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  • Welcome to Watch mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 2010 songs you forgot were awesome for this list will be looking at great songs from the 20 tens decade that have flown under the radar in recent years.


  • They aren't played much nowadays, but we'll always look back fondly on them.


  • Let us know in the comments which overlooked 2010 song you remember, and if there are any others that deserve more recognition, number 10, Your body Christina Aguilera, We're starting off our list with a Bang, literally your body Christina Aguilera's steamy Ode to hookups was poised to be her comeback single after her 2010 album, bionic.


  • Underperformed commercially.


  • Sadly, the song continued the downward trend, but looking back, it's a great maximalist slice of early 2010 E D.

    悲しいかな、この曲は下降線をたどることになったが、今思えば、2010年初期のE Dを切り取った素晴らしいマキシマムである。

  • M.


  • Aguilera's powerhouse vocals are on full display and the busy max martin produced track complements them perfectly.


  • The accompanying music video is also one of her best with a hot pink aesthetic and a black widow storyline.


  • Aguilera barely performed or promoted the song upon its release, but finally, did the song justice seven years later by making it the opening number of her 2019 las Vegas residency, number nine Resistance muse, dystopian novels were all the rage in the 20 tens and the fascination occasionally bled over into music.

    アギレラはこの曲のリリース時にほとんど演奏やプロモーションを行わなかったが、7年後、ついにこの曲を2019年のラスベガス公演のオープニングナンバーにし、その正当性を証明したナンバー9 レジスタンスのミューズ、ディストピア小説は20代で大流行し、その魅力は時として音楽にも滲み出る。

  • The Resistance is a concept album of political revolution and its title track fully leans into the theme with lyrics of star crossed lovers and government Distrust Resistance is a rock Retelling of George Orwell's 1984 with muse frontman Matt bellamy said that he was inspired by characters Winston and Julia and the secret relationship they're forced to hide.


  • The second verse references the novel's thought police, its totalitarian villains who cracked down on thought crimes with a catchy piano instrumental and layered backing vocals reminiscent of Queen.


  • It remains one of music's finest moments.


  • Number eight in the Dark Dev No, this isn't a Kesha song, but you'd be forgiven for thinking So Dev's breakout single in the Dark isn't as remembered as her feature on Far East movements like a G six, but it's aged much better.

    ナンバー8 イン・ザ・ダーク デヴ いや、これはケシャの曲ではないが、ソー・デヴのブレイク・シングル『イン・ザ・ダーク』はG6のようなファーイースト・ムーブメントでのフィーチャーほど記憶にないが、ずっといい感じに熟成されていると考えてもいいだろう。

  • It lacks the ladders product placement and clumsy metaphors and its sultry saxophone hook is a total earworm dancing Although in the dark was a minor hit, peaking at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100.


  • It deserved to crack the top 10 and have some successful follow ups.


  • Perhaps dev didn't stand out enough from her peers at the time and got lost between Kesha Katy Perry and Lady Gaga all releasing similar music.


  • Okay, Either way, we'll always have this 2011 time capsule to return to number seven Flames David Guetta and SIA, Sonny and Cher lindsey and Stevie and David Guetta and SIA.


  • While the songwriting duo was never romantically involved, they're creative chemistry is responsible for many of the 20 ten's biggest club hits.


  • Some of them are more remembered than others, but Flames is an underrated gem in the CIA Get a collab.

    中には記憶に残っているものもありますが、『Flames』はCIA Get Collabの中でも過小評価されている逸品です。

  • Canon released in 2018.


  • The instrumental is a modernized take on their sound and has more in common with the weekend than either artist's work from the decades first half.


  • As always, CIA loves a motivational lyric and Flames is full of them, perfect for an early morning run.


  • It's lighter and breezier than titanium and has less of a P.


  • S.


  • A feel to it.


  • Number six next to me, Emily Sandy ah yes.


  • Our favorite Adele song.


  • No, really, Emily Sandy's real name is Adele and she went by her middle name to avoid confusion with the already similar fellow british soul singer.


  • Her breakout single next to me was a breath of fresh air upon its release for its subject matter sadly unusual in pop music, a healthy relationship with a faithful partner.

    ブレイクしたシングルnext to meは、ポップミュージックでは悲しいかな珍しい、誠実なパートナーとの健全な関係という題材で、発売と同時に新鮮な空気を吹き込みました。

  • The lyrics also contains some religious subtext with sand.


  • A leaving it up to the listeners interpretation whether the song is about a man or God in a pop landscape saturated with heartbreak and infidelity Next to me is a reminder that not every love story ends in tragedy.


  • Number five, trap queen Fetty wap pies on the menu and we don't mean apple or pumpkin.

    5位 トラップクイーン Fetty wapのパイをメニューにアップルやパンプキンのことではありません。

  • One of the bigger hits on this list, trap queen is frustratingly underrated for how influential it was.


  • It's always been viewed as a viral meme song first and foremost, but it's a genuinely good piece of pop rap.


  • While it was far from the first trap song, the sub genre really blew up after Fetty wops, catchy, funny and oddly romantic take on a rather unsavory subject trap Queen was the rare hip hop song to resonate with listeners and artists of other genres, with the likes of Taylor Swift and Fallout Boy performing it on stage with him.

    最初のトラップソングには程遠かったが、Fetty wopsがかなり不愉快な題材をキャッチーで面白く、奇妙にロマンチックに表現したトラップ・クイーンは、リスナーや他のジャンルのアーティストと共鳴する珍しいヒップホップの曲で、テイラー・スウィフトやフォールアウトボーイが彼のステージでこの曲を演奏している。

  • Never have illegal activity sounded so fun.


  • Number four to close Alex Clare, Although released in 2011, the diplo produced Banger didn't take off until 2012 when it appeared in ads for Internet Explorer nine Alex.

    2011年にリリースされたものの、ディプロがプロデュースしたBangerは、Internet Explorer 9 Alexの広告に登場し、2012年まで話題にならなかった。

  • Clare's too close sounds slightly dated, but given how many trends of the time it manages to fit together, it's the perfect throwback song, soul and folk influences dominate the verses, but the chorus commencing with a massive dub step drop, equal parts Adele Gautier, Imagine Dragons and Skrillex, it's a mishmash of styles and sounds that could only have worked in 2011 Alex Claire could have been much more successful in the years following, Too close, but had to turn down promo spots falling on friday and saturday because of his orthodox Judaism, I can't lie no more, I can't.


  • Number three Highway tune, Greta Van Fleet rock is constantly evolving, but it's never truly dead, Never where people more sure of that than when Greta Van Fleet hit the scene in 2017 with Highway tune, The band's debut single, it's a three minute love letter to Led Zeppelin with a side of Rush Highway tunes, Guitar riff sounds like it was written by jimmy page himself and lead singer Josh.

    3位 ハイウェイ・チューン、グレタ・ヴァン・フリートロックは常に進化しているが、決して真に死んだわけではない、2017年にグレタ・ヴァン・フリートがハイウェイ・チューンでシーンに登場したときほど、人々がそれを確信したことはない、バンドのデビューシングル、これはレッドツェペリンへの3分間のラブレターに、ラッシュのハイウェイチューンの側面を加えたもので、ギターリフはまるでジミーページ本人とリードシンガーのジョシュによって書かれているようである。

  • Jessica's vocals have garnered endless comparisons to robert.


  • Plant.


  • Plant has commented on the resemblance, calling Kiska a quote, beautiful little singer and jokingly saying he hates him.


  • Greta Van Fleet has since released plenty more music, but it was their very first release that reignited excitement for hard rock number two, I can't remember to forget you, Shakira featuring Rihanna when two mono named pop icons finally team up.

    グレタ・ヴァン・フリートはその後も多くの作品を発表しているが、ハードロックのナンバー2、「君を忘れることはできない」、「シャキーラ featuring リアーナ」というモノホンのポップアイコンがついにタッグを組んだ時の興奮を再び呼び起こしたのは、彼らの最初の作品であった。

  • It's sure to be a smash.


  • Right.


  • In a cruel twist of irony, can't remember to forget you is mostly forgotten.

    皮肉なことに、can't remember to forget youはほとんど忘れられているのです。

  • In 2014, Shakira enlisted Rihanna to feature on a reggae song about getting over someone who's bad for you.


  • Their combined star power on the track is overwhelming and it's summery vibes are enough to induce a heatwave.


  • Rihanna was the perfect choice to accompany Shakira on the Caribbean inspired track, given her catalog of reggae and dancehall hits like man down and ponder replay the pair never performed the song together live, but in a parallel universe, Rihanna would have been a special guest at Shakira's Super Bowl halftime show.

    リアーナは、レゲエとダンスホールのヒット曲であるman downやponder replayのカタログを持つことから、カリブ海からインスピレーションを得たこの曲でシャキーラの伴奏を務めるには完璧な選択だった。しかし、この曲をライブで一緒に演奏することはなかった。

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  • If you're on your phone, make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications, number one, The promise chris Cornell while you may have forgotten this song was awesome.

    スマホの場合は、設定から通知をオンにするようにしてください。1番、The promise chris Cornellは、この曲が最高だったことを忘れているかもしれませんが。

  • There's no way you could ever forget the man behind it whether with Sound Garden audio slave or his solo career, chris Cornell has touched the hearts of listeners everywhere.


  • Written for the film of the same name about the Armenian genocide.


  • The promise is even more poignant with the knowledge that it was Cornell's last solo song before his untimely death proceeds for the song went to the International Rescue Committee and it was nominated for Best rock Performance at the 2018 Grammys.


  • With its uplifting lyrics about survival in adversity.


  • The Promise is a mission statement for everything the beloved legend means to people.


  • Do you agree with our picks?


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Welcome to Watch mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 2010 songs you forgot were awesome for this list will be looking at great songs from the 20 tens decade that have flown under the radar in recent years.


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