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  • in new york.


  • There was a guy who makes thousands of dollars a month just by standing in line.


  • Hi kid you not, he is a professional line sitter.


  • If we have to wait in line to get it, we'll do it.


  • That's the slogan, we wait for your wants and for the first time ever I want to show you how his business works in new york.


  • I introduce you to robert, hey nas daily, I'm robert Samuel and I wait in lines for a living.


  • Eight years ago, robert was unemployed and really needed some money.


  • But one day he saw something weird, he saw rich people waiting in line on the street outside of an apple store waiting to get the newest iphone.


  • So robert saw an opportunity, he offered one guy to stand in line for him for $350.


  • And the rich guy said yes.


  • The first product we stood in line for was the iphone five back in 2000 and 12.


  • This was the easiest money robert has ever made in his life.


  • So the next day he did the same thing once I waited in line for someone else's phone and made enough to buy my own phone.


  • I figured it had potential to earn money.


  • So he figured why stop there, why not make it a full time job and start a real business out of sitting in line?


  • If we have to wait in line to get it, we'll do it.


  • That's our slogan, We wait for your wife turns out that for a lot of items that we like, like iphones, star war tickets, PS five if you want to be one of the first to get them, you have to stand in line for tens of hours.


  • If not days, just take a look.


  • That's crazy.


  • People even bring their tents to camp and sleep on the street.


  • People wait in line for the iphone for so long because it's like the fear of missing out fomo.

    iphoneのために長い間並んで待つ人がいるのは、fear of missing out fomoのようなものだからです。

  • They got to have the latest and the greatest and they want to have bragging rights to save people time and money, robert hired his friends and started a company called same old line dudes where people wait in line for them as a service.

    彼らは最新で最高のものを手に入れ、人々の時間とお金を節約するために自慢したいのです。ロバートは友人を雇い、人々がサービスとして彼らのために列を作って待つ、same old line dudesという会社を始めました。

  • We advertise our business three ways mostly by giving out business cards to people in lines with us by using a banner on the sidewalk.


  • And even once we leave, we do chalk advertisements so people can see that they don't have to wait next time.


  • They're in line getting online, sitter will cost you about 20 bucks an hour.


  • And of course if the rains or snows or if it's super far, you'll have to pay extra for the longest.


  • We've waited in line actually was four days for Hamilton's broadway tickets.


  • We even have people swapping out and switching shifts to robert's surprise.


  • Everybody wanted to use his service and not just for iphones, they also use it for shoes, cakes, restaurants and even government applications.


  • The best thing about this job is that everyone can wait in line, even grandma, as long as you can stand, you can be hired, we have all kinds of people that work for our company from stay at home moms to college students, to seniors to veterans.


  • It really runs the gamut, I am convinced there is no such thing as a bad business idea.


  • You can build a business even from waiting in line.


  • Thank you for watching Nas Diddy, if you like this video then you will love the next thing.

    Nas Diddyをご覧いただきありがとうございます。このビデオを気に入っていただけたなら、次のことも気に入っていただけると思います。

  • It's called Nas Academy.


  • It's an education platform to upscale yourself from the best teachers.


  • See we found the most successful people in the world, the C e O S, the Youtubers, the entrepreneurs, the crypto geeks and we invited them to teach everything they know on our platform.

    世界で最も成功している人たち、C e O S、Youtuber、起業家、暗号オタクを見つけ、彼らが知っていることをすべて私たちのプラットフォームで教えるように招待しました。

  • So go to Nasa Academy dot com before their classes start and put Nas daily as a promo code to get 10% off.

    そこで、授業が始まる前にNasa Academy dot comに行き、Nas dailyをプロモコードとして入力すると、10%割引になります。

  • This is only for the 1st 1000 of you.


  • Or alternatively you can just join one of our free workshops to try it out.


in new york.


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彼らは生活のために行列に並んでいる (They Wait In Lines For A Living!)

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