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  • Hey, this is hungry.


  • I mean, Henry, let's cut to the taste.


  • We've launched a new channel, minute food kate and some of the team from Minute Earth are nutty about understanding the science of cooking and eating.


  • They're excited to use that blender standing to make the kitchen an easier and butter place and they want to share all of it with you so far.


  • They've served up videos about the thermodynamics of over cooking, the many flavors of garlic, why wine smells funny and why raw fish spoils so quickly with more videos in the oven as we speak, minute food is a deliciously pared down take on the science year side of food and I hope you find it scrumptious two peas tuck in at youtube dot com slash minute food.


  • We'll meet you there.


  • Oh, and in case you're wondering what's been going on with minute physics and why I'm involved with launching a new channel.


  • When the frequency of my video posting here has been growing like an exponential with a negative argument, the short answer is that minute food is being spearheaded by kate and I'm basically an executive producer providing creative oversight.


  • But the long answer is that I've been spending way too much time learning about things that are not my area of expertise, so I can make videos about Covid during the pandemic.


  • I've been on leave to take care of a new and very cute if I do say so myself, baby and I've been working on longer videos, including one, which is currently the longest I've ever done by about a factor of 10.


  • I'm hoping to get that out sometime this year and I think you'll find it fascinating.


  • In the meantime, I've switched my Patreon to monthly to help support the research and production of longer and more involved videos and I'd welcome any additional support, though I understand support is spread thin among many, far more worthy causes right now.


  • Oh yeah, and go check out minute food.


  • It's the yeast you can do.


Hey, this is hungry.


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