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  • I think Ali Wong said it best in her comedy special when she said that the best part of marrying an asian man is that they could shit talk Koreans together.


  • I've been having a lot of conversations this past year, especially during Stop Asian Hate about the nuanced hierarchy within Asian communities that keep us divided, and on a personal level, I've experienced this social disparity myself.

    この一年、特に Stop Asian Hate の期間中に、アジア人コミュニティの中で、私たちを分断し続けるニュアンスのヒエラルキーについて多くの会話をしてきましたが、個人的なレベルでは、私自身がこの社会格差を体験しています。

  • I've had people say shit like "wait, you're half Filipino?"


  • - Yeah, why? - You never talk about it.


  • - Why would I talk about it when I show you literally every day? I know - Wow.

    - 文字通り毎日その姿を見せているのに、なぜそんな話をするの?だってーわあ。

  • - Or... Yeah. - Wait. You're Hawaiian?


  • Oh, so you're like half fancy Asian and half island Asian, you're a little half-blood, half-breed mud, are we?


  • - Says the half Indian, half Argentinian brouhaha.

    - インド人とアルゼンチン人のハーフのブラボーが語る。

  • - Or...? - You only identify with your Japanese side because it's trendy.


  • - Well, I did also live in the country, go to public school there and I speak the language fluently.

    - まあ、私も田舎に住んでいて、そこの公立学校に通っていたので、言葉はペラペラなんだけどね。

  • - Oh my God, Anna Akana, how did you get into my house?

    - なんてこった、アンナ・アカナ、どうやって俺の家に入ったんだ?

  • - No, don't change the subject, we're talking about something really important right now which is your nuanced racism.

    - いや、話をそらさないで、今本当に重要なことを話しているの、あなたのニュアンスの人種差別のことよ。

  • I was having a conversation with an actor friend the other day about Shang-Chi and how we hoped that this would really open up the doors for more diverse superheroes with its phenomenal global success.


  • And it was interesting because even though we're both Asian, he was still sad about Shang-Chi because he's Indonesian and enlightened me that there's very rarely any Indonesian stories in America and I was like why is that?


  • Well, Indo is one of the lower-tier Asian countries: India, Pakistan, Thailand while the front and center cool kids are Japan, Korea,n and China.


  • And when he said that I swear it was like a veil was lifted and I suddenly saw just how much he was right.


  • Look, I've always known that there's like tensions among various asian groups.


  • But when he put it like that a hierarchy akin to high school, it all suddenly really clicked into place and all of these moments in my life that reinforced this hierarchy came to me like when I was a kid.


  • - Anna, cross your arms. - Mom, why won't you teach me Tagalog?

    - アンナ 腕を組んでどうしたの? - ママ、どうして私にタガログ語を教えてくれないの?

  • - Oh no, Tagalog is a poor man's language. @#^#*&($)#


  • - Mom, I don't know what you're saying If you don't teach me.

    - ママ、教えてくれないと何言ってるかわからないよ。

  • - Or doing auditions in my twenties, blue... - Can you do it with an Asian accent?

    -または 20代でオーディションを受けると、青... - アジアンアクセントでできる?

  • - Oh yeah, sure. Which one?


  • - Oh, What's your background?


  • - Oh well, I'm a lot of stuff.


  • - Specifically what? Just name them all.


  • - I'm Hawaiian, Filipino, Japanese, Irish, German, Spanish... - Ok wait, just the asian ones. What are those?

    - わたしはハワイ人で、フィリピン人で、日本人で、アイルランド人で、ドイツ人で、スペイン人で......」 「待って、アジア人だけだよ。それは何?」

  • - Hawaiian? Filipino? Japanese. - Nah, nah. Yeah, that's great! Can you do it with that accent?


  • - Sure. Yeah, no problem.


  • - Amazing.


  • Even in dating.


  • - Oh, I love your last name. I went to Tokyo once.


  • - Thanks. But actually my last name is Hawaiian


  • - Oh, I'm more of a sushi guy.


  • - What?


  • Honestly the reason some Asian countries hate each other is pretty simple.


  • A complicated history of war, territorial disputes, propaganda, cultural indoctrination and plain old ignorance.


  • But in all seriousness, if you are Asian, I urge you to examine the ways that your cultural commodify specific nationalities.


  • Especially because a lot of that in the United States translates to the model minority myth.


  • And the good and sort of bad news is, you know, we're rapidly attempting globalization so before you know it, it won't matter what country you're from.


  • You can find your Starbucks or your Mcdonald's or Sir, This Is A Wendy's on every corner on every continent whether you want to or not.


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I think Ali Wong said it best in her comedy special when she said that the best part of marrying an asian man is that they could shit talk Koreans together.


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