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  • Babe, what's for dinner?

  • I'll just have a salad...Dressing on the side.

  • Oh! I asked for no olives but um, it's ok.

  • Uhhhh! I said half olives... they ruined the whole pizza. Baby.

  • Sooo what should we do after this?

  • Um, whatever you want to do.

  • So what do you want to do after this?

  • Uuuhm... whatever you want to do.

  • Oh baby, you gotta watch this commercial. It's hilarious.

  • Oh look at that dog.

  • That's funny.

  • Weird looking dog.

  • You have the cutest freckles.

  • Oh my god! Is that a pimple?

  • Yes, don't touch it.

Babe, what's for dinner?


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