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  • you must realize you are doomed.


  • Oh, I don't think so.


  • Welcome to watch mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 times.


  • Obi wan, Kenobi outsmarted his opponents.


  • Wait a minute.


  • How did this happen?


  • We're smarter than this for this list.


  • We're looking at the most notable times.


  • The legendary Jedi Knight used wits and strategy to defeat combatants or find victory another way.


  • Know of any other times, Obi wan flexed his brain, do the smart thing and leave a comment below number 10, trapping Mall and a press.


  • Star wars the clone wars.

    スター・ウォーズ ザ・クローン・ウォーズ

  • Obi wan Kenobi has never been one to seek vengeance.


  • Hence the whole Jedi thing.


  • Mall on the other hand, not so much you cannot imagine the depths I would go to to stay alive, fueled by my singular hatred for you.

    モールはそうでもないが... あんたへの憎しみが 生き甲斐なんだ

  • That may be so, but I defeated you before and I can defeat you again, incensed over being mutilated by Obi wan and left for dead.


  • A new and improved Mall goads the hero into confronting him by slaughtering a whole village Mall and his brother savage!


  • Oppress soon captured the Jedi but before Obi wan can be tortured to death.


  • He saved by another old foe, massage, Ventress.


  • How unfortunate I was looking for a challenge!


  • Not some wretched castoffs from the Knight brothers clan.


  • What a disappointment though, Ventress is only interested in oppresses bounty.


  • She AIDS Obi wan and fending off the data Marion's master jinn, I gutted him While you stood helpless and watched.


  • How did that make you feel Obi wan.


  • During the duel.


  • Mall tries to get Obi wan to give into his rage, but the latter sees the futility and fighting and flees with Ventress in an escape pod, stranding the brothers in space number nine, scaring off Tuscan Raiders, Star Wars episode four, A New Hope.

    モールはオビワンを怒りに任せようとするが、オビワンは戦うことの無駄を知り、ヴェントレスと共に脱出ポッドで逃げ、兄弟は宇宙9号に取り残され、タスカニアのレイダーを追い払う(スター・ウォーズ エピソード4『新たなる希望』)。

  • Sometimes the best shots are the ones you don't take a day after luke gets attacked and subsequently knocked out by Tuscan Raiders in the desert.


  • A watchful Obi wan arrives on the scene and scares them off by emulating the sounds of a great dragon.


  • Just as a side by side comparison, here's what one sounded like on the Mandalorian.


  • Mhm.


  • In any case, Obi wan could have easily decimated the natives, but instead he seeks a nonviolent solution to get the job done.


  • It's an indicative introduction to the wise old sage as the movie established the true virtues of the Jedi Way.


  • Rest easy son.


  • You've had a busy day, you're fortunate to be all in one piece, number eight, tracking Django Star Wars episode two, Attack of the clones, you'd think a Jedi master like Obi wan, Kenobi would have an easier time with a non force user but credit his incredible wit for finding a way to turn a loss into a win while looking for bounty hunter jango fett Obi wan's search takes him to the ocean planet Kamino where he finds a secret clone army being made for the Republic aware of the connection to Django Obi wan tries to prevent him from escaping in the to battle on the landing platform with a myriad of gadgets, jango proves surprisingly resourceful and even comes to believe that Obi wan is dead after saving himself.

    忙しい一日だっただろう、幸運なことに一枚で済んでいる、ナンバー8、ジャンゴを追跡中 スター・ウォーズ エピソード2、クローンの攻撃、オビ・ワンのようなジェダイ・マスターは非フォース・ユーザーを簡単に扱うと思うだろう、しかし、オビ・ワンが賞金稼ぎジャンゴ・フェットを探している間に、負けを勝ちに変える方法を見つけた彼の驚くべき機知を評価しよう。そのため、このような些細なことであっても、そのようなことが起こる可能性があります。

  • However Obi wan places a tracker on Django ship leading him to geonosis and the answers he's been looking for.


  • I think we're being tracked, we must have put a homing device on our home.


  • Number seven.


  • Getting the drop on Mall Star Wars episode one, The phantom menace.


  • Here's where it all began between Obi wan and Darth Maul while on a mission to protect Queen amidala of Naboo Obi wan and his master Qui gon jinn are confronted by the Sith Lord.


  • After a thrilling three way battle, Obi wan gets separated and is forced to watch as Mall strikes down Wigan.


  • Mhm.


  • Only one furiously reenters the fray, but Mall soon has him hanging from a shaft before kicking his lightsaber down it.


  • Yeah, helpless and defenseless things are looking bleak for Obi wan but upon sensing Qui gon's lightsaber he finds a way to turn the tide in one swift motion.


  • He flips over his adversary, catching the lightsaber before ending the bout permanently.


  • Mhm mm Okay sure Malls should have been more mindful but Obi wan's quick thinking proves he's never out.


  • Number six, distracting darts.


  • Dinar Star Wars, the clone wars if there's anything we've learned so far it's that Obi wan knows when to fight and when not to or in this case, when to take an absolute beating.

    ディナール スター・ウォーズ クローン・ウォーズ これまでに学んだことがあるとすれば、オビ・ワンは戦うべきときとそうでないとき、そしてこの場合、絶対的な打撃を受けるときを心得ているということでしょう。

  • Perhaps Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano accompany Obi wan to the planet kiros to rescue the captured to Gruden colonists.


  • Obi wan later gets separatist commander darts Dinar to reveal the existence of a series of bombs around the city to give Anakin and Ahsoka time to disarm them.


  • Obi wan challenges Dinar to a weapon list.


  • Nigerian showdown not only does Obi wan deliberately let Dinar pound on him, but he endures long enough for the party wants to do their job eliminating Dinars leverage.


  • Well, shall we discuss your surrender number five going undercover, Star Wars, The clone wars clearly Obi wan knows how to play the long game, but perhaps never more so than the time he went undercover.

    では、降参番号5の潜入捜査について話し合いましょう。スター・ウォーズ、クローン・ウォーズ オビ・ワンは長期戦のやり方を知っていますが、おそらく潜入捜査の時ほどはそうではなかったでしょう。

  • When there's rumblings of a kidnapping plot against Chancellor palpatine, Obi wan allows himself to be seemingly killed by bounty hunter, rico Hardeen.


  • Obi wan then disguises himself as Hardeen, getting himself sent to a detention center to gain the trust of morale arrival.


  • The prospective kidnapper, very disappointing.


  • All due respect.


  • I just want to do my job and get my money.


  • It's not an easy process over the multi episode arc, but it does ultimately end with palpatine safe and evil in custody.


  • Are you all right?


  • Yes.


  • Thanks again to the heroics of the Jedi.


  • That's the second time today, we specialize in heroics, Chancellor.


  • Of course it might have been just as well otherwise because, you know palpatine, but the crafty.


  • Obi wan more than proves his mettle number four, learning from Wigan, Star Wars rebels now the only one who has gained anything from all of this is me.


  • The death of Qui Gon jinn is a watershed moment for Obi wan but rather than let it fuel his anger like Mall would like, he learns from it and lets it inform his later adventures.


  • Years after their first encounter when Obi wan is deep into his hermit days, Mall finally tracks him down on tattoo in as short as their actual fight is the lead up is almost more important as Obi wan shifts his stance to mirror that of quickens during his final fight.


  • After attacking Mall tries to stun Obi wan with the hilt of his lightsaber the same as with keegan.


  • But Obi wan anticipates this, slicing through the hilt and delivering a fatal blow of his own.


  • This is the cathartic end to their rivalry, We needed number three exposing grievous Star Wars episode three, Revenge of the Sith Your move, you fool.


  • Even though the cybernetic general grievous isn't force sensitive, he still proves more than a match for Obi one.


  • In this duel with not one, not two, not three, but four.


  • Light sabers.


  • Not one to be intimidated though.


  • Obi wan makes sure to even the playing field slightly by severing two of grievous hands.


  • Grievous then tries to escape, but after a high speed chase, their duel resumes on a landing pad with both combatants out of light sabers all be one gets physically overpowered.


  • He takes advantage of the close quarters however, by pulling back grievous plating and exposing his organs with Obi wan again hanging from the platform.


  • Now all it takes is some well placed blaster fire to send the general to his grave.


  • Whoa!


  • Number two, gaining the high ground Star Wars, episode three, Revenge of the Sith.

    その2 高みを目指す スター・ウォーズ エピソード3 シスの復讐

  • Obi wan's heated duel on the fiery planet Mustafar with his recently turned padawan.


  • Anakin is as evenly matched as things can get though it could be said that Anakin's newfound rage could be the difference maker up still, Obi wan manages to hold his own as their epic clash takes them from the landing pad to inside the station to precariously hovering over lava, desperate for an advantage, Obi wan hikes up the short embankment hoping to get Anakin to yield the high ground.


  • However, the young city fails to see reason and plays directly into Obi wan's hands.


  • Heartbroken, it's likely that Obi wan's never more wanted to be wrong when it comes to strategy before we continue.


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  • If you're on your phone, make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications, number one becoming more powerful Star Wars episode four.


  • A New hope I've been waiting for you will be one.

    A New hope I've been waiting for you will be one.

  • We meet again at last.


  • The circle is now complete when I left you.


  • I was but the learner now I am the master.


  • Obi wan's always been wise beyond his years but his elderly self we meet in the original movie is even more so while luke and company are rescuing Princess Leia aboard the Death Star Obi wan encounters Darth Vader and enters one final duel with his former padawan.


  • Both Obi wan and Vader.


  • No, the former masters outmatched, but Obi wan simply seeks to stall for time to let the others escape before yielding, he swears to Vader that again, failing to see the future Vader does just that making Obi wan one with the force Obi wan willingly loses the battle so that his death might inspire others to win the war.


  • Now that's the long game.


  • Do you agree with our picks?


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  • Mhm.


  • Okay.


you must realize you are doomed.


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