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- (Finebros) Today you're reacting to-- - No, no, no!
Tell me when you open it.
(Finebros) You're reacting to...this.
What is it? Pudding?
Is it chocolate pudding?
Nutella that's weird?
Is it chocolate?
Stale, old chocolate syrup?
I've had chocolate, but not this gross, icky stuff.
Looks like some sorta jelly filling.
It's poop?!
Oh! Kinda smells like soy sauce.
It smells like some sort of bread.
It does not smell like Nutella. It smells like fish.
It smells like Teriyaki sauce to me.
I don't know what it is!
Am I going to eat this?
- (Finebros) Alright! Let's try it. - No!
Alright, oh god. I'm gonna eat these?
A cracker. Okay. Here we go.
(gasping) Cookies!
Oh. Salty!
Oh, that's really salty.
(gagging) It's nasty.
That has a bad aftertaste.
Hmm. I can't eat this stuff.
Can I just dip my finger in it?
What is that?!
Can I have some water, please?
Hi! I'm with a fancy cookie!
(whispering) Everybody try this.
It's horrible.
It's kind of tart.
It's full of salt.
Tastes like I'm drinking salt.
Like soy sauce, super salt.
Weird, and acidy, and gross, and it makes you wanna barf.
It looks amazing, tastes terrible.
Rotten dirt with rats scurrying over it.
It tastes like someone tried to make food and failed horribly.
- (Finebros) So, it's called Vegemite. - Ugh!
What is that?
Oh, that's why it tastes so horrible. It's vegetables.
Blegh. It has the word "veggie".
I all of a sudden hate it.
How come it's not green?
I know what veggie means, but I don't know what mite means.
It's like vegetables that taste like termites.
Vegemite! I've heard of that. Don't Australian people eat this?
Is this considered good? Is this the Australian Nutella?
(Finebros) So, do you recommend people try Vegemite?
No, no, no, no, no!
It's a trap to try and get kids to eat it because it looks like pudding!
I strongly do not like this.
I would NOT recommend... because it is gross!
No, not really.
I recommend nobody ever tastes it again.
Nah, don't buy Vegemite. It's pretty gross.
I ate strange things, but most of the time they were good.
This is strange and horrible.
Don't eat it!
You're gonna throw up if you eat it.
(whispering) Never try this again.
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and see us eat more nasty stuff, baby!
Bye, guys!



【キッズ vs フード】ベジマイトを食べた子どもたちの反応(KIDS vs. FOOD - VEGEMITE)

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