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  • Fashion has had to constantly evolve.


  • But the industry radically changed in the 1990s when brands like Zara, H&M, and Topshop led the way with what we now know as "fast fashion".

    しかし、1990年代には、Zara、H&M、Topshop といったブランドが、現在私たちが「ファストファッション」と呼んでいるものを先導し、業界は根本的に変化しました。

  • They mastered the process of taking expensive clothes that were on the catwalk and mass producing them in as little as three weeks.


  • Fashion had never been this cheap and accessible before.


  • Then, at the turn of the century, online-only giants like Asos and Boohoo took this model to the next level, shortening production time to as little as a week.

    そして今世紀に入り、Asos や Boohoo などのオンライン専業大手がこのモデルを次のレベルに引き上げ、生産期間を最短で1週間にまで短縮しました。

  • Industry experts call these online-only brands "ultra fast fashion".


  • And now, we're in a new era: Real-time retail.


  • Companies disrupting the status quo produce clothes in as little as three days.


  • And this era's leader? Well, it's a Chinese company called Shein.

    そして、この時代のリーダーは?それは、Shein という中国の会社です。

  • Shein launches around three to four thousand new female apparel products every day, so it is a very huge amount, and the product is at pretty low price[s], ranging from two dollars USD to 30 dollars.

    Shein は、毎日3〜4千の女性用アパレル商品を発表しており、その量は非常に多く、商品価格も2ドルから30ドルと、かなり低価格です。

  • It is very fast, and the products are updated much more frequently and at a higher volume than any other fast fashion brand.


  • In April 2022, it was reported that fashion the startup was worth 100 billion dollars, which would make it more valuable than H&M and Zara combined.

    2022年4月、ファッション・ザ・スタートアップの価値は1000億円と報じられ、これは H&M と ZARA を合わせたよりも価値があるとされました。

  • Guys I placed a 500-doallr Shein order, and it came in the mail.

    みんな 500ドルの Shein を注文して、郵便で届きました。

  • Y'all! The Shein package that I was waiting for arrived, so let's open it!

    やったー!待ちに待った Shein のパッケージが届いたので、早速開封してみましょう!

  • So, let's dig: How did Shein beat these fast fashion outlets at their own game?

    では、掘り下げてみましょう。Shein はどのようにして、これらのファストファッションに打ち勝ったのでしょうか?

  • Shein is a very secretive company and shares little publicly about its origins and, as I learned through my reporting, it was pretty much impossible to connect with a spokesperson for the company.

    Shein は非常に秘密主義的な会社で、その成り立ちをほとんど公にはしておらず、取材を通して知ったことですが、同社の広報担当者につながることはかなり無理がありました。

  • I still hear some noise on your end, but hope...


  • We did find two consultants who had studied the company closely for years; here's what we learned.


  • The CEO and founder has only been seen a couple [of] times and, yeah, he really it really keeps an air of mystery.

    CEO 兼創業者は、まだ数回しか姿を見せておらず、本当に謎めいた雰囲気を保っています。

  • This mysterious CEO is Chris Xu, a former digital marketer experienced in search engine optimization, or SEO.

    この謎の CEO は、検索エンジン最適化(SEO)に精通した元デジタルマーケッターのクリス・シューです。

  • Even though Shein states it was founded in 2012, several sources say its origin story actually began in 2008 in Eastern China.


  • That's when Xu and his business partners founded Dianwei, an e-commerce business that reportedly sold everything from knockoff goods to wedding dresses.


  • It was here that Xu seemingly refined the business model that would eventually launch Shein to success.

    徐はここで、やがて Shein を成功に導くビジネスモデルに磨きをかけたようです。

  • In 2011, Xu and his partners parted ways, and the domain that would become Shein was registered.

    2011年、徐とそのパートナーは別れ、後に Shein となるドメインが登録されました。

  • Investment began to pour in and so did sales.


  • At the same time, the world was being transformed by a five-ounce device: the iPhone.

    その頃、iPhone という5オンスのデバイスが世界を変えようとしていました。

  • Apple's rivals are rushing their own versions of this kind of product out into the stores.


  • And China's growing middle class played a huge role in the smartphone revolution that followed.


  • All of a sudden, everybody is getting smartphones, and, so, the majority of Chinese kind of skipped the computer phase, and the introduction to the digital world was really through the smartphone.


  • Between 2009 and 2012, the number of smartphones shipped to China grew from 13 million to nearly 200 million, a more than 1400% rise.


  • China overtook the US to become the world's largest smartphone market.


  • This phenomenon fueled the rise of e-commerce platforms in the country such as Alibaba,, and, of course, Shein.

    この現象は、アリババや、そしてもちろん Shein など、国内のEコマースプラットフォームの台頭に拍車をかけました。

  • But unlike most of China's e-commerce giants, Shein wasn't interested in Chinese customers.

    しかし、中国の多くのEコマース大手とは異なり、Shein は中国の顧客には興味がありませんでした。

  • Shein's focus is entirely on the outside world.

    Shein の焦点は完全に外の世界にあります。

  • However, a lot of the marketing tactics that Shein uses are inspired by and very similar to Chinese fashion brands that are operating in the country and, also, Chinese e-commerce sites that are operating in the country.

    しかし、Shein のマーケティング戦術の多くは、国内で展開する中国のファッションブランドや、同じく国内で展開する中国のECサイトに触発され、非常に似ています。

  • And so, if Shein were to target just the Chinese audience, it is actually a much more saturated market and wouldn't be able to compete in terms of speed and price like how it does compete in the West.

    そのため、もし Shein が中国のユーザーだけをターゲットにした場合、実際にはもっと飽和した市場になってしまい、欧米のようにスピードや価格の面で競争することはできません。

  • Shein's Chinese roots gave it another advantage too: a rich understanding of data and how to use it.

    また、中国にルーツを持つ Shein は、データとその活用法について豊富な知識を持っていることも強みの一つです。

  • As a mobile-first country with lax privacy laws and the largest population in the world, collecting user information was easy.


  • This created the perfect foundation for developing rigorous algorithms.


  • By 2015, Sheinside had rebranded to Shein.

    2015年までに、Sheinside は Shein にブランド名を変更しました。

  • It had collected an enormous amount of data through its shopping app and had developedsystem to score websites like Etsy, Instagram, and Google for fashion trends.

    ショッピングアプリを通じて膨大なデータを収集し、Etsy や Instagram、Google といったウェブサイトのファッショントレンドをスコア化するシステムを開発しました。

  • So, at this stage, I think Shein definitely has the first-move advantage by its big data analytics system, which enables, like, pretty early identification of some trends emerging from online.


  • So, I think that's one of the critical key success factors of Shein and also will keep it ahead of the competition.

    これが、Shein の成功の鍵であり、競合他社をリードし続ける要因だと思います。

  • In the same year, Shein shifted its supply chain operations center to the Panyu district in Guangzhou, a major clothing manufacturing hub.

    同年、Shein はサプライチェーンのオペレーションセンターを衣料品製造の中心地である広州の番禺区に移しました。

  • Their office in Guangzhou is in close proximity to their factories, and, so, it really sped up the communications.


  • Over time, the company's reputation for making timely payments to suppliers⏤a rarity in the industrymeant factories that would normally accept orders ofminimum quantity were eager to take on Shein's orders.

    やがて、同社が仕入先にタイムリーな支払いを行うことが評判となり(業界では珍しい)、通常なら最小限の注文しか受けない工場が、Shein の注文を積極的に受けるようになりました。

  • And avoiding these minimum orders helped Shein develop another competitive advantage: the lean model.

    そして、この最低発注量を回避することで、Shein はもう一つの競争優位性であるリーンモデルを開発しました。

  • We would call it "small order, quick response".


  • So, basically, that means Shein places order[s] in smaller batch[es], and then, it is able to quickly adjust it based on the market performance.


  • The suppliers will just produce 100 to 500 items as the first batch, which will take around only three to five days to produce the products.


  • Well, if we compare that with the traditional fast fashion players like Zara, usually, it will produce over 100,000 items, so, by placing small order[s], Shein could react pretty rapidly based on the sales performance.

    ZARA のような従来のファストファッションの代表は、通常10万点以上の商品を生産しますから、小口で発注することで、販売実績に応じてかなり迅速に対応することができるのです。

  • These products are then shipped directly to consumers from China.


  • This cuts out middlemen and expensive import tariffs.


  • Competitors making larger bulk shipments to stores aren't so lucky.


  • While the pandemic was devastating for most of the clothing industryit was good for Shein.


  • Its sales generated an estimated 9.8 billion dollars in 2020 and 15.7 billion dollars in 2021, and Shein was shipping to most countries in the world.


  • In 2021, it overtook Amazon to become the most downloaded shopping app in the US, and these users were spending a lot of time on the app.


  • But it hasn't been all smooth sailing.


  • Even though COVID restrictions were being eased abroad, they only intensified at home, and Shein's growth began to slow.

    海外では COVID の規制が緩和されても、国内では規制が強化されるばかりで、Shein の成長は鈍化し始めました。

  • And then, there are the controversies.


  • One of the downsides of using data is that it can sometimes see that, "Oh, a particular blouse is wildly popular on a[n] e-commerce platform, well, what if they just recreate the blouse in a cheaper way?"


  • Several smaller designers have taken to social media alleging that Shein had stolen their designs.

    いくつかの小規模なデザイナーが、Shein が自分たちのデザインを盗んだとしてソーシャルメディアに投稿しています。

  • This top is a knock-off of my silk lace cami to the tee; it's exactly the same and they're selling it for $10.


  • This is the original design.


  • But it is hard for, like, boutique clothing designers when their designs are copied and somebody can just get it from Shein.

    しかし、セレクトショップのデザイナーにとっては、自分たちのデザインがコピーされ、誰かが Shein から手に入れることができるようになることは、大変なことなのです。

  • That wreaks havoc on the industry because what it does is, it allows, like, the large companies to just really rake in all the profits that could've been going to small and local boutiques and designers.


  • And it's not just the independent designers.


  • Shein has been sued by Doc Martens and Levi Strauss for copying their products and selling them at a fraction of the price.

    Shein は、ドクターマーチンやリーヴァイ・ストラウスから、彼らの製品をコピーしてわずかな値段で売っているとして訴えられています。

  • It has been reported that Shein removed from sale some of the allegedly offending designs, and it has been reported that they have paid certain designers a settlement in relation to copyright infringement claims.

    Shein は、問題とされたデザインの一部を販売から削除し、著作権侵害の申し立てに関して、特定のデザイナーに和解金を支払ったことが報告されています。

  • Shein did not immediately respond to CNBC for comment, but it did release a statement to the "Financial Times" in 2021, saying, "... the company takes copyright infringement seriously".

    Shein は CNBC のコメントにすぐには応じなかったが、2021年に「Financial Times」に声明を発表し、「...同社は著作権侵害を深刻に受け止めている」と述べています。

  • Shein's ability to produce clothes at a rapid pace has also raised questions from watchdogs like Switzerland's Public Eye about the working conditions of its production lines.

    Shein の急速な生産能力は、スイスのパブリック・アイなどの監視団体から、生産ラインの労働条件について疑問を投げかけられたこともあります。

  • Its manufacturing process remains shrouded in mystery.


  • Shein told the BBC it has a strict supplier code of conduct and that it takes immediate action if non-compliance is identified.

    Shein は BBC に対し、厳格なサプライヤー行動規範を設け、違反が確認された場合は直ちに措置を講じると述べています。

  • It has a lot of lack of transparency and so this is potentially problematic for Shein because if it wants to gather investments, then it really has to come clear and people really need to have peace of mind about what is happening at the company.


Fashion has had to constantly evolve.


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