは素晴らしいことでした サザーランドはまた、2015年にデビューした前述のウェブシリーズclass dismissedで彼女の共同主演、カレン-アシュリーと再会しました、私はあなたが好きなら彼をホールで取ることができます、私は申し訳ありませんが、あなたはRIOの誰ですか近年、サザーランドは2021年にライフオブメイヒムとハッピーアワーの両方のポッドキャストなどの多くの著名ポッドキャストにゲスト出演しています。

  • We're also glad she found time to appear in the big ranger reunion in the order.


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been very blessed and lucky to have this like continuous career as an actor, Welcome to watch mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the power rangers cast.


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