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  • These are amazing food take out container inventions from japan.


  • Thank you.

    この前プラスチック容器の リサイクル方法 紹介したよな

  • Mhm.

    今日はその続きの動画っぺー感じで クールな発明を紹介すっぞ

  • So I recently made a video on how plastic food trades are recycled here in japan and I want to do a follow up video and share with you the coolest inventions and innovations in japanese, plastic food trade technology.

    本編の前にオラの日常を知りたい人は インスタでチェックしてくれ

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    日本や日本旅行に関する質問は オラのDISCORDコミュニティーを覗いてくれよな

  • Also quick shout out to ethical for sending me the trays that said let me show you the first one.

    それからエフピコさん 容器を送ってくれてありがとう

  • So this one was one of those things that I've kind of seen around in japan for quite some time.

    よっしゃ! 1つ目いってみっぞ!

  • But it just really surprising because I don't think I ever saw it when I was in the U.


  • S.

    アメリカに住んでた時は見たことなかったから びっくりしたんだよな

  • This looks like you're just regular circular classic food trade.


  • But what separates this apart pun intended is you have actually two different layers in this so it's so tight.

    何が違うかっつーと これ 2層になってんだ

  • These things are amazingly tight.

    堅っい びっくりするほどちゃんと閉まってる

  • Your food will never spill.


  • There you go.


  • It's opened once you take the initial lid off.

    上の蓋を取ったら 真ん中にもう一個トレイがある

  • Then here you have another tray in the middle basically it's a mentor for like noodles but you can also use it for rice.

    麺類に使われることが多いんだけど 米でも使えるぞ

  • The soup and everything goes on the bottom and the noodles go here as well as the other ingredients that you don't want to get soggy.


  • You'll also find this type of technology in convenience stores in Japan, but sometimes they don't have fully functioned center lid, but you'll find like kind of like a plastic sheet so that it's like separates the soup and the noodles or whatever.


  • Here, you have this little hole if you're carrying it around, doesn't like pop up, you know, like if you're carrying it and like the air come up a little bit and then there's a little hole here at the top to the whole also allows the steam from the soup to keep the noodles from getting dry.


  • Pretty cool technology.


  • Nonetheless, what do you think?


  • I feel like this has been around for such a long time?

    その代わりにプラスチックの シートがあるやつもあるな

  • It's like, yeah, that's true, but it's still cool.


  • I don't know if some of this technology has gone to other countries or that other countries are using it so you guys can let me know in the comments like, yeah, that's true.


  • Like Japan wasn't such a big delivery country delivery started taking off after a covid now.


  • Like we see this all the time when you order take out.


  • So this one is for sashimi, it has kind of these like slanted bottoms to the tray.

    ここに穴がある 上にもな

  • If you've ever had sashimi, what you'll usually find, they'll use shredded daikon radish to present the sashimi and make sure that it looks good so that people want to buy it.

    穴があるから スープの蒸気で 麺が乾燥しないようになってるぞ

  • But what ends up happening is no one really gets that you eat.

    すげぇ技術だよな どう思う?

  • A lot of people don't need it.

    この技術自体は前から日本にはあるから もはや日常になりつつあるよね

  • I guess it is, it is a filler.

    確かに… でもやっぱすげーぞ!

  • This saves on that food so you don't have to cut up all of that Daikon shredded radish basically just lance all of the sashimi.


  • So it's like presentable.

    コメント欄で 他の国でも 使われてるかどうか教えてくれ

  • Apparently supermarkets is about 20 to 27 g of shredded one plate.

    韓国にはあると思うんだよね 日本よりデリバリーの文化あるし

  • You don't use that trace are basically thrown away.

    そうだな  日本はそんなにデリバリーなかったな

  • That's a lot of like saving the food, food, food loss, food loss at the end of the day you save on food as food rocks.

    コロナが流行ってから デリバリー文化が盛んになったよな

  • I guess it's cost effective because you save on the Daikon and I guess the manpower as well save time.

    この容器 デリバリー頼むとよく見るしな

  • I like the color blue as well.


  • Kind of like a marble, luxurious looking tray, expensive marble rock, like marvel studios.

    刺身買ったら 千切りの大根がついてくんだけど

  • I meant it's a superhero rock.

    刺身が綺麗に見えて 客が買いたくなるようにな

  • It's a marble marble rock confused.


  • This next one.


  • I don't know, I think it's pretty unique to Japan if you've ever had a sushi or sushi take out.


  • So here is the tray itself, you can see right here it has little dividers and has little like divots like slots right here.


  • Also you have this kind of like barrier walls basically if you've ever bought sushi taken it home, put it in your eco bag and you ride your bike which I've done a lot of times and put it in the basket, that thing gets shaken up and then you have like all of your sushi on one side when it comes home for me and like every time you get it from you.

    この容器はツマを置かなくてもいいから 捨てる量も減らせるんだ

  • Yeah.

    刺身を斜めに置いて 見た目もいい

  • So as you can see those places that were shopping at, don't use this technology, you can shake it around pretty hard, it'll keep all the sushi in place.

    スーパーでは1皿20〜27グラムの ツマを使ってるらしいよ

  • Yeah, I don't know how expensive these trays are but it's pretty freaking amazing.

    もしそれ使わなくなったら 食べない人も多いし

  • I know like a lot of people are saying oh you shouldn't use plastic trays and whatnot, which is a fair statement.

    あれを削減できるよね! フードロ…フーロス…フー…

  • But Japan does have an interesting culture.


  • If you guys saw my last video on how Japan will actually take a lot of these trays, watch them and I'll take them to the supermarket to be recycled and watch the video and you can see that entire process.


  • Definitely Japan, the rest of the world could be doing more, but you know, it is a start.

    マイコ風に言うとFood Rossね

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  • This next one is have you ever tried to like heat anything up in the microwave?


  • And it's just completely melted Like the plastic tray has melted.

    日本で寿司をテイクアウトしたことある人なら 見たことあるかも

  • Yeah.


  • Are you doing me or everybody, you're talking to everybody.

    見てもらったらわかるけど ここに仕切るやつがあって

  • You know like the Youtuber question.


  • Yes, I was talking to you.


  • Yes, I have melted millions melted a million containers.


  • That's a lot of melting this one is um pretty interesting because it's good to up to 100 and 10 degrees.

    特にオラよく自転車で買って帰るから カゴに入れて

  • The fact that it doesn't melt is pretty amazing.

    そしたら寿司が揺らされて 着く頃には寿司が片側に寄ってんだ

  • It can be 100 and 10 degrees and it can be super super hot inside of the bowl but you can hold it and you won't burn yourself ah styrofoam.

    よくお寿司買ってきてくれるんだけど いっつも片方に寄ってるんだよね

  • So you can hold it like this and you can pray to the Gods, please give me the hottest bowl of soup.

    てか、オラたちがよく行くスーパーは このトレイを使ってねぇってことだよな

  • My hands can hold yeah, there's like a lot of microwaves that make the tray hot and your food cold.


  • So this one is my favorite because you guys know that I love fried food and these trays, solve all of your problems.


  • Take a look at this.


  • You can see that it has these like special ridges.


  • If you ever had like many katsu or kaki fry any like fried food.

    プラスチック容器を使うべきじゃないって 言う人多いの知ってるし

  • When you put it at the bottom of the tray, sometimes the oil pulls up, you get like a sickness at the bottom.


  • What a lot of places will do.


  • They put like a tissue paper to soak up all of that oil, that tissue paper, wax paper, but it still doesn't like suck up all of the oil.

    前の動画で紹介したみたいに トレイを洗浄してスーパーに持っていく

  • But this one levitates all of your fried food in the air.


  • You can see how just high kind of stays up raised and all of the fried food rips into this spot here onto the sides.


  • I wouldn't say oil free, but like drips it all the way.

    日本も外国ももっとできることもあるけど まずはやれることをやっていこう

  • It makes your food just crispier.

    ここでこの動画のスポンサーSQUARE SPACEの宣伝だ

  • Not only when you get it, but when you microwave and all that oil starts to drip.

    SQUARE SPACEはオラが信頼を置いてる ウェブサイト制作サイトだ

  • This is perfect.

    オラのウェブサイトTOKYO ZEBRAも もちろんSQUARE SPACEを使ってる

  • They took regular real life problems that people have and they're just like, oh, why don't we just make a trade like this and boom.

    SQUARE SPACEの良さはここだ

  • There you have it man, these food trays are making me want to eat some food.


  • This little white plastic wonder looks like, you know, just your regular average plastic tray that you would probably put salad or lasagna.


  • What's awesome about this tray is that you, you can actually take one of these trays and you can stack it on another tray like this stackable trays.


  • Are you not in disbelief?

    カスタムしたり パスワード機能もつけられる

  • Michael?


  • Do you not want this tray call 1 800 plastics R us.

    パワーアップしたブログ コメント機能を使うと スレッドやコメント 返信 いいねもできて

  • I will take your credit card information and I can send you a dozen.


  • It's kind of like an infomercial.


  • Let's not stop there.

    閲覧者やユニークビジター ページビューなど 期間別に確認できるんだ

  • Watch this.

    squarespace.comにアクセスして まずは無料トライアル

  • Okay, watch this bam.


  • You can flip it upside down.


  • You don't only just get two for the price of one Michael.


  • We have some accessories.

    電子レンジで温めようとして 容器が溶けたことある?

  • We have the smaller Trade Virgins as well.


  • All for a free 99.


  • Look at that, that's amazing.


  • You can also get the circular trays as well.


  • But check that out.


  • This is perfect for delivery people were stacking trays that were stacking money.


  • So there you have it.


  • Some of the coolest plastic train vengeance here in Japan.


  • Like always if you guys like this video helped me out and hit that like button.

    110℃まで大丈夫だから 中身がめちゃめちゃ熱くて

These are amazing food take out container inventions from japan.



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Amazing Japan Food Takeout Container Inventions

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