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  • this is how plastic food containers are recycled in Japan.

    プラスチック容器の リサイクル工場に潜入すっぞ

  • Mhm So in some of my previous videos, people have commented in Japan, you just way too much classic, which could be a fair statement.

    以前の動画を見て日本はプラスチックを 使いすぎって言うコメントがあった

  • But in this video, I wanted to show you what happens to some of that classic and how it's recycled in Japan.


  • But before I start, like always, if you want to see what I'm doing on the daily, check out my instagram account before the channel, check out my Tokyo and Japan merch.

    今日は そのプラスチックが日本では どうやってリサイクルされるかを紹介したいんだ

  • And if you have any questions about Japan, hold your hand travels, check out my discord community that said, let me tell you how recycling works in Japan.

    本編の前にオラの日常を知りたい人は インスタでチェックしてくれ

  • Today, I'm at the Ibaraki recycling factory, one of Japan's largest plastic food container producers, PICO.


  • This Japanese factory recycles, used plastic food trays to make brand new ones.

    日本や日本旅行に関する質問は オラのDISCORDコミュニティーを覗いてくれよな

  • In fact, the first company in the world who started traded trade container production created in 1962 in Hiroshima, the company has grown to about 960, hardworking staff with factories all throughout the country.


  • Also, I'm aware that this is a touchy topic among many people in the world, including Japan could be doing more for the environment, but we'll leave that debate for a different video.


  • Oh, a huge truck has just arrived all throughout Japan used plastic trays are commonly collected at designated supermarket recycle bins where they're picked up by trucks and brought to recycling factory unloading docks like this one, Wow, they've got more trays than Steph curry at this factory alone, about five tons of plastic trays that are unloaded every day are recycled into about 4.6 tons of reusable pellets to make more trades.

    食品容器メーカー 業界最大手のFPCOに潜入すっぞ

  • Apparently there are two main types of plastic trays used.

    この工場は使用済み食品用プラスチックトレーを 再利用して新しいトレーを造ってんだ

  • The clear ones oriented polystyrene and the software one's called polystyrene paper or what many worldwide ordinarily know as styrofoam, we'll start with this one.

    世界で初めてトレーtoトレーの 生産を開始した会社でもあるんだぞ

  • Look at all this classic, this looks like a place where they unpack everything.


  • Now.

    今では 日本全国に工場があって 約960名のスタッフが働いているぞ

  • The collective trades are ushered into the conveyor belt for sorting.


  • First thing you may notice that the trades arrive rather clean and I can vouch with no stench in Japan before placing plastic trades into the recycle bins.

    日本を含めて世界の中で 環境のためにもっと努力しなきゃなんねぇって言われてる

  • They're washed and dried at home by each individual, A very critical part of the process.


  • Since this type of recycling business wouldn't be possible without the cooperation from the community, interestingly, many japanese kids from a young age learn how to clean and separate plastics as part of their everyday school lunch, helping to show them the importance and their responsibility for recycling.


  • Oh, here comes more.

    使用済み容器は日本全国にあるスーパーで リサイクルボックスで回収されて

  • These large brown bags are packed with styrofoam trays already sorted at a different facility since not all the facilities have machinery to recycle the trays into pellets like this one.

    トラックでリサイクル工場に運ばれて ここみたいなドックで荷下ろしされるんだ

  • Some simply perform the sorting procedure and once complete are transferred to this recycling factory, wow, there's just so much plastic here, let's go ask some of the questions.


  • Hi, can I ask you some questions.


  • So what are you doing?

    約4.6トンの再利用可能なぺレットに リサイクルされ 新しい容器になるんだ

  • How long have you been working here?


  • Cool, what's your favorite part of the job?


  • Finally, is there anything you need to be careful of?


  • So what's the most difficult part of your job?


  • Thank you.


  • Now onto the sorting process basically the workers remove items that aren't suitable for recycling and then sort out the suitable ones between clear, white and colored, Wow, look at them go interestingly.


  • This factory itself employs many different types of workers, 86% of which are individuals with a handicap.

    回収されたトレーは ベルトコンベアーに乗せられ仕分けされるぞ

  • The factory says that the sorting task requires a focus concentration for long periods of time, which many are great at making them an important part of their workforce.

    気づいたかもだけど トレーはきれいで匂いもねぇ

  • Let's go see if we can talk to someone else.

    日本では プラスチック容器を回収する前に

  • Excuse me, What are you doing?

    各自が自宅で洗浄 乾燥させるんだ

  • Yes.


  • Why is sorting important?

    日本ではリサイクルビジネスは 地域社会の協力なしには成り立たねぇ

  • Yes, will get sent.


  • What?

    プラスチックの洗浄や分別の仕方を 学校給食の時間に学ぶことも多いんだ

  • So what are the unreliable trends?

    リサイクルの重要性と一人一人が 責任を持って行うことの重要さを教わるんだな

  • But outside of my life I see.


  • And what do you think is more challenging about this job?

    この茶色い袋の中には 別の施設で選別された 発泡スチロールのトレーが詰まってる

  • Simple enough.


  • Oh, what do you do when it starts hurting?


  • Yes.


  • Cool.


  • Thanks.


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    さらに透明 白 カラーに選別していくんだ

  • S.


  • At a steady number one producing 100 and five kg, £231 of plastic waste per person with the U.


  • K.

    ここの工場の従業員うちの86%が ハンディキャップを持つ人たちなんだ

  • And second at 99 kg.


  • That said Japan recycles about 20% of that plastic waste for reuse.

    ハンディキャップの従業員の多くが それを得意としていて

  • Now that the trade, let's go see what happens to the trade next.


  • The sordid white trays are conveyed into this machine, which first aggressively blows off any foreign particles and then shreds the trays into smaller pieces afterwards.


  • It's washed with water in this giant tank and washed a second time in the neighboring tank, but this time with hot water and detergent followed up with a dual rinse and full dry.

    おっす! 今何してんだ?

  • And of course the water used in the washing process is purified and reused in the factory.


  • Oh, this machine is shredding the colored trays.


  • They're processing a designated machine completely separate from the white trays.

    なるほどな! この仕事の大変なところはどんなところ?

  • I don't know if you can hear me right now, but I'm gonna go over there.


  • Yeah, Okay then now, clean trade pieces are once again shredded into smaller pieces about the size of a grape.


  • And here one of the workers reintroduces collected pieces of trade that got stuck in the process to help even further minimize waste.

    ここで動画のスポンサー BOKKSUの紹介だ

  • Now the tiny pieces of tray are heated to 220°C about 428°F and melted at this machine to form thin plastic rods.

    もう試してくれた人も多いみたいで ありがとうな

  • Unfortunately, these rods are hidden inside of the machinery, but I'll show you how it looks in just a bit with clear plastic trays.

    BOKKSUは日本のお菓子やお茶が 詰まったボックスを

  • But here you go.


  • Finally, in pellet form.

    老舗メーカーなどからユニークなお菓子を提供してて 中には創業100年の老舗もあるぞ

  • Oh, these are the black pellets made from the colored plastic trays.

    初回はSeason of Japan ボックスが届くようになってて

  • They're recycled into other products like hangers and home appliances.


  • But research is underway so that they can also be recycled into trays.

    今月のテーマは MIDORI MOMENTS

  • Overall recycling about 1.9 billion plastic styrofoam trays every year, successfully reducing C.


  • 02 emissions by 30%.


  • Look at someone up there, let's see what they're doing.

    冊子も付いてきて それぞれの説明が読める

  • These are the clear trays.


  • Recyclable clear trades are sorted and gathered in this section.


  • Apparently there are many kinds of clear trade materials so they need to be sorted in a different facility before they're sent here for final recycling.

    今月のオラのおすすめは すだちグミだ

  • At this point, the trays are unpacked and conveyor up to this machine to be shredded into tiny pieces and just like the white and colored styrofoam trays.


  • The pieces are heated and then melted to produce these thin plastic rods, what I wanted to show you earlier, it kind of looks like a water fountain frozen in time.

    まずは15ドルオフで 日本のお菓子の詰まったボックスにトライだ

  • The rods ultimately getting cut into tiny recyclable pellets in total, the company recycles about 250 million clear trays in addition to the styrofoam trays.

    オラのコードはPAOLO15だ リンクは概要欄を見てくれ

  • Now, all the pellets are weighed and stored until it's ready to be remade into new eco trays and this whole entire process would never be possible without the community's participation to separate wash and collect their used plastic trays.

    これは言っとかなきゃだけど 2016年の最新統計によると

  • Hence the reason why this is a part of a made in Japan series.

    日本は一人当たりの 年間プラスチック廃棄物排出量が世界第15位で

  • So there you go.


  • That's how plastic food trays are recycled here in Japan, you guys like this video helped me out and hit that like button.


this is how plastic food containers are recycled in Japan.

プラスチック容器の リサイクル工場に潜入すっぞ


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