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I like to walk into people's lives
and show them a different angle, show them a different perspective.
The industry I work in it's marketing, advertising,
What I have been specializing in the last few years
is rich media.
It's a great combination of all the things I really
like doing-- storytelling, animation, graphic design,
different people, different situations,
different locations.
That's where I get my inspiration from.
Don't get too comfortable.
I had a really happy childhood.
My parents let me do whatever I wanted to do.
Playing "Dungeons & Dragons" was cool.
There was so much freedom to explore these worlds.
Being dyslexic forces you in other areas.
So, for instance, I couldn't write and read very well,
but I was able to draw.
Oh hey, look-- old storyboards.
Memory lane.
When I came from art school, basically the only option
at the time was Flash animation.
So for me, that was a really good opportunity.
When I started doing rich media, I
didn't even know what rich media was.
You see it everywhere.
I mean, it's like the upgraded version of your banner ads.
I was overseeing a lot of mastheads for YouTube.
And at some point, Google asked me,
do you want to participate in one of our beta programs
for Google Web Designer?
I was like, yeah, sure.
You know, I'll try it.
Initially, I sent a pretty long list of stuff
that I felt was missing.
And they were like, wow.
So we started collaborating.
And here I am.
HTML5 is a mix of several technologies.
We can do really immersive storytelling.
And people can explore this content in a more enjoyable way
than it was before.
What's great with HTML5 is that it opens the door to mobile.
That's always been very hard to actually publish
interactive content on the mobile phone,
which you would need a big team.
Now, all of a sudden, with Google Web Designer,
you're able to do this just by yourself.
HTML5 will take us into an unknown universe that
is just waiting to be explored.
It opens up doors to new places.
In the future, I guess I want to make
more independent productions, even use
the techniques I've learned and utilize them
in a different way.
We'll see how that works out.


グッグルウェッブデザイナーの体験 (A Google Web Designer Thought Experiment)

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