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  • this is behind the Canada at a local japanese Okonomiyaki restaurant.


  • So I'm back with another behind the counter and this time it's gonna be a hot one.


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  • Here we go.


  • I'm taking you inside to show you again.

    このチャンネルをサポートしたいと思ったら グッズをチェックしてくれよな

  • Never seen before footage what really happens at super local mom and pop japanese restaurants.

    日本や日本旅行に関する質問があれば オラのDISCORDコミュニティーをチェックしてみてくれ

  • Today we're going behind the counter at a family owned father and son, Okonomiyaki Teppanyaki restaurant called SIA in san Diego to Tokyo.


  • The restaurant was open 27 years ago and yusuke, the owner's son runs the shop these days with plans to carry on the family business in the future.

    今回はめちゃんこローカルなお好み焼き屋に潜入して おったまげな映像をみんなに見せてやっからな

  • Good morning.

    今日は父ちゃんと息子で切り盛りしてる お好焼き・鉄板焼き屋に密着すっぞ

  • So this is Yusuke, the manager and main chef at the shop we're in today.

    「莢(さや)」っつー、 東京・千駄ヶ谷にある店だ

  • His father actually has a second Teppanyaki shop which is nearby but it's reserved for mainly V.


  • I.


  • P.


  • Guests, which the father is in charge of.

    父ちゃんはすぐそばのもう一店舗を切り盛りしてて、 主にVIP客向けなんだって

  • Yusuke is usually the first one to arrive at 9:30 so what time are the staff coming?


  • Oh cool, he's changed into his uniform.


  • One of the first things he does is turn on the tap on grill, tip on in english meaning metal plate which is where the food is cooked on.


  • Apparently it takes a while for the steel tip on to warm up.


  • He has about half an hour before the other staff arrives.


  • So it makes use of this time to prepare the kitchen.

    スタッフ出勤まで30分くらいあるから この時間に厨房を準備すっぞ

  • Are you from Tokyo when you were young, did you think you would be a chef?


  • How did you get your start?


  • Almost.


  • Where did you go to school?


  • What was your major what instrument?


  • Really?


  • Okay, let's see how you hardcore.


  • So are you married?


  • Okay.


  • What kind of girls now he prepares the rice for today?


  • He prefers to pre soaked the rice overnight all the while keeping it refrigerated to maintain the quality on average is about four kg, almost £9 of rice per day hopping.


  • We used koshi Hikari, one of the most popular rice brands in japan.

    コメは一晩水に浸けて、品質キープのために 冷蔵庫に入れておく

  • So you ski is 34 years old and then totally.


  • He's been working at the shop for about 15 years which is almost half of his entire life.

    使ってるコメはコシヒカリ 日本で人気な品種の一つだ

  • In fact he was only seven years old when his father first started the restaurant.

    雄介は現在34歳 店で働き始めて15年くらいになる

  • So it's always been very much part of his life.


  • At 10.

    父ちゃんが店を始めた時、まだ7歳だったから 雄介の人生の一部としてずっと店があるって感じだな

  • He sets up the storefront.


  • The wooden sign is slipping now reads that the shop is in the middle of getting ready which still means it's closed but it will be opening soon.


  • That's Mauricio.


  • It's a traditional Japanese custom where a pile of salt is placed at the front entrance to ward off bad luck.

    これは「盛り塩」! 入り口に塩を盛って置く、日本の厄祓いの習慣なんだ

  • Oh the owner use his dad is here.


  • So can I ask why did you start this restaurant back then?


  • He had the option to choose?

    あらゆる選択種の中から、鉄板焼きが 一番かっちょいいと思ったから

  • Whatever restaurant he wanted to start but he decided on Teppanyaki because he thought it was the coolest japanese food.


  • Yeah.


  • Oh, nellie.


  • It's so hot back here, that son.


  • Now you skip prepares a miso soup, traditional japanese dish, generally consisting of dashi stock and miso paste and then varies depending on the region and personal preference, often included in a typical japanese breakfast but also served at lunch and dinner such as in the shop as it complements the main dish eggs or another ingredient that the shop uses a lot.

    日本の朝メシでよく出るイメージだけど 昼でも夜でも食うんだぞ

  • He only uses high quality domestic eggs from places like oh cuckoo Dieron in Ibaraki and Tomoko and Fukushima.


  • Oh wow!


  • I don't usually see shops adding eggs into the miso soup.

    茨城の奥久慈卵とか福島の伊達卵とか 品質の良い国産の卵を使てんだ

  • It's great that his own family traditions have made it into their everyday menu.

    味噌汁に卵入れてんのなんて オラ、見た事ねーぞ

  • How old are you?

    自分の家の家庭料理が店の定番メニューに 取り入れられてるってなんかいいよな

  • Why did you decide to work here up there?


  • Oh the rice is ready.


  • So what did you do before this job?


  • Are you from Tokyo as well?


  • See when did you move here?


  • Apparently he got this job through his mom.


  • Who knew your dad which allowed him to start working right after he moved to Tokyo.

    母ちゃんがオーナーの知り合いで 東京に来てすぐここで働き始めたんだって

  • Another worker is here.


  • What's that?


  • What ingredients do you add?


  • I feel you gotta keep the sharp secret sauce is secret.


  • The A.


  • C.

    やべーな。 修理しねーのか?

  • Doesn't go there.


  • Oh damn.


  • Are you going to fix it?


  • Really?


  • So what do you love most about being a Mhm Oh, your dad's back.


  • Can I ask you another question?


  • What do you think makes this shop stand out from the rest?

    さっきチラッと言ったけど、父ちゃんは 数軒先に会員制の鉄板焼き店も経営してんだ

  • You want to share anything with the people watching?


  • Oh, I heard that you have a different restaurant nearby for cheesy, as I briefly mentioned before, the father runs a separate membership only V.


  • I.


  • P.


  • Teppanyaki restaurant, just a few buildings away.


  • I've never seen it before, so I'm excited to have a look.

    動画の途中だけど、ここで一旦 オラのスポンサーBOKKSUの紹介をさせてくれ。

  • Oh, it has a completely different vibe, let's be honest.

    もう既に登録してくれてる視聴者も多いよな! でもまだ知らないって皆んなのために、今一度紹介させてくれよな。

  • The prices here must be different.

    Bokksuは日本のお菓子が詰まったボックスとそれにペアリングした お茶を玄関先まで届けてくれるサービスだ

  • Right?

    老舗会社とかともタックを組んでるんだけど 中には創業100年以上の会社もあんだぞ

  • You're laughing.

    新規ユーザーには「日本の四季」セットが届くんだけど それ以後はこんな感じでテーマ別の詰め合わせが届くぞ

  • Do you work during lunchtime?


  • Before we continue on?

    箱を開けると、一つ一つのお菓子の解説だったり 日本の豆知識を知れるようになってるブックレットが入ってるぞ。

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    時刻は11時。開店まであと30分だ! 雄介はテイクアウトの準備を始めるぞ

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    並行して大阪風お好み焼きの「大阪焼き」の調理すっぞ 焼き上がりに30分掛かるからな

  • It's 11 now, 30 minutes before the shop opens.

    人気メニューだから、待ち時間を最小限に抑えるために 開店前に準備を始めるんだ

  • So yusuke starts cooking the take out dishes.


  • He also prepares the Osaka Yaki and Osaka style Okonomiyaki, which takes about 30 minutes to cook.

    小麦粉、卵、山芋、キャベツ、 あと肉や魚介を入れて作られることが多い

  • It's a popular dish that many customers order so he starts cooking it in advance to minimize customer wait times.

    出汁で風味がつけられてることが多くて 日本ではおやつとしても、食事としても食べられてるぞ

  • Okonomiyaki itself is a japanese style pancake.


  • It's usually made with flour, eggs, yam, cabbage and other proteins as one prefers and it's often flavored with dashi in japan.

    広島焼きっつーのは、広島風お好み焼き 材料を混ぜずに層にして作るんだ

  • It's eaten as a meal or a snack.


  • Now he's making Hiroshima Yaki for take out which is a Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki made up of layers of ingredients without mixing in advance and are sandwiched between the crepe like thin pancake and noodles are definitely a signature ingredient of Hiroshima Yaki in addition to making sure that each layer is perfectly cooked flat so it stacks up evenly.


  • Yeah, the whole, wow, that looks so good.

    全ての層をぺったんこにして 均等に積み重なっていくようにするんも肝心なんだ

  • So you prefer a soccer style or Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki, It appears simple and easy enough to make but even slight differences in how it's cooked and the ratio of ingredients used can quickly yield an inconsistent dish.


  • Only a true chef can create a consistent Okonomiyaki that their customers can come to enjoy time after time.

    大阪風と広島風、選ぶならどっち ?

  • And hence why each Okonomiyaki restaurant is unique in itself.


  • How long have you been working here?

    分量の比率の違いや調理の仕方のちょっとした違いとかで 味が大きく変わっちまうんだ

  • How old are you?

    真のお好み焼き職人だけが、客に愛され続ける味を 提供できるってことだな

  • Why did you decide to work here?

    お好み焼き屋はたくさんあるけど それぞれに個性があるのはそのせいだな

  • And what are your responsibilities?


  • How about that?


  • Now it's time to prep the noodles.


  • The worker needs to wash it, break it apart, then add oil to ensure that it doesn't stick to the pan grilled.


  • So what do you do when you're not working?


  • You go by yourself just shut up over self.


  • Finally they're open for business.

    洗ってほぐした後、 鉄板にこびりつかないように油を馴染ませる

  • Oh the first customers are already here.


  • Yeah.


  • The seats are filled up pretty quickly and Yusuke immediately begins cooking several orders all at one time at Max.


  • He can make up the 24 Okonomiyaki all at the same time.


  • That's some real multitasking.

    あっという間に席が埋まっていって 雄介は色んなオーダーを同時に調理し始める

  • And apparently when he's making all of the orders, he plays hard rock and punk music in his head to get into his own.

    雄介は同時に24枚のお好み焼きを 焼いたこともあるらしいぞ!

  • This whole process is made even more efficiently with teamwork as one person cooks while the other finishes the plating which includes saucing toppings and sides.


  • And then once played in is immediately taken out to the customers table white and efficient team and each full lunch set around 800 yen.

    めっちゃ忙しい時は、頭の中でハードロックや パンクをかけて、テンポを上げて焼くんだって

  • About $5.85.


  • Damn!

    一人が鉄板で調理して、もう一人が仕上げる 仕上げはソースやトッピング、小鉢とかだな

  • Giving all these orders.


  • You must already be tired.


  • Damn.

    それぞれのメニューは大体800円くらい つまり5ドル85セントくらいだ

  • The way you put that chicken bone soup though.

    こんなにいっぺーの注文で、 もう疲れてんじゃねーか?

  • That's some next level style.


  • I love it at the second generation restaurant owner, it used to be difficult for you to be compared to his father early on his career.

    次世代のスタイルだな めちゃんこカッケー!

  • But over the years as he honed and mastered the skills, he doesn't feel that same pressure anymore and looks forward to creating the best Okonomiyaki as possible.

    2代目として働き始めた当初は父ちゃんと 比較されることに対する葛藤も正直あったけど

  • So what's the most challenging part about managing a Teppanyaki restaurant?

    料理人として技術を身につけた今では かつて感じてたプレッシャーからは解放されたんだってよ

  • Have any of your previous workers started their own restaurant?


  • Oh, when the order slow down on the tip on grill you say of course helps out on the floor, serving and cleaning.


  • Yeah, that's a lot of dishes by the way.


  • Have you ever wanted to open your own restaurant?

    オーダーが落ち着いたら 雄介ももちろんフロアや皿洗いの助っ人に入る

  • You know, you don't need any time.


  • Yeah.


  • What about you cafe?


  • Oh nice.


  • Apparently he used to work at an italian restaurant before working here but says that now he's trying to get as much experience as possible from this restaurant.

    ここに来る前はイタリアンで働いてて 今は、この店でできる限り経験を積みたいんだって

  • So he'll be well prepared when he tries to start his own cafe.


  • In fact, he also helps the owners cafe during lunch time.


  • So he gets double the experience here as the overall lunchtime rush slows down.


  • The workers are preparing for dinner in the back, hang on.

    昼メシラッシュが落ち着いてきたら スタッフは厨房で夜の準備をすっぞ

  • Finally the lunch hour is done.


  • Ou skates cleaning the grill after cooking burn marks are naturally left on the tip on to ensure that it's able to be used for many years.


  • He performs a deep scrub and clean each time after every shift, restoring it back to its original shine.


  • Meanwhile the staff prepared that Toshi for dinner.

    何年も大切に鉄板を使い続けるために 毎営業後に徹底的に磨いて綺麗にするんだ

  • Oh, Toshi is an appetizer dish that customers are offered when they arrive in exchange for a table charge.


  • This dining custom is common for many japanese bars and drinking restaurants I guess today he's making a miso flavored pork and vegetable saute and although it's just a small dish for a Toshi, it's clear that requires a lot of effort to prepare.


  • But this is probably why the shop is a favorite among locals.

    「お通し」ってのは、テーブルチャージと 引き換えに客に出す前菜のことだ

  • It smells amazing.


  • Now he prepares lunch.

    どうやら今夜のお通しは、 豚肉と野菜の味噌炒めみてーだな

  • Do you know what you're making?

    お通しってちょっとした小皿なのに 随分と手間ヒマかけて作ってるな

  • That's a lot of eggs for just three people.

    こういうとこが、きっとこの店が愛され続けてる 理由の一つなんだろーな