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  • G'day Girls and Boys, Reggie Roo here.

  • What's a flying machine...

  • That sores high in the air, like a bird?

  • Is it a Train?

  • No, it's a Plane!

  • There are fast planes.

  • Wooosh!

  • There are small planes.

  • There are big planes.

  • And there are tall Planes.

  • There are colourful bi-planes flying in formation.

  • And Jumbo jets that being loaded with luggage... ready for vacation.

  • There are planes with jets.

  • And planes with Propellers. Yet...

  • They all have wings...

  • And they all have a tail.

  • Some planes... can even... deliver the mail.

  • They can land on water.

  • Or drop it on a fire.

  • It seems, there is a plane... for your every desire.

  • Above the clouds they fly.

  • Look at the plane's shadow below.

  • Wow,

  • To be so high must be a great show!

  • An aeroplane truly is... one of the awesome...

  • Things... That... Go!

  • Hoo Roo

G'day Girls and Boys, Reggie Roo here.


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B1 中級

PLANES: 子供のための飛行機のビデオ|子供|幼児。プリスクール&キンダーガーテンの学習。 (PLANES: Aeroplane videos for kids| children| toddlers. Preschool & Kindergarten learning.)

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