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  • All right.


  • So of course your first step in task one is to read the question carefully.


  • Let's do that.


  • Now.


  • Writing Task one.


  • You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.


  • The maps below show the town of Summer's Ville in 1960 and 2010, summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons were relevant.


  • Okay, so task one will have three parts.


  • The overview, couple of sentences, the analysis, 6-10 sentences and a summary about one sentence.


  • Now for the overview, all that you need to do is paraphrase the question and add some more details.


  • That's one sentence and for the second sentence, just give the overall most observable main feature.


  • Let's take a look at the question.


  • Let's take a look at the mats and see how that looks.


  • Okay, here's the paraphrase these two maps depict the settlement of Summers ville in 1960 half a century later in 2010 Notice the added detail of half a century, which is 50 years later.


  • Okay, the second sentence when looking at these two maps, we can clearly see that the town of summerville has developed in both infrastructure meaning roads and bridges as well as the number of people meaning more houses, more residents.


  • So let's put that together in one sentence for the overview.


  • At first glance, it is clear that summer's Ville develops as a town in these 50 years, there's more infrastructure and housing a decade after the turn of the century.


  • Okay, now we're ready to go to the analysis, but before we do, we need to look at the two maps and indicate our points of comparison.


  • This is the same as for any graph or chart circle, the points of comparison on both maps, the biggest circles will usually be the most important features and the smaller circles will be the less important.


  • Let's do that now.


  • Okay, so when we circle the roads on these two mats, they clearly are the biggest change in these 50 years In the original map, there's one main road with two smaller roads extending from it.


  • However, in 2010, we can see two additional main roads and some additional smaller roads.


  • Okay, next, when we circle the houses, we see this as also a large circle, easily a second point, or it could be the first up to you.


  • There are more houses in 2010 than in 1960.


  • Next, when we circle the cattle, we realize that this is also a significant change In 1960, the cattle are found in the southeastern region of town, but by 2010, they're up in the northwest.


  • Finally, we can circle the school, the boat and the dock on the lake.


  • These are smaller circles, so they're less significant and can come later in the analysis.


  • If you run out of time and don't mention these points, you can still get a great score.


  • Okay, let's write the analysis.


  • Here's an example of how in 1960 The town had one main road with two small roads running north and south and east and west, respectively.


  • However, five decades later, there are two additional streets running from north to south on the east and west side of town.


  • Both these new roads cross Burns River and better connect the two halves of the village as well.


  • There is another small avenue which connects the original main road to the school and lake Furthermore.


  • The additional houses seen in 2010 indicate that the number of residences has grown since the 60's originally homes can be seen only in the southwestern region of town.


  • Conversely, by 2010, there are residents living in the southeast and northeast parts of town where livestock and trees were found in the past.


  • The animal pastures have been relocated to the northwestern part of summers ville where greenwood forests used to extend Some of the other notable changes in the 50 years is the construction of a dock.


  • In addition to the new two new bridges that Cross Burns River.


  • Okay, now you're getting close to finished.


  • Don't forget about the summary, although you can get a good score without a summary, it is nice to include one and it might just bump you up that .5 band.


  • Here's an example summary, it's somewhat of a paraphrase of the overview or perhaps an additional main feature that we haven't yet discussed.


  • Take a look in summary.


  • The development of summer's ville in these five decades is clearly observed in the expansion of roads and residences as well as additional facilities.


  • Alright, so now you're done your essay This task one is a little bit over 200 words.


  • However, remember That task?


  • One is minimum 150 words.


  • That means you have to write at least 150 words to get a full task completion mark.


  • It is a better idea, especially for students going for those higher bands 758 or nine to have an essay.


  • That is between 100 and 80 and 200 words with more detailed description.


  • Okay, notice a couple of important points in our task.


  • One response firstly there's a lot of paraphrasing for redundant information Such as 50 years, half a century, five decades.


  • Also there are strong connecting words like conversely in addition, furthermore, the directions are used.

    また、conversely in addition, furthermore, the directionsなどの強い接続語も使われています。

  • Any time you see a compass on the map, it's a good idea to use that when you're describing North, east, south, north eastern, southwestern.

    地図上にコンパスが表示されている場合は、North, east, south, north eastern, southwesternを表現するときに、いつでもそれを使うのがよいでしょう。

  • Alright, make sure to practice these skills at home before you sit your next exam because in case you get a compared to maps or diagrams type question, this will surely help you reach your desired band scores.


  • Good luck.


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