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  • legos just a quick avoid just about driving in japan or driven most of or

  • actually all the biggest cities in japan and sometimes in the biggest cities you

  • can find drivers or u doing counted rosetta poor a little bit

  • aggressive not nearly as aggressive resolve experience in other countries on

  • but you know the occasional hitting a cop molineaux in a sort of pushing but

  • the rest of japan ninety nine percent of japan the drivers are so consider and

  • sofa life mickey here come hone it's usually because they're just letting you

  • wean sale here bb pin you look over and songs banks even and waiting you in and

  • it is really palazzo driving in japan's usually pretty cruzi one thing i do

  • that's really nazis united japanese dollars to say thank you all the time

  • for anything that people do

  • so they have a way of doing that when the drawing the card if you let somebody

  • in or if you do something for someone for another driver as they come in if

  • you just which is ka which the hazard lights at the back

  • that's they way of saying thank you so if you let the man

  • they give the has had lots of birds justice i think you him so yeah it's

  • really cool driving japan i mean funny way iran's difficult

  • thing that's another story in another video but as far as other drivers time

  • as you can say it's an absolute pleasure not road rage in japan a lot of

  • gotta love it

legos just a quick avoid just about driving in japan or driven most of or


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