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  • Hello, Welcome to watch Mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 horror movie locations you can actually visit honey.

    こんにちは、Welcome to watch Mojoです。今日は、実際にハニーを訪れることができるホラー映画のロケ地トップ10をカウントダウンします。

  • It's a haunted house.


  • He said, awful stuff happened there once for this list will be ranking the areas where iconic horror cinema was filmed and how you can actually check them out in the flesh.


  • We won't be including the Amityville house on Ocean Avenue on Long Island.


  • However, since the horror classic wasn't actually shot at that location.


  • Amy for christ's sake, open the door baby.

    エイミー 頼むからドアを開けてくれ ベイビー

  • Which of these do you want to see let us know in the comments number 10, the Dakota Rosemary's Baby, They called it black branford awful things happen in every apartment house.

    この中で見たいのは、コメントで教えてください 10番、ダコタ・ローズマリーの赤ちゃん、彼らはそれをブラックブランフォードと呼び、ひどいことがすべてのアパートメントハウスで起こります。

  • This house has a high incident, unpleasant happenings, fans of the smash 1968 horror hit Rosemary's Baby may know it as the branford, but residents at this historic new york city apartment co op call it by another name.


  • The Dakota.


  • The complex has been home to many famous celebrities over the years with the board of directors attending to favor artists and creatives such as musicians or actors.


  • These have included john Lennon Lauren, bacall Gilda Radner and Boris karloff, the latter of whom ties into the Dakotas horror story.


  • The exterior scenes focused around the wood houses, branford apartments were shot here, but be careful as the Dakotas after mentioned Board of directors have been outspoken with some of their high profile snubs of potential residents, including Gene Simmons.


  • Maybe it's the demon makeup.


  • No nine.


  • Oakley Court Hammer Film Productions.


  • Oakley Court in Berkshire County England may not have been the house that hammer built, but it certainly served as something of a spiritual base over the years.


  • This is due to some of the british studios horror classics being filmed there, including the brides of dracula and the plague of the zombies.


  • Additionally, the Rocky horror picture show was also shot on the sprawling grounds of this picturesque country house.


  • Thanks to the immense atmosphere and the instant gothic vibes, It served as the perfect place to set up a Dr.


  • Frank N.


  • Furter Frankenstein place while other horror films continue to be shot there throughout the 70s, these included vampires, girly and the murder mystery spoof, murder by death.


  • No, the estate currently serves as a hotel Number eight Bodega Bay.

    いや、この地所は現在、ホテル「Number eight Bodega Bay」として機能している。

  • The Birds Bodega Bay.

    ザ・バーズ ボデガベイ

  • He goes there every weekend bodega Bay.


  • Where's that?


  • Up the coast about 60 miles north of here, we don't have reason to believe homicidal birds would ever congregate around the area of bodega Bay.


  • But we still wonder after all it was here where Alfred Hitchcock shot his classic 1963 horror film, The birds and the setting is just as gorgeous today.


  • Over half a decade later, don't you like bodega Bay?


  • I don't know yet, bodega Bay is located off the northern coast of California and actually served as an evacuation point for those seeking to escape devastating wildfires that ravaged the nearby wine country in 2017.


  • The area is also home to a number of marine reserves protecting local aquatic life while monitoring their ecosystems.


  • Marine protected areas are places where there's some protection for the marine life inside the boundaries of that space.


  • Number seven point Reyes lighthouse, the fog.


  • The fog is moving inland away from the beach towards Antonio bay, fans of john Carpenter's, the fog that choose to visit the lighthouse in Point Reyes California are in for a treat, tons of actual fog, yep.


  • The area that served as home base for Radio DJ Stevie Wayne during the filming of Carpenter's Classic isn't just blowing smoke when it comes to fog because its reputation is actually well earned.


  • Point Reyes is one of the foggiest and windiest places in the whole state and to keep ships along the bay area from running aground.


  • It's the job of the Point Reyes Lighthouse to warn them or at least try the climate surrounding Point.

    それを警告し、少なくともPointを取り巻く風土を試行するのがPoint Reyes Lighthouseの仕事です。

  • Reyes is quite prone at certain times of the year to a dense, nearly Impenetrable fog.


  • This makes the beacon of the house essential for passing ships while also making the area a perfect pilgrimage for those seeking to experience Carpenter's creepy vision for themselves.


  • Number six, The Myers House Halloween since 1963.

    6位 1963年から続く「マイヤーズ・ハウス」のハロウィン

  • What had happened and this place is haunted.


  • Speaking of john Carpenter a word to the wise and polite, you can visit the Myers House from the director's 1978 classic Halloween.


  • Just be respectful.


  • This is because there's actually a chiropractor's office that operates on the property today, although they do welcome photos from movie fans who are seeking some exterior shots.


  • Get away from there.


  • The Myers House was originally located on 707 Meridian Avenue in South Pasadena California but had to be moved after barely escaping demolition in 1987.


  • We're not supposed to go up there.


  • Yes, I am.


  • Can't make it to the west coast.


  • Well, there's also a replica that you can visit in north Carolina that offers tours of the property and photo opportunities.


  • Number five Blair's town diner friday the 13th.

    5位 ブレアの町の食堂 13日の金曜日

  • Excuse me, friday the 13th maybe more known for Camp Crystal Lake and its surrounding woods than for good food and friendly service.


  • But who says you can't have it both ways, fans of this franchise tried to make it to the Blairs town diner on every friday the 13th as this real restaurant in Blair's town New Jersey served as a location for one of the first film's opening scenes.


  • What about halfway, no sweat.


  • Okay, it was here where anne phillips took truck driver Enos up on his offer of a lift into the area of Crystal Lake only for the young woman to meet her end at the hands of Pamela Vorhees.


  • Mhm.


  • The blessed Town diner may look slightly different today, but the owners and staff celebrate their moment of horror history all year round.


  • Number four the exorcist steps.


  • The exorcist.


  • It may not exactly be the sort of movie location that offers much comfort but fans of William friedkin's The Exorcist continue to flock to this otherwise unassuming set of stairs for their dose of satanic thrills.


  • The exorcist steps served as the location where Father Damian caress took his fatal fall after inviting the demon possessed zoo to inhabit his body.


  • The act would save the soul of young Reagan McNeal while simultaneously serving as one of the film's more memorable scenes.


  • How many partners that the steps are located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington D.


  • C.


  • And are commemorated with a plaque detailing the area's history at the bottom that people ask google if this is or asked the internet if these are the same stairs that the joker went down there.


  • Not those stairs are in I think Brooklyn there somewhere in new york city.


  • So um if you're looking for the joker stairs, you will not find them here.


  • Number three, the gas station, the texas chainsaw massacre, fans of the original texas chainsaw massacre are in luck because there are a number of visit a ble location options open to the public for starters, there's the original Sawyer house which was moved from its original location to Kingsland texas and converted into a restaurant called the Grand Central Cafe, it looks exactly like it does in the movie only, not as torn up the gas station from Toby Hooper's classic 1974 flick in Bastrop serves barbecue, although its current operations swear that their food is people free.

    その3、ガソリンスタンド、テキサス・チェーンソー・マスカー、オリジナルのテキサス・チェーンソー・マスカーのファンは幸運である、なぜなら、一般に公開されている多くの訪問a ble場所のオプションがあるからだ。その現在の操作は、彼らの食べ物は無料であることを誓うが、バストロップのトビー-フーパーの古典的な1974年のフリックからのガソリンスタンドはバーベキューを提供していますように引き裂かれていない、それだけで映画で行うように正確に見える。

  • I got some good barbecue here.


  • Why don't you fellas stick around here a while.


  • Fans can't even choose to spend the night at one of the gas stations cabins while a gift shop offers T.


  • C.


  • M.


  • Memorabilia for that.


  • True down home texas chainsaw experience and after you stuff your leather face, you can reminisce about your favorite psycho.


  • I'll trade you a Kruger leatherface number to Monroeville mall.


  • Dawn of the Dead filmmaker George a Romero shot many of his films in and around the area of Pittsburgh pennsylvania and you can visit a number of their locations today they're coming to get you Barbara.


  • The cemetery from Romero's iconic Night of the Living Dead is located in Evans city, but fans of the man's work often point to one other place as a mecca for zombie mayhem.


  • The Monroeville mall.


  • The shopping center is located on route 22 near the pennsylvania turnpike and has hosted a number of tributes to Romero's work.


  • These have included a zombie museum which has since been moved to the aforementioned Evans city as well as an area of memorabilia located on the top floor of the mall, there's even a bust of Romero located on site before we name our number one pick here are some honorable mentions Seneca Creek State Park.


  • The Blair Witch Project.


  • Just don't get lost in these Maryland woods, bates, motel psycho, a tour attraction at Universal Studios, Hollywood.


  • I'm always forgetting to turn the Sinai but we do have a vacancy 12 in fact 12 cabins, 12 vacancies, Eddington Park Hotel.


  • The haunting is this english location from the haunting actually haunted house has what he wants.


  • Yeah.


  • For a while before we continue, be sure to subscribe to our channel and bring the bell to get notified about our latest videos, you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them.


  • If you're on your phone, make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications.


  • Number one Timberline lodge.


  • The shining many movie fans will tell you that both interior and exterior shots matter when it comes to creating a classic vibe and atmosphere.


  • The timberline lodge possesses such an atmosphere thanks to its use as the exterior of the Overlook Hotel from Director Stanley kubrick's adaptation of the shining When was The Overlook Bill?


  • Uh construction started in 1907 was finished in 1909.


  • The site is supposed to be located on an indian burial ground and I believe they actually had to repel a few indian attacks as they were building it.


  • The building is certainly gorgeous while the area is a big tourist destination for both horror fans as well as your average everyday outdoor enthusiasts, other movies such as 2014 wild were also shot near the timberline and the area was also used for location shots on the television series Hogan's Heroes, Wendy, I'm home.

    建物は確かに豪華ですが、この地域はホラーファンだけでなく、日常のアウトドア愛好家にとっても大きな観光地となっており、「2014 wild」などの映画もこのティンバーラインの近くで撮影されましたし、テレビシリーズ「ホーガンズ・ヒーローズ」でもロケに使われました。

  • Do you agree with our picks?


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Hello, Welcome to watch Mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 horror movie locations you can actually visit honey.

こんにちは、Welcome to watch Mojoです。今日は、実際にハニーを訪れることができるホラー映画のロケ地トップ10をカウントダウンします。

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実際に訪れることができるホラー映画のロケ地トップ10 (Top 10 Horror Movie Locations You Can Actually Visit)

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